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Pastor Connie’s note on the KOG Council Recommendation for updates on the KOG Roof, Cross Tower and Updated Technology.
There are wonderful leaders here at King of Glory. I first knew this from the leaders that you voted to be on your Call Committee. They indicated that you wanted to move forward in ministry. I understand my call here is to do outreach and to assist in growing the ministry of this wonderful congregation. This takes faith. It means stepping out in courage. It means doing what hasn’t been done. It means assessing the risks and moving forward with the confidence that the God who has called us to this ministry is at work equipping us to do it. There is a large amount of positive energy here at this time along with people who have worked hard to envision what God is calling us to do in ministry. 
When we look at what is needed at this point in history, I’m reminded of the Gospel of Matthew which tells us that we are to make disciples of all nations. And that means that we are to get the message of Jesus Christ outside our walls. We have members who have volunteered thousands of hours of their time to videotape worship for those who cannot come in person. This has been a big job. The Council wants to expand this and make online worship easier to get out to people who want to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and to be a part of our worship community. 
I have been amazed at the impact of the online worship services. People are viewing our worship from all parts of the country. A local catholic nun saw one of our videos and she contacted me because she was impressed by our worship and my part in the service.  She asked me to visit one of her friends. I have done this and this person now donates to King of Glory to help our outreach ministry. I learn over and over that an important way to reach people is through our website and our online videos and worship services. 
I am always sad when people tell me that they cannot hear me speak during worship. I am so happy that part of the proposal from the Council is to get new hearing devices. Many members value worship, and being able to hear what is being said during worship, as a high priority not just for themselves, but for hearing impaired visitors and friends in the pews. 
By having a new sound system, we will be able to hear from all parts of the sanctuary. Our current system has repeatedly been fixed. Now we are not able to get parts for the system. We desperately need a new system as we go forward so that all can be part of worshiping God together.   
Enhancing worship through visuals is also a dream for many. Screens during worship will enhance our worship and give us the ability to listen to a sermon with images so that we can have an audio and visual impact at the same time. Some members have reported that they didn’t see the advantages of screens in the sanctuary until they visited other churches. Being able to listen to a sermon with photos that depicted what the pastor was describing created a deep learning, spiritual experience. 
During Celebrations of Life screens will allow us to have photos of the deceased. The new technology will allow us to do Live Streaming so that friends and relatives can be present online for these important moments. Screens will also benefit our ministry so that we can have educational programs, confirmation classes, retreats and conferences in our sanctuary. We must dream new dreams to expand our ministry! 
The KOG Council’s proposal is an investment in growing our ministry. It can also be a source of anxiety. It is important to consider these thoughts:
-         It is scary to buy your first house. Then you realize that it is helpful to you financially and gives security. Buying your second house is easier.
-         We are planning ahead for the next 2 generations.
-         This has been a church which has lifted up disciples for Jesus Christ for generations. Together we can grow in ministry to continue this work for the next 20 years. 
The new technology that is listed in the Council’s proposal has been a dream for many people at KOG for over a decade. Past councils and parishioners did not vote for this; they saw the value of change but didn’t want to pay for it. The “can kept getting kicked down the road.” This Council does not want to “kick the can down the road.”
I know that it takes faith in God and courage to move beyond what is comfortable, predictable and known. We have a God that gives us courage to do new things that benefit God’s kingdom. Thanks be to God!

Council News // Congregational Meeting
Dear Friends in Christ,
We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. Thank you for your continued support of our congregation. It has been a challenging sixteen months as we have all maneuvered our way through historical pandemic event. Fortunately, through your support, our congregation continues to do well, and your Church Council continues to work on the uncharted challenges, making decisions that are focused on the well-being of all members and future of our congregation.
On August 29, 2021, an important hybrid (virtual via Zoom or live at the church) congregational meeting will be held at 10:30 am. There will be only one in-person worship service that morning at 9:00 am. The meeting is being held for the sole purpose of voting to approve the Congregational Council’s recommendation to move forward with three important projects at King of Glory. This letter is intended to provide full transparency to and information on each of the projects. At the meeting, we will be asked to approve securing a loan from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund to cover the costs of the projects.
We believe that this is the best course of action currently. Once the pandemic has stabilized, we will consider conducting a capital campaign to pay off the debt early.

Priority Projects:
Roof Shingle Replacement: Several years ago, we raised funds to replace the flat portion of the roof that was most in need of repair. This repair has held up well. Today, we have a portion of the roof (shingles) that are at least 40 years old and have been causing leak problems for the past couple of years. Our Property Committee has done an excellent job working to keep the leaks from causing significant damage. We are now at a point where we can no longer guarantee no further damage to the building without replacing the shingles. The Property Committee secured three bids and evaluations for the project and has recommended Modern Roofing to conduct the work. They provided the lowest bid and have excellent references. The roof must be replaced due to its age. We cannot simply put new shingles over the old shingles as it is a commercial building. It is imperative that this work be completed before significant rain and wet weather occur in the early fall. Estimated cost of shingle replacement is
approximately $47,000. Outdoor Cross Tower Refresh & Repaint: We have typically repainted the outside cross tower every 7-10 years. Fortunately, the cross tower is made of solid, pressure treated wood so the structure should last for many more years with proper sealing and painting. In the past, the property committee members
have done a lot of the work themselves. However, we feel that today, having our Property Committee members take on this challenge is too high of a risk for personal injury. As a result, the Property Committee talked with four contractors to see what might be best. After reviewing the four recommendations and estimates, the Property Committee has recommended that the cross tower be power washed, paint stripped, sealed and re-painted. Estimated cost for this project is approximately $4,000.
This should last for an additional 10 years.

