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We hope you enjoyed the premiere of the new Masterpiece program PRESS on Sunday, which is a six-part drama that explores the turbulent media landscape and the ethical dilemmas journalists face each day. If you missed it, you can watch episode one online and follow the rest of the story on Sunday evenings.

Also, we are proud to feature Mexico City based artist Sebastian, known for the 65-foot tall "Torch of Friendship" sculpture in downtown San Antonio, on the latest episode of THE BEAT. Learn about local art and artists through this digital-first series that is released weekly online and on-air.

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KLRN is local
County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez provides details on a drama surrounding Precinct 2 County Constable Michelle Barrientes Vela's sudden resignation. He also reports on new voting machines the county will use in upcoming elections.
Dr. Colleen Bridger, assistant city manager of San Antonio, details a new campaign against domestic violence in San Antonio.
Express News Business Editor Greg Jefferson talks about the city's growing tech sector, and Express News reporter Josh Baugh explains why Attorney General Ken Paxton is looking into the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. 
Cybersecurity is critical for individuals, companies and the military. On this week’s SciTech Now, we’ll see how high-tech and low-tech are holding hands to prevent security hack attacks. UTSA - The University of Texas at San Antonio has invented a brand new card game, that pairs with a digital game, to teach people of all ages how to protect their assets.
You’ve seen the work of sculptor Sebastian in the center of downtown...the 65 foot-tall two-ton orange steel sculpture called the Torch of Friendship.
The Mexico City based artist loves San Antonio! We talk with Sebastian about his connection to his art, the role of mathematics in his work, and how Picasso (and his mother) influenced him.
See all episodes at www.klrn.org/thebeat
The Story Goes is a bi-weekly podcast that celebrates our community’s collective successes, highlights our shared challenges, and inspires listeners to take action. In this collaboration between KLRN and SA2020, listeners will get to know the people and organizations creating change in San Antonio.
KLRN Create
Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 7PM
Italian dumplings gnocchi and gnudi; Polish pierogi.
Friday, Oct. 11 at 7PM
MOLLY OF DENALI: The Night Manager; Not So Permafrost
Molly and Trini have trouble checking in the Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon when they arrive at the Trading Post a day early; Molly is determined to save the old clubhouse from sinking completely into the ground.
KLRN World
Saturday, Oct. 12 at 7PM
Follow students enrolled in a Juilliard music and mentoring program targeting students underrepresented in the performing arts. Admission is based on potential, willingness and desire to learn, love for music and a certain drive.
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Aidan Turner (The Hobbit) stars as Ross Poldark, a redcoat who returns to Cornwall after battle to discover that his father is dead, his lands are ruined, and his true love is engaged to another. Can Poldark change his destiny, restore his lost fortune, and reclaim his love?
EMPIRE OF THE AIR: The Men Who Made radio
For 50 years radio dominated the airwaves and the American consciousness as the first “mass medium.” In Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio, Ken Burns examines the lives of three extraordinary men who shared the primary responsibility for this invention and its early success, and whose genius, friendship, rivalry and enmity interacted in tragic ways.