Crisis alert!  The KKK is believed to have only 5,000 members.  This is just too small to be a credible threat.  With only 5,000 members spread out, they are going to have trouble staging a decent march or demonstration. 

The Democrats really need these guys.  Somehow they've got to get these numbers up.  

As a threat to civil rights, the KKK is simply irreplaceable.  Without their presence, fundraising and general organizing efforts will be seriously jeopardized.  The KKK is central to their efforts to convince donors and supporters that racism is rampant in America.  

Who could replace them?  The Nazi Party?  The alt right?  It's already peaked in terms of scarepower.  And its numbers are even smaller than the KKK.

When the KKK holds a rally or a march and only a few guys show up, it's really difficult for friends in the media to make it look like anything significant.  The photographers have to take close in shots of a few people waving Confederate flags, implying that there are thousands more around them.  They are doing their best with what they have, but they've got to get a little more to work with.

Groups like the KKK are always short of funds for recruiting, so this is where George Soros' leverage would be available.  Obviously, no identifiable allies could donate directly - too risky, word would leak out.  If WikiLeaks got hold of it, it would be worse than the Podesta emails.

But with billionaires and the Clinton Foundation backing them, and legacy media that will do their bidding, surely the Democrats will find their way out of this crisis.

This year - maybe more than any I recall, I hear folks saying they have no "Christmas Spirit." The special day is coming sure enough; they see it on the calendar but they feel anything but festive.  I have no doubt this is true, as I fight that annual battle myself.       
However, I find myself wondering, just what are we all looking for? Are we like the shepherds in those fields long ago? I guess they knew their lives needed something - someone - but they likely did not have all details. They did not have a big ol' King James Bible in their hand to show them what was, what is and what is to come. They hoped and they had a measure of faith but can ours not be said to be more certain?
As a gardener, I understand seeds and growing and I am aware of some origins of the depression that often seems to beset so many during this season. When I plant, I expect certain results and I do not always get them. Perhaps my expectations are unreasonable and sometimes I just do not prepare properly.  I will not be vague. How many of us have some of our Christmas spirit squelched because of lack of money?  No doubt, you can recall Christmas times when you had more to spend and you did just that - you spent it and wished for "just a little bit more than what you had." When is enough, ever enough?  Now, so many of those gifts that you just had to have, or give, are just so much clutter that they are an impediment to you. I do not need much of anything; I need to get rid of much of what I have. I really, truly miss having the funds to give gifts - to even send a Christmas card - (so consider this piece of writing your Christmas card from me to you, this year). Giving gifts to those I cared about (and even some I did not) brought me pleasure and was important to me because I liked to see folks happy, not sad. Now, that I cannot buy so much, I am spared the madness of trying to figure out what to buy for whom and if I left anyone out and did I get enough - did I do enough; I hope they like it and so on the insanity goes.
More to the point I miss people. Looking back, what always made Christmas special was who you were sharing this time (and maybe some wonderful foods) with.  I am sure you can name them. Some are far from home; far away this year and some have been far away in Heaven for a long time now and you just plain miss them. In quiet moments, you look at their photographs and you can almost hear those familiar voices that said in so many ways, "I love you."  I am grateful for those still in my life; especially a brand new grandson.
I woke early, this morning, about a week, five days, before Christmas and just refused to have a sad, bad, "Scrooge" or "Humbug" attitude anymore - at least not this year. I am tired of it and enough is enough.  I still have many precious loved ones in my life to share my existence with. I have all the food I need to make me fat.  I sleep warm and comfortable at night and reasonably safe from all harm ("Sheltered in the Arms of God").
I could go on and on but my life is easy compared to so many and just plain blessed.  
I made a conscious choice this early morning hour to rejoice and be exceedingly glad. I pray often and hard for those in need. There are some folks out there who have crushed hopes and broken hearts. I know that. Like the shepherds, I am overcome with the gratitude that the Lord Jesus Christ would come to Earth, endure so much dwelling among us and we might enjoy so much dwelling with Him one fine day and be in His presence right now. I have just had enough of feeling bad. The scriptures speak of having food and clothing that we should be content with such things as you have, including the total of friends and enemies you have accumulated.  I have so much that I would really be ashamed to go before my Lord and ask for more. I pray for Him to make me a better steward of what I have already been given.
No, I do not have the Christmas Spirit I did when I was age five - all that wide-eyed wonder and anticipation. Today, I have a more sure and certain hope now that I am and I am more than sixty years closer to my Heavenly home.
Merry Christmas from Dixie,                               
John Wayne Dobson

C. G. Faulkner in Georgia submits the following:

'Unreconstructed' is the story of an unapologetic former Confederate Cavalry Officer, Captain Thomas Jefferson Fortner. Tom comes home to Georgia after the surrender at Appomattox to a land of devastation. His family had been murdered at the hands of a Union Colonel during Sherman's march to the sea. His fiancĂ©e killed outside Richmond. His farm burned to the ground. 

Despite all of this tragedy, he tries to rebuild and start anew. Then comes Reconstruction, the punishment of the South by Yankee radicals, adding insult to the injury of the war. By 1868 he can tolerate no more and leaves the home of his forefathers and goes west to the Colorado territory. But the war is not ready to be left behind.

What follows is a story of revenge, adventure, romance and friendship in the old west of America. Tom must face one more battle before his war will truly end.

The Author of this great new novel is an active SCV member, re-enactor, and a proud subscriber to Dixie Heritage!

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A former police sergeant, fired for flying a Confederate flag outside her Georgia home, is suing the police department.

