March 26th, 2021

This spring, students across the district and state will be participating in the Forward Exam This statewide required assessment is administered across Wisconsin in grades 3-8 and 10. Our 10th grade students only need to complete the Social Studies component of the exam. Administration of the Forward Exam cannot be done at home.

On April 12th, we will hold Forward testing for our face to face and distance learners. 

Distance learning students should arrive at school between 7:45 am and 8:00 am for a 70 min block for testing which will begin promptly at 8:00 am. All Forward testing for high school distance students will be done in the West Gym where students will be amply spaced out in the gymnasium for social distancing. Parents of distance learners will not be allowed into the testing space once testing begins. It is recommended that you wait in your car, or return back to the High School at around 9:20 am when the Forward Exam should be complete for our distance learners.

Face to Face learners will complete the Forward Exam within their advisory classrooms on April 12th. 

All students should bring their district computer (fully charged) and power cord. 

Please note face coverings are required inside all KMSD buildings. 

If you have any questions, please contact Associate Principal, Justin Bestor at
Students had the opportunity to sign up for the following term 4 seminars.

Power of the Photo: During this seminar students will explore how events/movements in history have been influenced by photography. We will also use photography to design/create awareness around a social/community issue or sell an idea.

Personal and Environmental Health: The cardiovascular system is an important and complex part of the human body. Students will learn about the cardiovascular system to understand how to monitor their own health, recognize the risk factors, and incorporate fitness into their lives through various outdoor activities.

Murder in the Midwest: Both true crime and fictionalized stories alike fascinate people as we try to understand why some people take lives. While we will learn about some of the more infamous midwestern murderers, we will also honor their victims, learn about what psychologists know - and don’t know - about how the criminal brain works, debate contemporary justice issues, and explore how these cases have advanced forensic science.

Short Stories: Short stories have the power to capture our imagination and change our thinking in a very small number of words. In this seminar, we will discuss and analyze famous short stories, as well as try writing our own using a variety of techniques.

Building Blocks of Democracy: Our system of government is based on a written constitution with some complex components that citizens should know about. What do these involve, exactly? What are the differences between federal and state law? What is the relationship between a legislative branch and the executive? What role does our Constitution play in forming, implementing, and interpreting contemporary law?

Please continue to report student absences due to illness, vacation, appointments, etc. Parents should enter an absence into Infinite Campus or call the attendance line to report all absences.

During the On Target seminar, students were involved in real-life challenges posed by Target Distribution. Student teams recently pitched their ideas to a panel of professionals from both Target and WCTC. Congratulations to Carlos and Brayden for winning the On Target Challenge around Staff Training. Team of Jack, Jake and Carter for winning the On Target Challenge for online ordering/replenishment. Team Natalie, Anna and Reed for best overall presentation.
Parents have the opportunity to sign up for a parent digest report from MyLC. This report will show progress on student goals and tasks completed. Please watch the video to learn how to sign up for the report.
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