H ello dear friends, 

I am back from 15 crazy wonderful days of performing and collaborating all over the East Coast.

I am happy to report that the Eataly event on October 23 was a success, that the World Premiere of Stories of many Stories at Kennedy Center in DC was seen -and applauded- by 400 audience members and that KIT CAAD Residence at Vassar College ended with a super sold-out performance of La Mandragola (we had to have people seating on the floor around the stage...).

Now we bring back Characters in Search of a Country, involving for the first time members of the Goddard Riverside Community. Come to see what happens, the tickets are just $10!

And Save the Date! The news is online! In February we are presenting two US premiere in partnership with Carnegie Hall and Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo'. Details below. 

Also, in the next email we will be announcing the line up for In Scena 2017. Stay Tuuuuuned!

Finally, remember, we need you all to do our programs. So,  support KIT! 
Donations are highly appreciated as well as tax deductible. Grazie!

Now, Vote! (if you haven' t done it already) 

I see you at Bernie Wohl next week. 

Ps. KIT and I have been appearing on TV, newspaper, magazine, webmagazine. Check our press page on our website for all the latest interviews. 
Coming Up
November 9-20 
Special program  at  Bernie Wohl Center 
(647 Columbus Ave, NY)

November 9 6-8PM and November 13 12-3PM
Workshop on Immigration: 
the why and what of leaving your home. 
Free admission. RSVP: info@kitheater.com

November 18, 7:30PM
November 19, 3PM and 7:30PM 
November 20, 3PM
Characters in Search of a Country
based on Pirandello's  Six Characters in Search of an Author
With  Aileen Lanni, Mario Merone, Lorenzo Possanza, Adriana Rossetto and Laura Caparrotti as the Director.

The performance will see the  participation of Seniors and Teens from the Goddard Riverside community after a workshop - led by KIT - on the meaning of leaving your own house/country. 

The show will be also presented at Suffolk County Community College on November 16 at 11am.
After the Kennedy Center, we bring our stories back to  NY! 

! December 1 - 6pm
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' 

Stories of Many Stories
adapted from the work of 
Gianni Rodari
for children age: 5+
In Italian and English

With Laura Caparrotti,
Aileen Lanni, Maria DeCotis

Save the dates
For Children!

KIT is presenting a program on Christmas and on La Befana at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center in Tuckaohe, NY.

December 17: Christmas stories with Strega Nona

January 7: Stories by La Befana

For more info: www.wiccny.org
Part of 
celebration of Venice

Carlo Goldoni's 

The Worth of Women: Wherein is Clearly Revealed Their Nobility and Superiority to Men
Written by Moderata Fonte

Two US Premiere brought to you by
KIT and Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo'

Italy in NY
 The Consuelo LIst
Cagnacci's "Repentant Magdalene": An Italian Baroque Masterpiece from the Norton Simon Museum
at the Frick Collection


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