Silvia Cotriss, a nearly 20-year veteran of the Roswell Police Department, was terminated over what the department called conduct unbecoming an officer: a confederate flag, raised above her front porch in the neighboring town of Woodstock.

Cotriss' attorney, David Ates, says her dismissal was in direct violation of her constitutional right to free speech as a private citizen. "She was displaying her pride in her Southern heritage and honoring her recently deceased husband," the lawsuit said. "The Confederate flag [is a] generally accepted symbol of Georgia heritage."

Cotriss is suing the city of Roswell and the Roswell chief of police for either reinstatement of her former position or 10 years of pay, as well as other compensatory damages.


Marana High School in Tucson has banned the Confederate flag from campus, saying its display by a group of students has become a disruption and creates an unwelcoming environment for classmates and staff of color.

The group of students - who have been flying the flags from their vehicles for more than a year - said it represents pride in their Southern heritage and the ban oppresses their right to free speech.

While the protesting students argue that they'd never harassed anyone, school administration said the flag was being used to create a racially charged and aggressive school climate.

Just before the first bell rang at Marana High on Tuesday morning, a group of teens gathered around a pickup truck parked across the street from the school.

They were hanging out across the street and not on school property, at 12000 W. Emigh Road, because of the flag ban. Flying it from the other side of the road - while parked on private property - is a form of civil disobedience, said one of the students, Jesse Lagois, 17.

"We're actually fighting for our rights to express ourselves," he said.

Lagois was leaning against the truck, from which the Confederate flag flapped in the wind. The light-blue GMC also had the word, "redneck" written on the tailgate. The word, the senior said, represents a life of blue-collar workers, country folk and back roads.

To Lagois and his classmates, the flag does not symbolize racism. "It's heritage. It's everything that the South stood for," he said.

Alexis Kring, 16, said she wants to raise awareness of what she considers the real values the Confederate flag represents. The symbols and designs on the flag represent the blood of Christ, protection of God, a Christian cross and the 13 Southern states, the sophomore said.

"We're not standing for the wrong reasons," she said. The message of the Confederate flag, to her and the group, is "through the blood of Christ, the 13 states are united in a Christian fight."

Lagois and his friends say they'd never hurt or harass anyone, nor did any student ever come up to them to contest the flag, though he says he's had soda and food thrown at him. They just want to be able to express their pride in their Southern heritage, he said.

At least 30 people at the school have expressed support, he said. A Facebook page, called "Parents Standing Up for Students Rights," features an image with two pickup trucks flying Confederate flags with the message, "You ain't stopping us."

Jose Mendez, 17, who was part of the group hanging out by the pickup across the street from the school, said their values must be accepted the same way they're expected to accept values they don't agree with.

"We just want to be able to show our values," he said.

Seniors coming to school Tuesday morning said they don't object to flying the Confederate flag on campus. Students have been walking up and down the road waving the flag at oncoming cars and pedestrians, they said.


California secession organizers say they've opened an embassy -- in Moscow

The Republic of California gained an embassy in Russia last weekend, at least in the eyes of those who have promised to seek a statewide vote on secession, nicknamed "Calexit," in 2018.

Louis Marinelli, a San Diego resident who is the leader of the group promoting an effort to turn the state into an independent country , organized the Moscow event. "We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now," he said in an email Monday.

Marinelli is currently working as an English teacher in Russia, and said he is there working on immigration issues related to his wife, who is a Russian national.

The effort faces the longest of odds, requiring not only initial approval by California voters in 2018 but a subsequent special election in 2019. Even if successful then, the proposal would have to pass difficult if not insurmountable legal obstacles.

Marinelli said he's not discouraged by the high hurdles.

"All major social and political movements in this country take time and inevitably have to overcome failures and setbacks before they are ultimately successful," he said.

Yes, there were "libtards" as far back ago as 1907. And one of them cornered John Singleton Mosby. He replied to them as follows:

I am not ashamed that my family were slaveholders. It was our inheritance - Neither am I ashamed that my ancestors were pirates & cattle thieves. People must be judged by the standard of their own age.

If it was right to own slaves as property it was right to fight for it. I am not ashamed of having fought on the side of slavery - a soldier fights for his country - right or wrong - he is not responsible for the political merits of the cause he fights in. The South was my country.

Mosby fought out of patriotism. The South was his country, and he fought for his country. There is no ambiguity there.

When the US started the draft to fill the ranks during the Viet Nam War, most soldiers wouldn't even know where that Asian country was on the map, much less know the political merits of the war itself. There would come a popular backlash against the war, as many people came to decide the war wasn't "worth it." The US government eventually had to find to have "peace with honor." Many Americans went from not knowing what the war was about, to hating what the war was about. But again, what do you think the average soldier knew, or didn't know, about the 'political merits?'

The same could be said for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Were there Weapons of Mass Destruction? Did the President LIE to the world to get us into that war? Should that determine the way we treat the veterans of those wars - or Vietnam - or any other war?

The average soldier, be they a Vietnam Vet, an Iraq War vet, or a Confederate Vet fought out of patriotism for his country. 


That the Yankee Army required  soldiers to have at least four opposing front teeth, so that they could open a gunpowder pouch? 

Some draftees had their front teeth removed to avoid service.    

In our day they would just jump the border into Canada.

1863: A Private Soldier's Christmas Dinner

Published in 1913, A Private Soldier's Christmas Dinner  is an old veteran telling the story of how he and his Compatriots celebrated the holiday in their encampment back in 1863. 

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