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after a short run at Bernie Wohl, together  Goldoni's Memoirs, we bring back the very timely  The Worth of Women  the  1600  text  that so beautifully deals with 2017 women (and men) issues.  Dates, Times are below. Come and witness how much society changed (or not...).

Starting with this KITNews, I will also be sharing with you In Scena! Shows. Start getting familiar with a very fine line-up of Italian theater in NY. 

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The Women are Back!
The Worth of Women 
March 30-April 9, 2017

WOW Access
Get to know In Scena! The 5th edition
MAY 1-15, 2017

Starting with this newsletter, we will introduce the shows of In Scena 2017 in order of appearance.  

May 1: Surprise Opening Night!

Sandro Veronesi NON DIRLO
May 2, 2017 - 7pm
Special Event
Cherry Lane Theater -  Manhattan
Non Dirlo 
by and with Sandro Veronesi 

The Gospel of Mark is the Gospel of action, it's the first, the shortest, the most impenetrable, the one in which the secret is not revealed at the end. Sandro Veronesi squeezes the secret out of this text and he presents it to the audience in all its vibrant contemporaneity.

Italy in NY
 The Consuelo LIst (Teatro in Italia)
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