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18 Adar 5783 | 11 March 2023

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  • Kahal Joseph Schedule
  • Rabbi Halevy's Shabbat Greeting
  • Rabbi's Message
  • Shabbat Melodies with Hazzan Jalali
  • Thank You KJ Clergy, Leaders, & Staff
  • Thank You Purim Sponsors & Volunteers
  • Mon 3/13 Meditation, Yoga & Soundbath
  • Sat 3/25 Shabbat Luncheon honoring Board of Directors
  • Condolences to the Family & Friends of Marsha Levine, z''l
  • Refua Shlema & Azkarot

Shabbat Greeting from Rabbi Halevy

KJ Schedule

Erev Shabbat

Friday, March 10th

Candle Lighting 5:39 pm

Shabbat Parah

Parashat Ki Tisa

Saturday, March 11th

Shaharit at KJ 9:00 am

Kids Korner 9:30am

Havdallah 6:35 pm


Sunday, March 12th

Shaharit 7:00 am

Talmud Torah 9:45 am

Mon-Fri, March 13th-17th

Shaharit 6:30 am

Membership & Sponsorship

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Rabbi's Message

Rabbi Natan Halevy


Shalom Uvracha,


The last two Torah portions, Parasha Terumah and Parasha Tetzaveh, discuss Hashem’s detailed instructions about how the people of Israel should construct the Mishkan, the movable sanctuary, in which He promises to “dwell amidst them.”


In this week’s parasha, Ki Tisa, Hashem concludes his instructions to Moses regarding the making of the Mishkan. We also read about the counting of the nation of Israel through their donation of half a shekel for each adult male. The nation was counted after the sin of the golden calf, which led to unfortunate consequences—a withdrawal of divine energy and distancing of Hashem's presence. The counting constituted an atonement through the donation of the half shekalim which sponsored the sockets of the Mishkan, the structure that would house Hashem's presence amid Israel’s people in a revealed way and nurture constant awareness of Hashem’s divine energy.


The Mishkan helped people become conscious of Hashem's presence back down on this earth. The Mishkan’s sockets held part of the holy place’s foundational structure. The people’s contribution of half a shekel towards the Mishkan’s physical foundation, along with their resulting enhanced awareness of Hashem’s positive life-affirming energy, enabled their spirit to heal and grow—to atone for the consequences of the golden calf incident when their thoughts, words, and actions strayed from Hashem. Contributing to the physical foundation strengthened the spiritual foundation within them. Read more online ...

Shabbat Melodies with Hazzan Saeed Jalali

Listen to Hazzan Jalali chant the first aliyah from Parashat Ki Tisa and the Haftara for Shabbat Parah.

Thank You KJ Clergy, Leadership, & Staff

Thank you Rabbi Natan and Bracha Halevy, Hazzan Saeed Jalali, Head Administrator Sarah Bouchoucha, Talmud Torah Director Molly Jalali, Penina Meghnagi-Solomon, Danielle Sarraf, Dafna Young and all of our dedicated staff. We appreciate your tireless efforts on behalf of our beautiful community. You worked together to create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Purim Megillah readings, Baking for Baskets, Family Party and Community Celebration. Kahal's Purim events this year were amazing and enjoyed by all. With gratitude, Kahal Joseph's Board of Directors

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Kahal Joseph Purim Celebration

Upcoming Events

Kahal Joseph Community

Condolences to the Family and Friends of Marsha Levine, z''l

With great sorrow we send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marsha Levine, z''l, who passed away on Taanit Esther, Monday, March 6, 2023, the 13th of Adar 5783.


Marsha was described as "a breath of fresh air." A charming, intelligent, and beautiful redhead, she did much for Kahal Joseph over the years, contributing to projects and events, sharing her knowledge and resources, and participating in the community. Marsha was the close friend of Kahal Joseph's past President Saul Levi, z''l, and our dear elected Secretary, Michelle Levi-Kurtz.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marsha's loved ones. May they be comforted together with all the mourners of Tsion. Min hashamayim tenuhamu.

Refuah Shelema

We wish complete healing of body, mind, and soul to all those who are suffering with illness in our community, including:

Farshid Shohed

Shimon ben Pari v'Eshagh

Flexi Silpa / Flexi bat Mazal

Joseph Tizabi / Yosef ben Yehezkiel

Sophie Elias / Sophie bat Victoria

Evelyn Salem / Evelyn bat Mazal

Modi ben Yvonne

Zvi Moalim

Ariella Rivka bat Tziporah

Rylla Elias / Rahel bat Mazal

Ben Elias / Benyamin ben Yohevet

Latif ben Chanina

Alexander ben Yehezkiel and Chana Hai Reiza

Shimon ben Yosef v'Leah / Simon Saul

Shmuel ben Yaacov v'Tova / William McAbian

Tal ben Alona Basha

Meir Iny / Meir ben Sabiha

Ezra ben Farha

Sassoon Ezra

Sylvia Cohen

Mehry bat Miriam Hakimipour

Yvonne Moalim

Florice Newberry

Aliza bat Rahel

Aliza bat Victoria

Chaya Chana bat Batya

Miriam bat Yetta

Miryam bat Malka

Chaya Rachel bat Simcha Ruhama

Karen bat Chana Meir

Eti Esther bat  Fortuna

Ezra ben Rahel

Albert Nissan ben Victoria

Reuven Halevi ben Batsheva

David ben Tova

Fouad Salem / Hayeem ben Naima

Noach Yaakov ben Tzipporah

Ori ben Nuphar Chaia


In Memoriam

We remember these azkarot/yahrzeit (memorial anniversaries) from March 11th to 18th 2023 (18th to 25th Adar 5783). It is customary to light memorial candles, donate tsedaka, & attend services to honor the memory of our loved ones.

18 Adar / Shabbat, March 11th

Efraim ben Simcha

Naim Moshi Naim ben Yehoshua

Nazay Radfar Nazeh bat Nisan

19 Adar / Sunday, March 12th

Eliyahu Sasson Samuel Eliyahu ben Sasson

Charles Eric Ezekiel Saleh ben Ezra Yehezkel

Bertha Rahamim Bertha bat Sabiha

20 Adar / Monday, March 13th

Miriam Victoria Simanian Miriam Victoria bat Ester

Edward Wyner Itzhak ben Simha

Yona Radfar Yona ben Shlomo

Amin Nahai Yitzhak ben Aghajan

21 Adar / Tuesday, March 14th

Gershoon Doustar

Itzhak Rahmin Itzhak Rahmin Pinhas

22 Adar / Wednesday, March 15th

Julian Elias

23 Adar / Thursday, March 16th

Bernard Jonatan Amron Bernard Yonatan ben Mishael

Elisha Nawy Elisha ben Nassim

Eliyahu Kattan Eliyahu ben Salim

Kathleen Rosen Ramah Khatoon bat Regina v'Aharon

Rachel Jonah

Moshe Ezra Moses Moshe Ezra ben Raphael Moshe

24 Adar / Friday, March 17th

Fortunate Dallal Fortunate bat Naima

25 Adar / Shabbat, March 18th

Rivka Blank Rivka bat Sarah Hannah

Gamra Dallal

Sarah bat Gurjiyee

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Rabbi Natan Halevy
Saeed Jalali, Hazzan
Sasson Ezra, Sr. Hazzan
Yvette Dabby, President
Orly Kattan, Sr. Vice President
Sarah Bouchoucha, Administrator
Penina Meghnagi Solomon, Administrative Assistant
Dafna Young, Editor