Check out today's daily announcement video to find out what Mrs. Kaminski and Mr. Bestor are wearing!
National Gardening Day
Do you have a green thumb? Have you started a garden from seed? Start your seedlings now!
National Month - This Week
Now that we understand the basics of EARN, SAVE, and BUDGET, let’s move on to SPEND!
This is the FUN component of Financial Literacy… right!?!

Did you know? If you buy generic cereal once a week instead of a name brand, you could be looking at $50 in savings by the end of the year. Wait! That sounds like SAVE… well it is... it's a combination of SPEND and SAVE!

As you make smarter decisions with your money and think carefully about your purchases, you will notice that saving a little with every purchase adds up over time. The key to spending is to stay within your means.

So… think before you spend. Before you make a purchase, look at different options to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Rather than buying the first expensive pair of gym shoes you see, plan ahead to make sure you are getting the best value by researching quality and comparing pricing at multiple retailers — this is called comparison shopping. The exact same pair may be cheaper at another store.

Don’t forget to look for coupons or promo codes! Watch this video to see how a Waukesha woman saves THOUSANDS with expert couponing skills.

Click here to find out what “spending can also pay off in the long run” means.
This week we welcome Mrs. Petersen:

Role: Mrs. Petersen is one of our counselors! She works with students from legacy, Perform and KMAP.

Favorite thing(s) to do outside of school: Mrs. Petersen loves to enjoy nature - activities like hiking, watersports and more. She now enjoys doing those activities with her husband, and new baby girl Kentlee Phin Petersen!

Friendly advice: Take advantage of the free resources here at High School including things like classes, programs, and people! Start College Now, a program at WCTC, is an example of a free resource available to students so they can take courses not offered at KM that include college credit in some cases. Contact your counselor for more information!

FUN fact: Mrs. Petersen gardens and enjoys making salsa with her produce! She also lived in London and went to the casino while there.
Students: if you’ve been vaccinated, we need to know! Please have your parent/guardian forward a copy of your WIR (Wisconsin Immunization Record) or a copy of the vaccination card given at the time of immunization to Your school health record will be updated. Knowing this information at school will help determine if you are exempt from quarantine if exposed to a positive COVID person.
Interested in working with children part-time this summer? Check out the SA Support Application we're looking for classroom aides to work with elementary and middle school-age students, June 21-July 30th from 7:45 am-12:45 pm daily. The minimum age to apply is 16. Contact Mrs. Gill if you have any questions.
KM Perform is proud to present “You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown” on April 15, 16, & 17.

Showtimes are 7:00 pm each night as well as a 2:00 pm show on Saturday, April 17.

Come see your favorite cartoon characters come to life on the stage!

Tickets for both in-person and live stream performances are now on sale and can be purchased on the ticketing website in the "Tickets" section.
Sophomores and Juniors - Are you interested in prep for the ACT college entrance exam? If so, sign up for a virtual ACT Prep course through Wisconsin Test Prep. The 7-week class will run from April 28 - June 5. Interested students can register at Go to this LINK for additional test prep opportunities.
Today Mrs. McCormack, one of our paraeducators, is celebrating her birthday! Happy birthday!!!
Attention KM Athletes - this Thursday we are hosting the WIAA Girl’s Alternative Volleyball State Tournament here at KM! We are in need of some parent and student volunteers to help support the concession stand.

Please contact Mr. Tomczyk ASAP if interested and willing to help out at this event.
The KM Football Laser Bash will be held Saturday, May 22nd at Ella’s Public House on Hwy 18. There will be food, live music, raffles, and a silent auction. Help and donations are needed.

For more info about the event go to or contact:
Sue Spencer; or Jenny Rife
Wednesday, April 14

No Events
KM Art Students submitted 35 entries to the virtual Showcase of Art, sponsored by the Pewaukee Area Arts Council recently. The Showcase of Art is a biannual art contest showcasing the talent of High School art students in Waukesha County.
We are proud to have 3 Honorable Mentions:
  • Jessica L. - “Coral Fish”.  
  • Lauren W. - “Bee Cello”
  • Sierra S. - “Covered Face”

Please make sure you are bringing your own masks to school, and wearing them properly!
Be sure to follow your classroom cleaning expectations to help us all stay as safe as possible!
Our bubblers are turned off, but the refill stations are still on. Remember to bring your reusable water bottles to stay hydrated!
Please remember to wear your student ID every day, and at all times while you are in school. It is very important that you use those IDs (examples: lunchroom, signing in and out, etc.) so we reduce any unnecessary contact.
Use hand sanitizer regularly! It's especially important to wash/sanitize before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
Please stay 6 feet or more apart, and do NOT leave your Advisory to seek face-to-face help, instead, use google meet to work with your teachers.
Hold the delivered pickles, hold the lettuce, anything outside the school cafeteria or your home-prepared meal does upset us.

Parents/guardians and students are asked not to bring/deliver food or beverages from any outside commercially prepared eating establishments to school to be consumed by students during their regular mealtimes, or any school hours.

It is noted in the student handbook that food from area restaurants will not be accepted during the school day. In addition, in our August 14, 2020 campus welcome back letter, we mentioned “Special food deliveries will not be allowed during the school day. Special deliveries sent to the school will be sent back with the person delivering the food, and will not be accepted or delivered to the student. When a parent/guardian needs to drop off a delivery for a student, the parent/guardian must communicate that to the student. Students will not be called down to the office to pick up their delivery. They will be required to pick it up during passing time or during their lunch break. Students will be required to turn the product over to office staff for disposal upon entering the building and will then be sent to class.

Please remember that money can be added to student lunch accounts electronically via the Infinite Campus parent portal.
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