KMS Weekly Update, Friday, February 1st
Important KMS Dates....
February 7th
  • PTO Meeting, 9:30 AM, Room 224
  • College Credit Plus Information Meeting, 7:00 PM, KHS Lee Auditorium (details below)
  • Geauga County Spelling Bee, 7:00 PM, Geauga Co Offices, Chardon
February 8th
  • Winter Semi-Formal Dance, 6:30-8:30 PM, KMS Gym
February 14th
  • Valentine's Day
February 15th & 18th
  • No School
6th Grade
Math - Students are reviewing division of fractions and will soon be learning about algebraic equations with the use of algebra tiles. Students in 6/7 classes are working with rates and unit rates as they head into the next part of chapter 7.

ELA - Students are working on interpreting the Gettysburg Address, and continuing our nonfiction unit, using Chasing Lincoln’s Killer as the anchor text in the regular classes. 

Students should start reading their independent reading books- information to follow next week.

*Honors Reading has started reading Hiroshima as they continue their focus on nonfiction text The students are finishing up their group vocabulary presentations that will be presented next week.

*The Challenge Reading class is also focusing on nonfiction. The students are reading the autobiography of Helen Keller “The Story of My Life.” Additional focus has been on the context clues the students are using to identify the meaning of unknown words. Comparative Text writing is another focus.

Science -  Students will be wrapping up the cell unit connecting concepts and discovering how atoms connect to organisms. We will be beginning a lab this week (Tuesday) so be sure to ask your student what is happening! A final cells assessment will take place on Wednesday, February 20th...a study guide will go home this week.

Social Studies - Students will consider the effect of the environment and geography on the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia. Students will be asked to think about how, as a result of this civilization, crucial developments occurred, such as the inventions of writing, the wheel, and bronze. Students will be asked to describe how these inventions shaped our current civilization.

7th Grade
 ELA: Students analyzed the mood and language presented throughout “The War of the Worlds” directed by Orson Welles. Next, students are going to compare Welles’s radio broadcast to a similar radio broadcast that took place in Ecuador. While comparing the two situations, students will be writing a multi-paragraph essay.
Please be sure your child is keeping up with the reading for I Will Always Write Back . Checkpoint #2 is due Tuesday, February 12.

Math: In math this week, our focus has been on Interest. We discussed where we see interest in everyday life and how to calculate interest using principal amount, rate and amount of time. We will be having an assessment over chapter 7 concepts next week.

Science:   We have enjoyed viewing creative and fact-filled newscasts produced, scripted, and anchored by our own 7th grade science students. Causes and patterns for weather in our region are always a topic of interest and now you have a resident expert! Ms. Burton will visit with each 7th grade science class to discuss details and send home paperwork for our 7th Grade Camp. Look for these envelopes to come home with your student.

Social Studies: This week, we return to Europe and begin our look at the Middle Ages by looking at the beginnings and spread of Christianity. While this actually takes us back to the Roman Empire, Christianity becomes the bridge that links the two eras. Originally persecuted by the Roman Emperors, Christianity continued to spread, and eventually, beginning with the Emperor Constantine, became accepted, and then required within the Empire. After Rome fell, Christianity filled the leadership void in Europe, becoming the one unifying factor in an otherwise chaotic period of European history.

8th Grade
ELA:   We have moved on to our next Greek and Latin Roots Workbook lesson. Finishing a grammar unit, we are investigating the Holocaust and starting the readings of Diary of Anne Frank, Night, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Research, writing, discussion, vocabulary, compare and contrasting, reading comprehension, and oral reading are all part of this unit.This unit culminates in March with our field trip to meet a Holocaust survivor. In two weeks we will be introducing the career project which involves technology, research, writing, and a presentation. 

Math:  In Grade 8 Math, students are finding missing interior and exterior angles of triangles and learning the types of angles formed by a transversal cutting parallel lines. They will then move onto estimating square roots and solving quadratic equations. In Algebra, students have just finished up factoring quadratics. They will use this to solve quadratic equations using the zero product property. This will lead into them learning how to change forms of an equation which include standard, graphing, and vertex forms.

