H ello Dear Friends, 

We are few days away from our month of theater at the Studio at Cherry Lane. 

The tech week is going well, few challenges here and there, we are all tired, but happy with the result. I am sharing with you two photos from our tech. Tomorrow night (Sunday) you can see all the productions photos on our Flickr page.

Next: SHOW-TIME! And we need your support in this adventure or better JOURNEY we are making into the art and heART of great playwrights. 

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PS. La scadenza del Premio Mario Fratti e' il 1 dicembre. Attendiamo proposte!!! Tutti i dettagli QUI
November is Italian Month at the Cherry Lane Studio!

KIT presents AlieNation: Three New Plays from Italy, in repertoire.


Use code FIRSTWEEK for $10 tickets. 
Valid for November 7-November 12 performances only.

Enrico IV, A monologue based on Pirandello's "Enrico IV"

In repertory with

Story of Love and Soccer 
by Michele Santeramo (In Scena! 2014)
The Journey I Never Made
by Paolo Bignami (Mario fratti Award 2017)

Celebrating the 150 anniversary of PIRANDELLO's birth with a unique adaptation of one of his masterpieces, Enrico IV, and talking about Immigration with two plays written by two important Italian playwrights, Michele Santeramo and Paolo Bignami.

Enrico IV - Henry IV
A monologue
Based on Enrico IV by Pirandello
Translated by Gloria Pastorino
Adapted by Laura Caparrotti and Rocco Sisto
Directed by Laura Caparrotti

ph. Ting Pan
*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

in repertory with
A Story of Love and Soccer
by Michele Santeramo
Translated by Peter Speedwell
Adapted by Laura Caparrotti and Dave Johnson
Directed by Laura Caparrotti

Dave Johnson and Eric Gravez
Ph. Ting pan

The place is a village in the south of Italy, where a group of immigrants compete in the first ever clandestine soccer world championship to determine who will have control over the city center for the following year. Italy, Libya, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine and Senegal are the impromptu national teams fighting to become the champions of their suburban world. In the middle of it all is a love story between an Italian midfielder player and an Indian girl - and in the background, the local Mafia.  read more  

followed by
The Journey I never made
by Paolo Bignami
Translated by Carlotta Brentan
Directed by Laura Caparrotti

Carlotta Brentan and Paloma Pilar*
ph. Ting Pan
*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Two women meet in a mysterious station where all trains have been cancelled. Where do they come from? Where are they going? Complete strangers and yet mirrors of each other, in spite of their fear and suspicion they slowly begin a dialog. Voices of immigrants from different eras and locales fill the station, recalling past journeys. As the voices build to a crescendo, a train approaches.  read more
Le scadenze sono:
Bando chiuso per SHOW e READING
1 dicembre 2017 - chiusura bando per la quinta edizione del Premio Mario Fratti - Tema:  Confini (Borders/Boundaries)

Ricordiamo le novita' della sesta edizione:
Aumentano le collaborazioni con teatri e istituzioni americane;
Gli spettacoli potranno essere proposti secondo categorie specifiche (vedi Bando );
I sopratitoli verranno forniti dal Festival... e non finisce qui!

Per tutti i dettagli e per accedere al Bando e alle schede,
Italy in NY
The Consuelo List
"La Spiaggia" di Luca De Bei con Paola Minaccioni al Teatro La Cometa, Roma
Nanni Moretti, a retrospective at METROGRAPH
Francesco De Gregori at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo'

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