We have Air T, Penelope and Gerard delivering today's daily announcement video :) Watch the video to find out who chose which name for today!
National Name Yourself Day
If you could be called any name for the day, what would it be?
National Month
A final thought on Autism from The Autism Society. It is important to support people with autism and their families through three critical stages of life.

Early Detection and Intervention
The Autism Society promotes early identification and access to effective treatments before age 3. Autism behaviors can become apparent as early as 18 months, and parents should investigate as soon as they suspect autism or another developmental issue. Early diagnosis of autism can reduce lifetime care costs by two-thirds, as it allows parents, therapists, and others to begin treatments sooner. Learning as much as possible about autism and its community is important at this stage.

Building a Strong Foundation from Childhood through Adolescence
The Autism Society helps parents and caregivers build treatment and educational programs so that all children and adolescents can reach their fullest potential. At this stage, it is important to understand how the school system can help (for example, through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)) and how to prepare for the transition to adult life.

A Life of Happiness and Dignity
The Autism Society works to ensure that every adult with autism has access to services and supports that maximize independence and secure the highest quality of life. For many, employment and living in the community are goals to pursue during adulthood. Self-advocacy is also important to many people on the spectrum, as more people with autism are speaking out about their experiences, identities, and needs.

Let’s all do our part to not only be aware of Autism but also accept and encourage people with autism!
National Associate Principals Week
Associate Principals Mr. Bestor and Mr. Tomczyk, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your dedication and hard work!
Students: if you’ve been vaccinated, we need to know! Please have your parent/guardian forward a copy of your WIR (Wisconsin Immunization Record) or a copy of the vaccination card given at the time of immunization to HS-Health-Room-KMSD@kmsd.edu. Your school health record will be updated. Knowing this information at school will help determine if you are exempt from quarantine if exposed to a positive COVID person.
Interested in working with children part-time this summer? Check out the SA Support Application we're looking for classroom aides to work with elementary and middle school-age students, June 21-July 30th from 7:45 am-12:45 pm daily. The minimum age to apply is 16. Contact Mrs. Gill gilla@kmsd.edu if you have any questions.
KM Perform is proud to present “You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown” on April 15, 16, & 17.

Showtimes are 7:00 pm each night as well as a 2:00 pm show on Saturday, April 17.

Come see your favorite cartoon characters come to life on the stage!

Tickets for both in-person and live stream performances are now on sale and can be purchased on the ticketing website in the "Tickets" section.
Term 3 grades are now available! Students, please find your grades under the Documents section in Infinite Campus.
ACT scores are in! Juniors, if you have not done so already, please retrieve your ACT scores from the March exam by logging in to my.act.org. You can use the Using Your ACT Results document to help you understand your score report. Please see Mr. Justin Bestor if you have any questions or issues accessing your scores. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work during the ACT exam!
Wisconsin Forward Exam update - this coming Monday, April 12th, we will have a slightly different bell schedule due to the Forward Exam which sophomores will be taking.

Please review this schedule to make sure you are aware of when classes are starting and ending on Monday. 

Sophomores - please remember to have your school-issued laptop fully charged, and bring your charging cord on Monday.

Distance learners will need to be in the West Gym by 8:00 am on Monday.

Please see Mr. Bestor with any questions.
This weekend, Mrs. Glazewski is celebrating her birthday! Happy birthday!
Boys Baseball practice will start Monday, April 12 at 3:30 pm at Wales Community park.
Boys - interested in playing tennis this spring? Tennis practice starts Monday, April 12, and goes from 2:45 pm - 4:30 pm. See you at the tennis courts!
This week Mr. Plum officially stepped into his role as new Superintendent of Kettle Moraine Schools. Congratulations Mr. Plum!

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge Dr. Deklotz, who is taking a step back from her role as Superintendent of KM Schools. Here are three trivia questions about Dr. Deklotz:
  • In what year did Dr. Deklotz start as KM’s District Superintendent?
  • In what year was Dr. Deklotz named Wisconsin State Superintendent of the Year?
  • Dr. Deklotz earned her doctorate degree from what Wisconsin University?
Please make sure you are bringing your own masks to school, and wearing them properly!
Be sure to follow your classroom cleaning expectations to help us all stay as safe as possible!
Our bubblers are turned off, but the refill stations are still on. Remember to bring your reusable water bottles to stay hydrated!
Please remember to wear your student ID every day, and at all times while you are in school. It is very important that you use those IDs (examples: lunchroom, signing in and out, etc.) so we reduce any unnecessary contact.
Use hand sanitizer regularly! It's especially important to wash/sanitize before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
Please stay 6 feet or more apart, and do NOT leave your Advisory to seek face-to-face help, instead, use google meet to work with your teachers.
Hold the delivered pickles, hold the lettuce, anything outside the school cafeteria or your home-prepared meal does upset us.

Parents/guardians and students are asked not to bring/deliver food or beverages from any outside commercially prepared eating establishments to school to be consumed by students during their regular mealtimes, or any school hours.

It is noted in the student handbook that food from area restaurants will not be accepted during the school day. In addition, in our August 14, 2020 campus welcome back letter, we mentioned “Special food deliveries will not be allowed during the school day. Special deliveries sent to the school will be sent back with the person delivering the food, and will not be accepted or delivered to the student. When a parent/guardian needs to drop off a delivery for a student, the parent/guardian must communicate that to the student. Students will not be called down to the office to pick up their delivery. They will be required to pick it up during passing time or during their lunch break. Students will be required to turn the product over to office staff for disposal upon entering the building and will then be sent to class.

Please remember that money can be added to student lunch accounts electronically via the Infinite Campus parent portal.
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