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National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day
The day aims to raise awareness and effectively rid homes of unused or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications sitting in medicine cabinets, nightstands, or kitchen cabinets that have the potential for misuse or abuse by family members, friends, or visitors.

How you dispose of your expired or unused medications is just as important as why. Environmental studies show that flushed medications flow into our water supply. They negatively impact the fish we eat and the water we drink. When discarded in the trash, medications leach into and contaminate the soil.

At-home drug disposal solutions offer a simple, convenient and effective way of disposing of unwanted medications. If you have large quantities of leftover medications or as a supplement to at-home drug disposal, you may also consider participating in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA’s) National Drug Takeback Day generally held in the spring and fall of each year.
National Month - This Week
We are going to wrap up our super brief overview of our Financial Literacy week by covering PROTECT & GIVE.

Let's start with PROTECT. Earning money is hard work. It takes time and effort, and it’s just as important to protect your money as it is to make it.

The easiest way to protect your hard-earned cash is to keep it in a safe place. A bank is one of the most secure places for your money because it’s the bank’s job to keep it safe. It will give you peace of mind knowing where your money is at all times. Just like you wouldn’t leave your backpack unattended outside, you shouldn’t leave your money where it could be stolen or lost. Protecting your financial information online is just as important as keeping your money in a bank.

Did you know? Common Passwords like ‘1234’ and ‘password’ are easy to remember, but they are also the most easily stolen. Change your passwords often and choose complex passwords to keep your accounts safe.

Click here to learn about protecting yourself against identity theft.

We are going to finish our mini-lessons with GIVE. Giving back can come in many forms. You can give a portion of your savings to charity, volunteer your time or donate items you no longer use. Making an impact, changing the lives of others, and building a better future are all rewards that benefit you when you give back.

Did you know? Americans collectively throw away $62 million in coins every year. Consider keeping a jar for your spare change and donate it to a cause of your choice. Those coins really add up!

Whatever cause you care about, your contribution can make a difference.
ACT ASPIRE Testing and Distance Learning Day: Next Week Wednesday, April 21st: A communication was sent out to all students and families last night regarding next week’s special schedule taking place on Wednesday. 

All 9th and 10th graders, including distance learners, will be on campus next week Wednesday participating in the ACT Aspire assessment. All 11th and 12th grade students will be engaged in a day of asynchronous distance learning. 

Classroom teachers of our 11th and 12th graders will be explaining their classroom expectations for that day in order for students to be considered “present”. 11th and 12th graders, please be sure you are aware of these expectations so you aren’t marked absent. Teachers will have virtual office hours from 2:30-3:00 on Wednesday afternoon for any questions you might have. 

For more information, please review the communication that was emailed out yesterday evening or that is linked HERE.
Interested in working with children part-time this summer? Check out the SA Support Application we're looking for classroom aides to work with elementary and middle school-age students, June 21-July 30th from 7:45 am-12:45 pm daily. The minimum age to apply is 16. Contact Mrs. Gill if you have any questions.
KM Perform is proud to present “You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown” TONIGHT through Saturday, April 17.

Showtimes are 7:00 pm both nights as well as a 2:00 pm show on Saturday, April 17.

Come see your favorite cartoon characters come to life on the stage!

Tickets for both in-person and live stream performances are now on sale and can be purchased on the ticketing website in the "Tickets" section.
Sophomores and Juniors - Are you interested in prep for the ACT college entrance exam? If so, sign up for a virtual ACT Prep course through Wisconsin Test Prep. The 7-week class will run from April 28 - June 5. Interested students can register at Go to this LINK for additional test prep opportunities.
Mr. Van Dyke is celebrating his birthday today, and Mrs. Allen is celebrating hers over the weekend. Happy birthday you two!!!
The KM Football Laser Bash will be held Saturday, May 22nd at Ella’s Public House on Hwy 18. There will be food, live music, raffles, and a silent auction. Help and donations are needed.

For more info about the event go to or contact:
Sue Spencer; or Jenny Rife
Friday, April 16
No events

Saturday, April 17
B JV/V LAX @ St. Joe’s 5:00 pm / 7:00 pm

Sunday, April 18
B JV/V LAX @ Penn HS 11:00am / 1:00 pm
Disney Trivia today!
  • From the movie Lion King, what does Hakuna Matata mean?
  • What was the first Pixar movie?
  • What were Mickey Mouse’s first spoken words ever?
  • What high school did Troy and Gabriella attend in High School Musical?
Please make sure you are bringing your own masks to school, and wearing them properly!
Be sure to follow your classroom cleaning expectations to help us all stay as safe as possible!
Our bubblers are turned off, but the refill stations are still on. Remember to bring your reusable water bottles to stay hydrated!
Please remember to wear your student ID every day, and at all times while you are in school. It is very important that you use those IDs (examples: lunchroom, signing in and out, etc.) so we reduce any unnecessary contact.
Use hand sanitizer regularly! It's especially important to wash/sanitize before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
Please stay 6 feet or more apart, and do NOT leave your Advisory to seek face-to-face help, instead, use google meet to work with your teachers.
Hold the delivered pickles, hold the lettuce, anything outside the school cafeteria or your home-prepared meal does upset us.

Parents/guardians and students are asked not to bring/deliver food or beverages from any outside commercially prepared eating establishments to school to be consumed by students during their regular mealtimes, or any school hours.

It is noted in the student handbook that food from area restaurants will not be accepted during the school day. In addition, in our August 14, 2020 campus welcome back letter, we mentioned “Special food deliveries will not be allowed during the school day. Special deliveries sent to the school will be sent back with the person delivering the food, and will not be accepted or delivered to the student. When a parent/guardian needs to drop off a delivery for a student, the parent/guardian must communicate that to the student. Students will not be called down to the office to pick up their delivery. They will be required to pick it up during passing time or during their lunch break. Students will be required to turn the product over to office staff for disposal upon entering the building and will then be sent to class.

Please remember that money can be added to student lunch accounts electronically via the Infinite Campus parent portal.
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