Last night's KIPP Conversation was filled with a number of fun announcements about our new high school! Thank you to all who joined us. If you missed the Zoom meeting, you can watch the recording here, and below is a recap. I'm looking forward to sharing more updates with you throughout the year!

- Ms. Penkala
School Leader, KIPP Bold City High School
  • KIPP Bold City High School was voted as the school name

  • 1440 McDuff Avenue North will be the location

  • The school mascot will be a greyhound, in honor of the school's building residing on a former dog track

  • Teal and grey will be the school colors

  • Mr. Wilkinson will be the assistant school leader

  • The high school will offer the following:
  • Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) - available freshman year
  • Advanced Placement (AP) - available sophomore year
  • Career and Technical Education - available sophomore year
  • Dual Enrollment (DE) - available junior year
Next Steps
  • Be on the lookout for our next KIPP Conversation​

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Alumni Spotlight
Aleona Kris M., a member of the founding class of students at KIPP Impact Academy in 2010, is currently a junior in the honors college at Claflin University. 
After attending KIPP, Kris earned her high school diploma at The Bolles School. During her matriculation there, she became a published poet, releasing a book entitled A Piece of the Mind. She has also produced and shot a few short films and started her own photography business. 
Advocacy Corner
Voting is the single most effective way for us to effect change. Be sure to make your voice heard if you are registered!
The Duval County Public School District is asking voters to approve a half-penny referendum in the election.
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