Social Studies: This week has been exciting! First and foremost we enjoyed our “Cold Days” off! Second, we finalized our learning of the Revolutionary War by watching the movie “The Patriot” (TV Edited Version). Students gained a visual understanding of the different fighting strategies used during this war as well as the impact it had on all who were involved. We also discussed what it means that The United States was founded on the idea of liberties. Lastly, this week, we discussed what criteria we used to make course recommendations for high school in Social Studies.

Science: 8th grade science students are reviewing all of the vocabulary for their Earth science unit. Next week, students will be diving into genetics by studying assexual and sexual reproduction and Gregor Mendel’s studies on genetics. 8th grade honors students are continuing to study weathering, erosion, deposition, and glaciers and the ways in which these events shape and change the contour of the land.

Encore Patriot Team
Technology Education
7th Grade Technology Education students are working in Photoshop and putting together portfolios of the graphic designs they have completed. 8th Grade Technology Education students are continuing their exploration of coding using Google CS First.

Art -   8th graders are continuing their project on two-point perspective, finishing up their building designs and beginning to incorporate elements of surrealism. Several 8th grade students won awards at the Lake and Geauga County Junior and Senior High School Art Show:
Naomi Brewer: Blue seal, Judges Award
Emme Gilbert: Gold seal
Elena Perrine: Gold seal
Paige Spicuzza: Gold seal
Congratulations to the winners and those chosen to enter the show!

BAND - 6th grade students have a major project (The Good Life) due on February 19. The 7th grade students have their project (The Hunting Song) due on February 1. 8th grade students have started the beginning portions of their solo and ensemble project, which will be due during the last week of the quarter.

7th grade - Students began the addiction unit and started discussing the dangers of underage drinking. We completed a worksheet showing how alcohol damages different organs and colored the journey alcohol takes through the body.
8th grade - Students began the male anatomy defining the different terms and functions. Next we discussed some disorders that can occur in the male reproductive system and completed a crossword puzzle for understanding. 
KMS UpSTANDer Recognition
What is an UpSTANDer? - An “upstander” is a person who acts to make positive change. At Kenston Middle School, we are looking for students to support our P.E.A.K. and S.T.A.N.D. Programs by creating a positive school climate and inclusive culture where all students can succeed.  

The S.T.A.N.D. Committee, with the help of teachers and staff, would like to recognize students going above and beyond in their actions to create positive change and a positive climate. Students will be given UpSTANDer cards by the staff when they see them exemplifying one or more of the following characteristics in the middle school - Respect, Positive Attitude, Commitment, Leadership, Preparation, Self Control, Responsibility, Compassion and Focus.

KMS teachers and staff want to acknowledge our students for their good efforts and we hope students will feel a sense of pride. Students can choose to be entered into a weekly drawing to receive an UpSTANDer reward sponsored by our very own KMS PTO.

This Week's UpSTANDer Winners!
6th Grade - Brianna McIvor
7th Grade - Brandon Bell
8th Grade -   Annie Costello
January Students of the Month
6th Grade
Hannah Jamieson
Jacob Kovalski
Mariela Macias
Joshua Rice
7th Grade
Moises Martinez
Grace Sargent
Alexa Hebert
Jacob Colwell
8th Grade
Chase Tuller
Brooke Pagon
Hope Gibbs
Elliott Bargiel
District Spelling Bee
The annual District Spelling Bee was held on January 25 with students in grades 4-8 competing to represent Kenston at the Geauga County Spelling Bee in February. Seventh grader, Jackson Beclay won by correctly spelling the word “cyclone.”

Our top spellers were Mustafa Arshad, Elliot Bargiel, Jack Beclay, Rachael Clark, Jetta Cornell, Andy Fender*,Dominic Fontana*, Justin Gilbert*, Jacob Jerina, Kai Keebler, Remy Kiner, Max Leombruno, Ryan Manning,Emily Morgan, Caroline Neimes*, Skylar Pagon , Chloe Syslo, Sean Tobin, Kate Tobin*  and Giuliana Walters.

