Dear Friends of KIPP Baltimore, 
I am thrilled to share that recently Latron Fleet, a member of the KIPP Baltimore Pride of 2018 and soon-to-be freshman at Morehouse College, was selected as one of eighteen recipients of the Help from the Hart Charity Scholarship. This scholarship is made possible by actor and comedian Kevin Hart in partnership with UNCF and KIPP, and awards Latron and other KIPPsters who are attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) more than $600,000 in financial aid assistance. KIPPsters who received this scholarship originate from eight different KIPP regions and plan to attend twelve HBCUs this fall. We are so excited for this opportunity for Latron as he embarks on his journey to Morehouse College this fall!

To read more about this incredible scholarship, please click here.

With the help of his KIPP Through College counselor,  Nicole Yeftich, Latron was able to successfully apply to the Help from the Hart scholarship this spring.  Nicole shared, "Latron excelled during high school to make getting accepted to Morehouse a reality. Now, this renewable scholarship makes college more affordable for him and his family." Our KIPP Through College counselors , like Nicole, provide students with personalized support through the college application process, and then continue to provide academic, financial aid, and career exploration through college graduation. 

Included in our KIPP Through College program is " Countdown to College", a one-of-its-kind five week summer program for rising high school seniors. The program provides students with the skills to successfully apply to college, personalized support to begin the college application process, and a curated pre-college course at the University of Baltimore. Countdown to College is made possible through a partnership with Youthworks and the University of Baltimore. Students are also paid through YouthWorks for participation! Our results are strong - more than 90% of KIPPsters who participate in the Countdown to College program matriculate to college. Watch the video below to learn more! 

KIPP Countdown to College

Our students' stories, like Latron's, are made possible because of your support. Thank you for all that you do for our Team and Family.

With gratitude,

Marsha Reeves
Executive Director
KIPP Baltimore