A KIDS Experience Enlightens Possibilities
Meet the New Berlin Rotary!
Raising funds for the New Berlin School Music Departments through a
Kids from Wisconsin performance

The Rotary Club of New Berlin is comprised of active and retired business people committed to making the community and world a better place. In addition to regular meetings, they hold fundraisers which allow them to donate to worthwhile causes e
ach year.  

Chartered in 1970, the Rotary Club of New Berlin has helped numerous organizations.  Approximately 90% of the funds raised stay within the community.

Public Relations Director, Tom Fuszard, answers a few of our questions about hosting a Kids from Wisconsin performance.
Q:  T he Kids from Wisconsin first performed as a part of the fundraising for the Rotary in 2014.  2016 marked its third year for this event. Can you tell us more about what a KIDS performance does for the Rotary as well as your community?
A:  Everyone who attends a KIDS concert is in awe at the level of talent displayed. It's just
amazing what those young people can accomplish. Our youth are the future leaders of our community and nation. To the extent that we can help them realize their dreams--through music, in this case--Rotary Club of New Berlin is proud and happy to do so.   

"Our donations help the school district purchase musical instruments, thereby enhancing the music department."

"With their talented performances, the KIDS enrich our lives and that of the community in
general. " - Tom Fuszard, Rotarian

The New Berlin Rotary is known for helping deserving students achieve some pretty valuable experiences.  Can you tell us more about the experiences that the chosen 2016 students were able to participate in?
A:   Another youth-oriented program that our club promotes is World Affairs Seminar. World Affairs Seminar is a week-long educational program that brings together high school students from around the world. The goal is to foster understanding and build relationships while the students study an important topic like water/conservation, equality/human rights, and energy.
Q:   In what ways do the New Berlin Schools help the Rotary achieve its goals? In other words, how are you working together for the benefit of your community and how does that help the Rotary bring the KIDS in for an annual performance?
A:   The school district has been a big help. They graciously provide the venue (either New Berlin West or New Berlin Eisenhower) for the KIDS concerts and promote them internally. In addition, district staff have been very receptive to our idea of starting an Interact Club in the high schools. Interact is essentially a Rotary club at the high school level. Mentored by Rotarians, these Interact members learn valuable skills and the ethics that form the core of Rotary.
Q:  New Berlin seems to have a very active Rotary and Business Community.  Can you tell us how many are involved in the Kids from Wisconsin event that you have been holding for the past 3 years?
A:   All of our members are involved to some extent. It begins with promoting the concerts and selling tickets. They hang posters and talk with customers (and strangers, too!). We have a separate page for the concerts on our website, and promote the events through social media and news releases.  On concert night itself, about a dozen Rotarians are on hand at the school. They sell tickets, act as greeters and ushers, and help in other ways as needed. We are proud and honored to host these concerts.
Q:   The New Berlin Rotary nearly sells out a KIDS performance.  What are your organization's plans for the funds raised from the Kids from Wisconsin performance in 2017?
A:  At this stage we anticipate continuing our support of New Berlin School District. During times of tight budgets, music programs are often the first to lose funding. We supply the funds, and the school district purchases the items needed, typically musical instruments. Helping them purchase these instruments, we feel, is the perfect way to honor the efforts of the KIDS on stage.

We hope to see you at the New Berlin performance on July 12th, 2017,  
hosted by the New Berlin Rotary!
A 2016 audience favorite, "Blues and Boogie"
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