Check out today's daily announcement video to find out why Captain Safety has joined Mr. Bestor today!
National High Five Day
Severe Weather Awareness Month
April is Severe Weather Awareness month, and today is the statewide tornado drill. Due to covid, the drill will occur through discussions only.

We all know the weather can change in a few minutes. Today in advisory, your teachers are going to review what to do to make informed decisions in the case of severe weather.

In addition, we also are asking you to install a weather app on your phone that will provide you with realtime information on how severe and when it will be in the immediate area so you can take appropriate actions.  

WeatherBug and Accuweather are 2 apps that are free and provide useful information. Weatherbug also has lightning alerts which are very helpful in making decisions on when to move indoors and take cover. 

Because today is a tornado drill, here is a bit information more on them:
  • Tornadoes and severe weather are most likely to occur in the afternoon and evening.
  • Watch this Youtube video for a great explanation on the difference between a WATCH and WARNING!
  • A Tornado WATCH is issued by meteorologists who watch the weather 24/7 across the entire U.S. for weather conditions that are favorable for tornadoes and severe weather.
  • A Tornado WARNING is issued by meteorologists when a tornado has been reported by spotters or indicated by radar and there is a serious threat to life and property to those in the path of the tornado. A tornado warning indicates that you should ACT NOW to find safe shelter!
National Month - This Week
Today we’re going to cover BORROWing… but first a bit of a recap mostly developed by some of our students!!!

Remember, earlier this week, we went over: 
  • EARN - You can legally start working in the U.S. at the age of 14. “Earning is the first step in your journey to managing money wisely so that you can build a successful future.” When you find a job, if you are 14 or 15 years old, stop in the front office and ask Mrs. Obermeier to help you get a work permit.
  • SAVE - Many people don’t realize how effective it is to save earlier rather than later. Did you know 69% of American adults have less than $1,000 in a savings account? Start your savings journey early so you don’t end up like many Adults today. Don’t forget to talk to your parents about opening a savings account!
  • BUDGET - The first tip is to budget your spending and make a workable budget that fits your lifestyle. Set goals for yourself and review your fixed and variable expenses such as rent, car payment, utilities, and cable bills. Once you’ve developed your plan, start keeping track of your expenses and make your progress towards financial freedom :)
  • SPEND - It’s fun to spend, but even when you do, you can combine SPEND and SAVE through comparison shopping. 
So now we move on to BORROW. Even though you may have done a great job with all of the earlier skills, in the future, you might need to BORROW more than a few bucks.

The cost of going to college or buying a car is usually more than you have saved in your bank account. Luckily, investing in your future or purchasing an expensive item is still possible with a loan. When you borrow money from a bank, it’s not free money — you have to pay it back, plus interest.

Did you know? If you pay back your loans late, you will pay more in interest and late fees than if you paid them back on time.

Everyone borrows money at one time or another in life. If you make a plan to pay the owed money back on time and stay within your BUDGET, your debt won’t be out of control.

The amount of debt you’re in may impact how easily you can qualify for future loans after you turn 18. There is a written record, or credit history, that tracks how you’ve repaid previous loans, any outstanding debt, and other financial history. Your credit history determines your credit score, which helps lenders decide the credit risk associated with loaning you money. Credit scores range from 300 to 850. Generally, the lower your credit score, the higher the interest rate you will have to pay on future loans because it’s assumed there’s a higher risk you might not pay it back on time.
KM Perform is proud to present “You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown” STARTING TODAY and running through Saturday, April 17.

Showtimes are 7:00 pm each night as well as a 2:00 pm show on Saturday, April 17.

Come see your favorite cartoon characters come to life on the stage!

Tickets for both in-person and live stream performances are now on sale and can be purchased on the ticketing website in the "Tickets" section.
Sophomores and Juniors - Are you interested in prep for the ACT college entrance exam? If so, sign up for a virtual ACT Prep course through Wisconsin Test Prep. The 7-week class will run from April 28 - June 5. Interested students can register at Go to this LINK for additional test prep opportunities.
Attention KM Athletes - TONIGHT we are hosting the WIAA Girl’s Alternative Volleyball State Tournament here at KM! We are STILL in need of some parent and student volunteers to help support the concession stand.

Please contact Mr. Tomczyk ASAP if interested and willing to help out at this event.
Thursday, April 15

Girls LaCrosse vs DSHA 7:00 pm
Please make sure you are bringing your own masks to school, and wearing them properly!
Be sure to follow your classroom cleaning expectations to help us all stay as safe as possible!
Our bubblers are turned off, but the refill stations are still on. Remember to bring your reusable water bottles to stay hydrated!
Please remember to wear your student ID every day, and at all times while you are in school. It is very important that you use those IDs (examples: lunchroom, signing in and out, etc.) so we reduce any unnecessary contact.
Use hand sanitizer regularly! It's especially important to wash/sanitize before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
Please stay 6 feet or more apart, and do NOT leave your Advisory to seek face-to-face help, instead, use google meet to work with your teachers.
Hold the delivered pickles, hold the lettuce, anything outside the school cafeteria or your home-prepared meal does upset us.

Parents/guardians and students are asked not to bring/deliver food or beverages from any outside commercially prepared eating establishments to school to be consumed by students during their regular mealtimes, or any school hours.

It is noted in the student handbook that food from area restaurants will not be accepted during the school day. In addition, in our August 14, 2020 campus welcome back letter, we mentioned “Special food deliveries will not be allowed during the school day. Special deliveries sent to the school will be sent back with the person delivering the food, and will not be accepted or delivered to the student. When a parent/guardian needs to drop off a delivery for a student, the parent/guardian must communicate that to the student. Students will not be called down to the office to pick up their delivery. They will be required to pick it up during passing time or during their lunch break. Students will be required to turn the product over to office staff for disposal upon entering the building and will then be sent to class.

Please remember that money can be added to student lunch accounts electronically via the Infinite Campus parent portal.
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