H ello Dear Friends, 

It's time for In Scena! Are you ready for our exciting yearly wave of exceptional Italian theater? For our 5th edition (5th!!!) we have an amazing line-up of shows and special events. We could not be prouder and happier. 

Also, this year the organizers of In Scena! made a very important decision... see below, read and SUPPORT!!!

See you soon all around the 5 boroughs!

For more info on In Scena, visit the Festival website:

We at In Scena! feel it is important to build bridges and open doors - now more than ever. This has been our belief ever since the first edition of In Scena! whose theme - the journey - meant to represent the bridge between New York City and Italy, the ethnic melting pot, and the way inhabitants of a country see 'the other.'
With this in mind, we have decided to open the doors of this year's festival even more widely to our international audience in New York and to declare "free entrance" to the festival.
Admission to all In Scena! 2017 shows
and events will therefore be free of charge.
We hope you will support this decision by donating to In Scena! via our main organizer Kairos Italy Theater.

I cannot stress enough how much we need your support, especially after this decision. Donations are highly appreciated as well as tax deductible.

Thank you! 

May 1 - 7pm - Cherry Lane Theatre
A celebration of Italian theater with tributes by International New York-based artists.

May 2 - 7pm - Cherry Lane Theatre
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Sandro Veronesi NON DIRLO
Don't tell.
Non dirlo.
Il Vangelo di Marco

A monologue by Sandro Veronesi, from the homonymous book published by Bompiani.
Produced by Teatro Metastasio di Prato in collaboration with Fosforo (Tuscany)
A journey inside the Gospel of Marco, that tries to unveil the most impenetrable of the Gospels. Inspired by the order that Jesus gives the faithful following his every miracle: "Don't tell." 
May 3 - 4:30pm - College of Staten Island - Staten Island
May 5 - 8pm - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' - Manhattan
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Dieci Ten
by Andrej Longo
directed by 
Elena Dragonetti  and RaffaellaTagliabue
with Elena Dragonetti
Narramondo (Liguria)

Presented in collaboration with MilanoOff Isola Festival 2016.

From the homonymous book published by Adelphi (winner of Premio Bagutta, Premio Vittorini, Premio Chiara and finalist at the Premio Bancarella.)
One actress. Ten characters, ten monologues. Ten, like the Ten Commandments. Set against the backdrop of the city of Naples with its raw heart, its odors, its people, its colors. 

Awards:  Calandra 2014 (best show, best director, best actress), 
Special mention Festival Storie di Lavoro 2015.
May 4 - 7pm - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' - Manhattan
May 7 - 4pm - The Brick - Brooklyn  
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My Idea - La mia idea
Memory of Joe Zangara
written and directed by Ernesto Orrico,
with Ernesto Orrico,
music by Massimo Garritano Produced by Zahir (Calabria)

A first-person account of the true story of Giuseppe "Joe" Zangara, an Italian immigrant who tried to assassinate US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

May 5, 6PM - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' - Manhattan
May 7, 2PM- The Brick - Brooklyn
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Sweet home Albania - Albania casa mia
by Aleksandros Memetaj, directed by Giampiero Rappa, with Aleksandros Memetaj -
Argot Production (Lazio)

Awards: Festival di Resistenza Museo Cervi, Gattatico - Bando Festival Avanguardie 2030, Bologna
Aleksandros was six months old when his parents - among many others - decided to leave Albania for Italy. This is the story of a child who will grow up away from his country, and of a father who will make great sacrifices for his family. 

May 6 - 2pm - NYPL Enrico Fermi - Bronx (Lab for Kids)
May 7 - 2pm -  Bernie Wohl at Goddard Riverside - Manhattan
May 9 - 6pm - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' - Manhattan
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The invention with no future
L'invenzione senza futuro

by Federico Giani, Mauro Parrinello, Celeste Gugliandolo, Francesca Montanino, directed by Mauro Parrinello, with Federico Giani, Celeste Gugliandolo, Mauro Parrinello -  Compagnia dei Demoni/Offrome/Tedacà (Turin), co-produced by Teatro della Tosse di Genoa (Piedmont/Liguria)
Awards: Premio di Produzione - Selezione E45 Napoli Fringe Festival
Meet Louis and Auguste Lumière: their love for cinema, their love for life, and their search for love. Meet them through film scenes, sounds, projections, in a magical atmosphere that only cinema can recreate.
May 9, 8pm - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' - Manhattan
May 11, 8pm - Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside - Manhattan
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Riccardo and Lucia
By Claudia Lerro, directed by Claudia Lerro, 
with Claudia Lerro and Pio Stellaccio - Teatrificio 22 (Puglia)
Awards: Salviamo i talenti- Attilio Corsini - 2013/2014 Teatro Vittoria - Roma
Inspired by the private diary of Lerro's grandfather Riccardo, a poet and an anti-fascist activist, this is the true story of a simple man and woman in post-war Southern Italy, that tells of eternal themes of love, absence, belief. 
May 10 - 4:30pm -  College of Staten Island - Staten Island
May 12, 2017 - 8pm - Bernie Wohl at Goddard Riverside - Manhattan
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Rock Oedipus
written and directed by 
Manolo Muoio, 
with Manolo Muoio, 
Luca Pietramala
Teatro Rossosimona/Manolo Muoio (Calabria)
Fragments of traditional ancient drama alternate with rock songs to leave a mark on this unusual Oedipal journey. Aeschylus and Sophocles coexist with rock music to create a journey of emotional fragments, echoes of memories, iconic references.  
May 10,  8pm - BAAD! - Bronx
May 13, 8pm - Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside - Manhattan
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by Francesca Falchi with Francesca Falchi and Marta Proietti Orzella, musical direction Ennio Atzeni - L'eccezione (Cagliari, Sardinia)
With the support of the President of the Consiglio regionale della Sardegna

Women under the Nazi regime. Lesbians under the Nazi regime. Minorities that were discriminated against, forced to disappear, to "not exist." Songs intertwined with text portray the stories of these women.

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May 8  - South Oxford Spaces - Brooklyn
6pm The Girl Who Reads by Renato Gabrielli
8pm The Healer by Michele Santeramo
in collaboration with Umanism

May 15 - 6pm - Italian Cultural Institute in NY - Manhattan
Mario Fratti Award Ceremony and reading of winning play
"The Country of Swollen Faces" by Paolo Bignami

"The Country of Swollen Faces" is the story of an incident of poor Health & Safety and of a voice that arises, alone and essential, to denounce it. It's a monologue that presents a live narration of tragic events with heartbreaking lyricism, highlighting an underdog's love for life, and his often helpless status as prey of powerful people and their reckless arrogance.

More In Scena! Events

May 4, NOON - Bronx NeON Probation Center 198 E 161st St, Bronx
May 8, 10AM - VISIONS Senior Center, Manhattan
May 8, 3PM - Brooklyn Probation Center

Led by Dave Johnson. 
A cultural exchange between In Scena! Italian artists and emerging writers from probation centers in the South Bronx and Brooklyn, and from a Senior Center for the visually impaired in Manhattan. In English, Spanish and Italian.
Producing Theater in NY: A Panel
May 3,  6:30 PM -  John D Calandra Italian American Institute
25 West 43rd Street - Manhattan
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What does it take to produce theater in New York nowadays ? What productions are chosen, which plays? What kind of possibilities do foreign companies have? Most importantly, where does the money come from? We will try to answer these questions with a pool of theatrical producers, owners and investors.

Italy in NY
 The Consuelo List (Teatro in Italia)

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