July  2017
Kingdom Impact Theater Ministries is an ensemble of theater missionaries who use performing arts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with Believers and Believers-Yet-To-Be.
Networking Revisited
Michael connects with other creative Believers at the  Artists In Christian Testimony Orientation. MORE
Some of our recent ministry connections have resurrected early relationships and reminded us of our original goals as The Christian Theater Network:  to be a bridge between Believing artists in professional industries and those in church or para-church ministry. As such, we're building a bank of resources and links for activities to consider.  Here are a few timely item to foster growth among those who artistically share the gospel.

  • Theater and Ministry Alliance is seeking a host for the 2018 retreat.  Inquire.
  • Morningstar Theatrical Productions is building a creative team for a musical cabaret benefit Veterans Day Weekend, Nov. 11-12, in Houston. Inquire.


Upcoming KIT Events
Barrington Church
Community Church of Barrington
  "E ncourage   one   another  and build  one   another  up, just as you are doing."   -- Paul, writing in his first letter to the church in Thessalonica (Chapter 5, Verse 11)