WEEKLY UPDATE ______ 03.19.2020
KICA Board Chair Diana Mezzanotte.
Diana was elected chair at the 2020 Annual Meeting last Friday.
Our Safe Haven
To put it lightly, this last week has been challenging. On Friday, I was elected chair of the KICA Board of Directors, and since then, the world has changed dramatically due to COVID-19. The board and KICA staff have been engaged daily, navigating uncharted waters, and doing our best to maintain our safe haven here on Kiawah.

At the beginning of the week, we made the tough call to close the Sandcastle and Beachwalker Center, cancelling all events through at least the end of the month. Operations were altered to protect employees and members in every department, and throughout every island organization, with adjustments still being made. On Tuesday, we decided to move forward with sharing KICA's flood mitigation efforts with the community. While your health and safety is the priority right now, we also recognize you may have time you'd like to fill with something other than uncertain news. Thus, we wanted to provide you with the chance to start learning about this significant project and what it means for our community before we ask you to vote next month. 

Our board and staff are looking for ways to make social distancing more pleasant in the coming days and possibly weeks. The resort acted fast, launching online grocery ordering, delivery and to-go menus. These are services we can't take credit for, but are wonderful offerings for our community. We're also thinking through ways we can enhance your time on the island. Soon, you'll be able to see a familiar face, Susan Lozier, a fitness instructor from The Sandcastle, who will be recording a video tomorrow morning, so that you can maintain your workout routine from home. A link will be posted on our website as soon as it's available.

I've seen many instances of families spending time together outside. These are the small joys that shine through during tough times. 

Wishing you health and safety, 


In yesterday's email update from the town, Mayor Craig Weaver announced that he would seek a local Declaration of Emergency for Kiawah Island. If town council approves this procedural declaration, it would speed up the processes for the town to rapidly deploy or seek the necessary resources, actions, or regulations to respond to COVID-19. Read the March 18 update from the town here.

All island entities are participating daily conference calls with Charleston County's Emergency Management Department and we'll share any changes in island operations with you as they occur. KICA updates will also be posted to the website.

South Carolina's governor has suspended dine-in service at restaurants state-wide for the health of customers and employees. Many restaurants in the area are offering delivery and take-out options. You can find a list of those restaurants and other convenience services here.

The Harris Teeter at Freshfields Village has changed its hours beginning today to 7 a.m.-8 p.m., giving employees more time to stock shelves and sanitize the store.

COVID-19-related anxiety is on the rise around the country. View this information for some tips from the Medical University of South Carolina on managing and reducing this anxiety.

Remember, we're here for you. KICA's Security team is on-island around the clock, but staff are also maintaining landscaping and monitoring all KICA emails. If there's anything you need, please reach out to memberservices@kica.us or call us at 843.768.9194 to speak to a member of staff. We're here to assist you.
KICA's Flood Mitigation Efforts
KICA is working to alleviate flooding through optimizing the island's drainage system. At present, a severe rainfall at high tide can flood Kiawah’s main roads, limiting access to and from the island. This has occurred five times in the last five years, and is a public safety issue. In the same rainfall scenario, with proposed improvements to Kiawah’s infrastructure, main roads would remain open to traffic and hazardous flooding on common property throughout many neighborhoods would be resolved.

Six strategic infrastructure improvement projects are proposed. These projects work in tandem to relieve the the drainage system and maximize the efficiency of water removal, which significantly reduces flooding in many severe rainfall scenarios. The total cost of these projects is $2.9 million with endowed maintenance. Funding these critical flood mitigation efforts would require a special assessment of $130 per improved property or $65 per unimproved property, paid annually for five years.

The terms of this special assessment have been thoughtfully considered. F unds collected can only be used for water management efforts. The special assessment cannot be extended past 2024 and the amount cannot be increased. Any debt used to finance these projects will be paid back over the five-year term. No changes may be made to these terms without another vote of the membership.

In April, a vote will open, asking for your support. At that time, you will receive a vote packet with your registration code and instructions for voting online or by phone.

If you find some time in the coming days or weeks, here is a video overview of this effort. You can also learn more here , and submit any questions to flood@kica.us .
Online Flood Mitigation Q&A Event
Tuesday, March 31 at 3 p.m.

KICA is hosting a digital community chat about the association’s flood mitigation efforts and upcoming member vote. You will be able to submit your questions through an online webinar and answers will be shared live with all participants. Learn more .
KICA Road Rejuvenation Project Postponed
KICA's road rejuvenation project, which was planned to begin at the end of the month, has been postponed. The project will be rescheduled for fall 2020.
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