* denotes grade level winners
Speech and Debate
KMS’s Speech and Debate Team continued its success this season at the Solon tournament. Congratulations to Devin Cinch for placing third in Congressional Debate and to Eden Truax for placing sixth in Interpretation. In Big Questions Debate, where students are debating whether humans are primarily driven by self-interest, Jacob Gertsburg placed fourth, Elena Perrine placed eighth, and Hunter Kestranek placed ninth. Competing in a new event this week (Public Forum Debate), Peter Como and Brett King placed ninth with a three win and one loss record where they debated whether the US should prioritize reducing the national debt over promoting economic growth. A big welcome to Payton Fetzner and Alexa Hebert for competing for the first time at a speech and debate tournament. The team has one more regular season tournament before States.
Science Olympiad
The Science Olympiad team had a great weekend at Westlake! Our Division had 42 teams, and our two teams came in 10th and 11th places! Overall for the schools, we took 7th place for a trophy!

Mary Ann Rossiter
Science Olympiad
Semi-Formal Dance
The KMS Athletic Department are sponsoring a Semi-Formal dance on Friday, February 8th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the KMS Gym. 

  • Cost - $10/ticket sold at lunch or at the door
  • PTO concessions at assorted prices (pizza, popcorn, soft drinks, snacks). Fruit and water available at no cost
  • Students do NOT need a "date"
  • Students should "dress up" with semi-formal wear (girls typically wear appropriate dresses and shoes and boys typically wear shirt/ tie/ pants). We realize that stores have more limited styles available
Student Council Shoe Drive
KMS Student Council is sponsoring a used shoe drive in partnership with SolesforSouls. The fundraiser will run from February 4 to February 22nd. All students who bring in donations will be entered into a gift card raffle.

Types of shoes include: Men's, women's, children's s neakers, tennis shoes, athletic shoes (cleats); gently worn with no holes,

Please email: jennifer.miller@kenstonapps with any questions
College Credit Plus

Thursday, February 7, 2019 
KHS Robert A. Lee Auditorium

Any student interested in earning dual credit through the College Credit Plus program are encouraged to attend the annual meeting held on  Thursday, February 7 at 7:00 PM  during  KHS Parent Teacher Conferences.   Details on the program, as well as risks and advantages will be iscussed. Representatives from colleges both public and private will be here to answer questions and offer details on their programs.

Eligible students in grades 7 to 12 can take college classes at no charge while concurrently earning high school credit. Careful direction by the student's Guidance Counselor is imperative to make sure all CCP classes satisfy graduation requirements. Also, the counselor can help determine if the student is ready for these college-level courses. Most College Credit Plus courses are offered off campus but some CCP (English and Math) courses are offered here at KHS during the school day.  

Attendance at this meeting is recommended for any 
students participating in College Credit Plus 
during the 2019-2020 school year.  

One parent and student must attend the 
meeting for sign off purposes.   

Required enrollment and Intent to Participate forms will be distributed to sign and must be returned by  March 22, 2019 . If students are unsure about participation, they can still sign the form and make a decision in the future. Those who do not submit on time will be enrolled under option A, and all expenses including books will be the student's responsibility. 
mCORE Cardiac Screening for Grades 7-12
Kenston High School is partnering with mCORE™ — Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation — to screen our athletes for the cardiac conditions and abnormalities which may put them at risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). For more information, please refer to the mCORE flier.

 Kenston High School
Heart Screening
mCORE will be in the Main Gymnasium (F101)
Time: 8am – 4pm 
When: Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Cost: $79

To reserve your child’s time please click  or visit , click “Schedule Screening” and choose Kenston High School. 
PTO Connection
PTO Calendar:
February 7: KMS PTO Meeting at 9:30 AM in Room 224
February 8: Winter Semi-Formal Dance at 6:30 – 8:30 PM 
February 19: : Parent Engagement Series: Technology at Kenston at KHS at 7:00 PM
Kenston Parent/ Student Directories Are Here!
  • The 2018-2019 Kenston Parent/ Student Directory was distributed this week at KMS to the youngest student in each Kenston family
  • Directories were distributed at school rather than via USPS in order to reduce costs
  • Kenston PTO’s are proud to offer this directory to our families, and it is made possible by your PTO membership dues and donations to our fundraiser
  • Please support the sponsors in the directory who also help to make this possible

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