KMMS Teacher Shane Gutbrod serves his community in the classroom and as an Army National Guard member. Check out this sneak-peek Q&A article from our upcoming Communicator newsletter.

Why did you join the Wisconsin Army National Guard?
Joining the military is something I have considered for a significant portion of my life. I almost joined the Marines around 18 years ago, but something inside me said I could best serve my country by being an educator. The itch to be part of the military remained. I am a strong believer freedom is not free and want to do my tiny part in helping protect the way of life we enjoy.
What are your duties?
My current duties are to continue attending what are called “drill” weekends, which occur once a month, and consist of different training events (combatives, tactics, physical training, etc.). After completing basic training, officer candidate school, and more training, I will be an officer and assigned to a unit. Officers’ duties differ per branch. In many units, officers are responsible for a group of soldiers and make sure they receive the training, care, and equipment needed while also planning and completing missions or tasks