Sandcastle Pool Reservations Now Available
On Monday, May 18, a phased reopening will commence at The Sandcastle. In this first phase, KICA welcomes members to enjoy the pools, with advance reservations. The family pool and oceanfront adult pool will open for two daily sessions, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2 p.m.-5 p.m., to allow for sanitization preceding each session. Members are invited to reserve a maximum of one session daily.

To learn more about what to expect with check-in and use of the pools, click here .
Reservation Instructions
Please read the instructions for step one, two and three before you begin creating your account. These instructions were created using a desktop computer. The directions may vary if you use a tablet or phone.

Go to Click Pool Reservations.

Click Create Account. Fill in the requested fields. You will choose your own password. Your birthdate should be in the format: 01/30/1957. Click Submit.

Your account has been created. Continue to step two.
To make a reservation for more than just yourself, you'll need to enter the other lineal members of your household. (Guests are not permitted in Phase 1 of the reopening.)

Click Menu. Click My Profile. In your profile, select My Family.

Click the green + Add New Family Member . Enter your family member's details, completing all of the fields. Then click Save Changes .

Repeat the process for all family members who will be joining you at the pool.

Continue to step three.
Once your account has been created and family members added, you are ready to make your pool reservation. Click the Menu Icon at the top right. (This is the main menu, which is different from your profile menu seen on the left.)

Click Events.

Select the pool and corresponding session you would like to attend: Family Pool (10a.m.-1 p.m. or 2-5 p.m.) or Adult Pool (10a.m.-1 p.m. or 2-5 p.m.). Please note that the oceanfront adult pool is for ages 21+. Hit the down arrow button (on the right) to expand the available dates. Reservations will open 48 hours in advance of the session. One pool reservation per household is permitted per day.

Click Register within the session of your choice. For each family member who will be attending, check the box next to their names to include them in your reservation. Click Save. Your reservation has been submitted. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.

That's it! Check-in for the pool will take place in the Sandcastle lobby. Learn more about KICA's reopening and the pool procedures here.
We ask for your patience as we launch this new reservation system.
MEMBER SERVICES: 843-768-9194 ______ MAIN GATE: 843-768-5566 ______ THE SANDCASTLE: 843-768-3875