KLUS Extrusions combined with the wide range of accessories used for mounting, sealing, conducting electricity and a wide range of KLUS high quality LED strips – provide an endless number of lighting solutions - imagination becomes the limit.

KLUS extrusions are made from high quality aluminum, and provide a stylish and finished look for both residential and commercial lighting. Klus offers LED extrusions that are made specifically for cabinets, stairs, closets, floors and walls, and many other applications. KLUS is known worldwide as being one of the top innovators of LED extrusions. . Our products are ETL and UL Listed and our tapes are JA8 certified.

(2200-6500K, RGB, RGBW, DIM TO WARM)
Why KLUS is your #1 choice?

Fast lead time  
We hold a large inventory of our components in our Florida warehouse and most orders are shipped in 1-2 business days. 

High Quality 
Our extrusions are made with high quality double anodized aluminum, our covers are Certified and our LEDs have a 90+ CRI. All products are released after meeting quality management examinations. 

Certified & Patented Products 
We are the innovators of LED extrusions on which we hold international patents and continue to produce new products which meet the high expectations of our customers. We also offer covers which are certified for UV and fire rated and unmatched by the competition. Our products are ETL and UL Listed. 
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