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Each week, we tell you local stories through programming available both on-air and online. Most recently, we welcomed Judge Nelson Wolff and District 2 City Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan to On The Record ( watch now or listen to the podcast .) SciTech Now explored chemo treatment technology at Southwest Research Institute. On our weekly arts and culture series, The Beat , we introduced you to Eddie and the Valiants who are bringing back classic San Antonio music. And on our podcast The Story Goes , we chat with SAISD School Board member and Big Brothers Big Sisters team member, Christina Martinez.

There are so many great stories to tell and we are doing our best to tell them all.

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Arthur Emerson | KLRN President and CEO 
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Meet recently elected District 2 City Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan, and learn more about her plans to improve her district. Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff talks about the shape of transportation in the city's future. Brian Chasnoff and Silvia Foster-Frau of the San Antonio Express-News discuss the charges of fake news in the recent mayoral election, and the impact of President Trump's mass deportation plan on Texas agriculture.
One of the toughest things about a cancer diagnosis is worrying that chemo or radiation doesn’t get rid of it all and it might come back. SciTech takes you to Southwest Research to talk to scientists who have partnered with UT Health San Antonio researchers, to see if artificial intelligence might be just the fix that they need.  
Eddie and Valiants are bringing back the sounds of San Antonio’s west side in the 1950’s. The doo wop soul sounds are drawing new fans and old fans to this classic musical tradition. Picture shiny car fenders, guy in tuxedos, and gals in swingy full skirts, then turn up the jukebox! See all episodes at www.klrn.org/thebeat .
Christina Martinez from Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas joins us on The Story Goes podcast to discuss mentoring, college readiness, and workforce development. She also serves on the SAISD School Board and continues to create ways for our community to put kids first. Listen with us! 
The Story Goes podcast is in partnership with SA 2020.
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