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KLRN is local
We dive deep into transportation with Texas Department of Transportation Chairman Bruce Bugg. What will it be like to drive on Texas roads over the next 15-plus years? Will there be more toll roads? We also talk about the city's second draft of the Climate Change Action Plan with District 7 Councilwoman Ana Sandoval, who explains why she believes the revised plan should be adopted.
VIA bus service is rolling out smart kiosks, called IKE, which stands for the Interactive Kiosk Experience. Similar to iPads, the digital tech will be at special kiosks around town where riders can access with the touch of a finger. The kiosks will give real-time traffic information, places to shop and eat. In addition to the kiosks, VIA will premiere a new public ride share for suburban riders who will be able to summon smaller busses to their homes.
A poetry reading at the Dead Tree Bookstore, in South San Antonio, brings in fans of the craft. Learn more about what they are doing and how you can learn about what is coming up next.
 There are so many school options these days! How do you decide which one is best for your child? Learn more from Jeanne Russell about one school system that is tuition-free, industry-led and career-themed-- CASTschools.  

KLRN Create
Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 9:30PM
TRAVELSCOPE: Taiwan - the Culture of Tea
Traditional tea snacks; Assam tea farm; Lantern Festival
Friday, Aug. 23 at 7PM
DINOSAUR TRAIN: I'm a T Rex! - Ned the Quadruped
Buddy meets Delores Tyrannosaurus and her daughter, Annie; Buddy and Tiny earn their junior conductor hats.
KLRN World
Saturday, Aug. 24 at 7PM
WONDERS OF MEXICO: Mountain Worlds
Mexico's mountains contain black bears, volcanoes, birds and millions of monarch butterflies.
POPULAR on KLRN Passport
When the opportunity arises for Louise Brooks (Haley Lu Richardson) to go to New York to study with a leading dance troupe, her mother insists there be a chaperone. Norma Carlisle (Elizabeth McGovern), a local society matron who never broke a rule in her life, impulsively volunteers to accompany Louise to New York for a surprising, whirlwind summer.
Take a theatrical journey with physicist Brian Greene to uncover how Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity. In this vivid play, science is illuminated on stage and screen through innovative projections and an original score.