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28 Tevet 5783 | 21 January 2023

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In this Issue

  • Kahal Joseph Schedule
  • Rabbi Halevy's Shabbat Greeting
  • Rabbi's Message
  • Shabbat Kiddush in honor of Shaina & Salim Youssefzadeh's marriage
  • Mazal Tov Eliana Jalali and Daniel Muller
  • Shabbat Melodies with Hazzan Jalali
  • Bar Mitzvah of Menachem Halevy 1/28
  • Guest Author, Joseph Sassoon 1/31
  • Tu Bshvat Hike at Will Rogers, 2/5
  • Refua Shlema & Azkarot

Shabbat Greeting from Rabbi Halevy

KJ Schedule

Erev Shabbat

Friday, January 20th

Shabbat Candle Lighting 4:54 pm


Saturday, January 21st

Shaharit at KJ 9:00 am

Kids Korner 9:30am

Havdallah 5:53 pm

Erev Rosh Hodesh

Sunday, January 22nd

Shaharit 7:00 am

Rosh Hodesh Shevat

Monday, January 23rd

Shaharit 6:15 am


Tue-Fri, January 24-26

Shaharit 6:30 am

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Rabbi's Message

Rabbi Natan Halevy


Shalom U’vracha,


In the beginning of our parasha, Moshe comes to Hashem with a complaint. His first intervention with pharoah resulted in worse conditions for Bnei Yisrael. Pharaoh issued a new decree and refused to provide the Jewish people with the materials for their slave labor. They now needed to gather straw themselves before making the bricks. When they didn’t meet their quota of bricks, they were beaten severely. Moshe felt great pain at this unfortunate circumstance that followed his intervention on their part.


In addition, the children of Israel were upset with him for this situation. Moshe was caught in a hard place. He was dealing with tremendous hostility from pharoah who denied the existence of Hashem in an extremely brazen way. Pharoah refused to consider releasing the Jewish people who were constructing huge buildings, storehouses, and pyramids for him.


The redemption of Israel from Egypt begins in earnest after we hear of Moshes complaint to Hashem. Hashem says to Pharaoh, Samti pdut beyn ami u’beyn amekha le’makhar yihiye ha’ot hazeh—“And I have placed this omen between My people and your people as a redemption; this sign will come about tomorrow.”


The Ben Ish Chai has a beautiful commentary about the Hebrew word for tomorrow—makhar. The letters of the word, mem-het-resh, can be rearranged to create the number resh-mem-het which signifies the 248 positive commandments of the Torah (Note that in Hebrew alphabet letters may be used as numbers). The same letters also be rearranged as resh-het-mem to spell the word rakham which signifies Hashem’s love and compassion.


All Jews strive to fulfill the 248 mitzvot, or commandments, a task which is almost impossible. However, through the love and compassion that exists among many members of our people, we help each other.

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Shabbat Kiddush

is sponsored


Shaina and Salim Youssefzadeh

in honor of

their marriage

Mazal Tov

to their parents

Pauline and Emil Youssefzadeh &

Mahvash and Morris Kamkar

their siblings

Jasmine, Jacqueline, and Jake Youssefzadeh

Sherwin and Andrew Kamkar

their grandparents

Claudette and Valentine Youssefzadeh

Iran Ebrahimian

and both families


Mazal Tov

Eliana Jalali & Daniel Muller

on your upcoming wedding

Besiman Tov

to your parents

Molly and Saeed Jalali

Pnina Muller and

Opi Muller

and to both families

Shabbat Melodies with Hazzan Saeed Jalali

Listen to Hazzan Jalali chant First Aliya in Vaera and the Haftara.

Kahal Joseph Events

Kahal Joseph Community

Refuah Shelema

We wish complete healing of body, mind, and soul to all those who are suffering with illness in our community, including:

Flexi Silpa / Flexi bat Mazal

Joseph Tizabi / Yosef ben Yehezkiel

Sophie Elias / Sophie bat Victoria

Evelyn Salem / Evelyn bat Mazal

Modi ben Yvonne

Zvi Moalim

Ariella Rivka bat Tziporah

Rylla Elias / Rahel bat Mazal

Ben Elias / Benyamin ben Yohevet

Latif ben Chanina

Alexander ben Yehezkiel and Chana Hai Reiza

Shimon ben Yosef v'Leah / Simon Saul

Shmuel ben Yaacov v'Tova / William McAbian

Tal ben Alona Basha

Meir Iny / Meir ben Sabiha

Ezra ben Farha

Sassoon Ezra

Sylvia Cohen

Mehry bat Miriam Hakimipour

Yvonne Moalim

Florice Newberry

Aliza bat Rahel

Aliza bat Victoria

Chaya Chana bat Batya

Miriam bat Yetta

Miryam bat Malka

Chaya Rachel bat Simcha Ruhama

Karen bat Chana Meir

Eti Esther bat  Fortuna

Ezra ben Rahel

Albert Nissan ben Victoria

Reuven Halevi ben Batsheva

David ben Tova

Fouad Salem / Hayeem ben Naima

Noach Yaakov ben Tzipporah

Ori ben Nuphar Chaia


In Memoriam

We remember these azkaraot (yahrzeit anniversaries) from January 21 to 28, 2023 (28 Tevet to 6 Shevat 5783). It is customary to light memorial candles, donate tsedaka, & attend services to honor the memory of our loved ones.

28 Tevet/ Shabbat, January 21st

Joseph David Yoseph ben David

Aziza bat Amam

Maurice Zekaria Moshe ben Seon

Edmund Sayers Ezra Moshe ben Khatoon v'Moshe Hai Ezra

29 Tevet / Sunday, January 22nd

Mollie Einy Konigsberg Mazaltov ben Masooda

1 Shevat / Monday, January 23rd

Mozelle Solomon Mozly bat Haviva

2 Shevat / Tuesday, January 24th

Joseph Haghighi Yosef ben Ezra

Mahboobeh Haykani

Samuel Sheff Shlomo ben Baruch

Albert Zekaria Abdullah ben Seon

Eddy Sassoon Ezra Meyer ben Binyamin

4 Shevat / Thursday, January 26th

Khorshid Farzaneh Farahi Rahel bat Esther

6 Shevat / Shabbat, January 28th

Albert Gaub Avner Abraham ben Khatoon

Maurice Jacob Jonah Maurice ben Yaacov

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