June 2, 2020
KHCA/KCAL is committed to providing our members with important updates. Below is a list of the most recent COVID-19 updates. Please visit our website for a list of complete updates.  www.khca.org
Announcement on National Assisted Living Week
In light of the challenges brought on by COVID-19, it is even more essential to celebrate National Assisted Living Week (NALW) this year which will take place September 13- 19, 2020. The theme, “Caring is EssentiAL,” is more relevant today than in recent years and highlights the incredible care provided by essential caregivers in assisted living communities across the country.

Additional information will be available on our website in the coming weeks. Please visit and continue to check back on the NALW page for a revised list on how to celebrate NALW and for limited merchandise to show your appreciation for your incredible caregivers.
A Message from CMS: COVID-19 Survey Activities, CARES Act Funding, Enhanced Enforcement for Infection Control deficiencies, and Quality Improvement Activities in Nursing Homes
CMS News - Trump Administration Unveils Enhanced Enforcement Actions Based on Nursing Home COVID-19 Data and Inspection Results
  • CMS Announcement on NHSN Data and Guidance on COVID-19-Related Survey Activity
  • Supporting Your Loved One in a Long Term Care Facility
  • SNF Therapy Telehealth Waivers and other Updated COVID-19 Billing FAQ Updates
  • CMS Updates Guidance on Proper Use of COVID-19 Waivers Claim Codes
  • Hilton’s Frontline Medical Professionals Room Program
Tomorrow's Provider Relief Fund Attestation Deadline
June 3 Attestation Deadline Applies Only to Medicare FFS Provider Relief Payment 

This morning the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services clarified that the June 3 deadline for providers to submit revenue data:
  • Is only for providers who received a Tranche 1 allocation and would like to submit financial information to receive additional Tranche 1 funding. 
  • Providers would still be required to ensure that their General Distribution payment is the lesser of 2% of their provider net revenue or the sum of incurred losses for March and April.
Below is the relevant  HHS webpage  text: 
ALERT : Providers need to take action by [TOMORROW,] June 3, 2020 

Providers must submit revenue information to the  General Distribution Portal  by June 3, 2020  to be considered for an additional payment from the Provider Relief Fund $20 billion General Distribution.  Once providers submit their revenue information by June 3, 2020, if deemed qualified for additional payment, providers will then have 90 days from receipt of payment of the additional General Distribution funds to agree to the program Terms and Conditions.

AHCA/NCAL recognizes how challenging the lack of guidance is for members. The Association is working with HHS to secure additional information. 

All other questions about the fund should be directed to  HHS Hotline at (866) 569-3522 . HHS reported on May 22 that the call center now has access to additional data and new HHS guidance to better answer questions.
Tranche by Tranche Questions
Tranche 1 : HHS as provided the formula and allocation process in its  FAQs . The data source for the award amounts was 2019 Medicare Part A Fee-For-Service (FFS) net revenue. 

Tranche 2 : As above, HHS has provided the formula for Tranche 2 in its  FAQs . Of note, HHS explains why a provider who received a Tranche 1 award may not have received a Tranche 2 award. The data source for Tranche 2 was 2018 Medicare Cost Report. 

Tranche 3  (SNF-Only): All SNFs with Medicare-certified beds should have received an allocation on May 22. If the SNF did not receive an allocation this could be because:
  • it is a Medicaid-only or private pay only facility; or
  • errors in HHS’ data source (April 2020 CASPER Report).
If the SNF believes they should have received a Tranche 3 award or received the incorrect amount, they should contact the Hotline (above) and have the following information ready:
  • Tax Identification Number(s) (TIN)
  • CMS Certification Number(s) (CCN)
  • Dollar amount in question by building 
Also, for Tranche 3, the SNF Allocation, have the number of SNF certified beds (Medicare, Medicaid or both), the amount they received and the amount they believe they should have received. 

At this point, the above information is all HHS has shared. AHCA/NCAL continues to request clarification on Change in Ownership, TINs and reporting window information.  
PPE Needs Survey
We need your help because we are hearing from state partners that our homes have plenty of PPE. If that is not the case, we need to tell your story. Please complete the following survey about your PPE supply.   Click here to take the survey.

Deadline line to take this survey is June 5, 2020.
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