Technology Upgrades: About 18 years ago, $34,000 was spent to add audio-visual (speakers,
microphones, assisted hearing devices) to the sanctuary. During the past few years, this system has shown its age. Microphones, speakers, hearing devices have had ongoing problems. At times the audio system has not worked. This has made it difficult for some of our members to clearly hear the service and fully experience worship. In addition, the pandemic has shown us that in-person as well as virtual video worship services are a must. We have seen that many people outside of our church walls have been able to experience our worship service each Sunday virtually. People from within the Treasure Valley as well as coast-to-coast have been able to experience King of Glory worship. And, the past few months, many members are coming back to enjoy modified live worship services. Simply put, we can minister to more
people using a hybrid worship service. We believe that updated, improved technology can and will enhance our mission and our focus. To date, our virtual service has been developed under the expertise, guidance, and countless VOLUNTEER hours of Wes Lewis, as well as others (thank you to all). We believe that by enhancing the technology in the sanctuary, we can offer live services that are recorded and streamed to those that are unable to attend in person due to geography, illness, children, etc. This will cut down on the amount of extra work that Wes, Pastor Connie, our choir, and others need to spend each week. It will also greatly enhance our external mission and outreach.

Our office computer system for our Pastor and Parish Coordinator are very outdated and inefficient. The system needs replacement.The cost of this technology upgrade project is approximately $69,000 which includes replacing the audio system, hearing devices (for those needing hearing enhancement), wireless, adding video cameras and streaming equipment/software and adding the ability for video screens when needed. It also includes updating the office computer equipment. The motion to be made and voted on at our August 29 th meeting will be: “To approve moving forward with a loan from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund in the amount of $120,000 for the repair and replacement of: Roof shingles, Outdoor cross tower and Technology upgrades.”

If you have questions prior to the meeting, please email them to koggloryboise@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible. We will also have two informational sessions prior to the August 29 the meeting:
Sunday August 22, 2021, between services (Bethlehem Room) and a Zoom meeting on
Wednesday August 25, 2021, at 7:00 pm. The Executive Committee, Property Committee and Technology Task Force members will be on hand to answer your questions.
This is an exciting time for King of Glory. Your Church Council is planning for the future. Pastor
Connie is doing a great job! Our staff is doing a great job! Our committees and groups continue to be active, and it has been great to see people in person at our Sunday worship services. We continue to have a lot to be thankful for. Thank YOU for your continued support.

King of Glory Council--
Mary Rickerd , Council President;
Dan Price; Matthew Lee; Carolyn Jean Smith; Anise Dahlquist; Jasmine Mendez-Jorgensen;
Harold Nesbett; Nick Tinker; Ian Tompkins; Katie Vaage.

WELCA QUILT-IN & General Meeting
Many greetings to all women of King of Glory! You are invited to a Quilt-In to be held on Saturday, September 11th from 10:00 – 3:00 at King of Glory. The quilters have been furiously working to create beautiful quilts and have many, many tops that need to be batted, backed, tied and bound so that they can be shipped around the world through Lutheran World Relief.
This very fun event will include a short WELCA General Meeting to be held during a provided lunch time. So, please mark your calendars and plan to attend this time of fabulous fellowship where you don’t need to be proficient in sewing. You may want to come to see how the quilts are put together or take some squares home to sew. Whatever your interest/ability level, “Many hands make light work” and we are anxious to see you there.
If you have any questions please contact Patty Larson or Nicki Tompkins.
Thank you,
Your WELCA Board
Free Meal Update!
Our first community free meal in 18 months was a big success. We served 47 meals between those who ate at the picnic and those who chose to take their food home. Everyone enjoyed being back together. Lots of our regulars showed up and there were several new people including 3 of our gardeners and Carolyn Watts. We set the tables up under the trees and had a cool breeze so no one got too hot. We also had 16 workers helping with the prep, serving and cleanup. This was wonderful since we individually wrapped everything we were serving except the potato salad. That would have been a mess. We want to give a big thank you to the Meridian Food Bank for providing the ham and turkey breast along with the King Hawaiian rolls we made our sliders out of. Nothing was left but some of the turkey breast which the Sandwich Sunday group will use up when they start back up on August 15. Our next free meal will be on Saturday, August 28. I will be posting the volunteer sheet on the bulletin board by the Fellowship Hall.
Please sign up to help. It’s lots of fun!
Sandwich Ministry News
Hello Fellow Sandwich Makers!  We will resume making sandwiches for the Boise Rescue Mission starting August 15,between the 9AM and 1030 AM church services. (10 AM) We are requesting donations of luncheon meats, sliced cheese, SOFT margarine and bread on that day.
If supplies are brought to the church beforehand to be stored, it should be labeled "Sandwich Ministry"
We hope to continue this service on the second Sunday every month. 
Please wear masks for this project and KOG will provide gloves.  

Thank You, Sandwich Ministry Committee
Blessing of the Backpacks & Informational Meeting 

  On Sunday, August 22 we will have a backpack blessing for any youth going to school. Please come at either the 9 a.m. worship or the 10:30 worship for this blessing.
If you are a teacher, please bring your bag or briefcase to be blessed as we start another school year.
Please come to worship on August 22 and then at 9:45 we will have a Question and Answer meeting about the agenda items for the Congregational Meeting on Aug 29.
Zoom Coffee Hour

Please join us for conversation with our weekly Coffee Hour!

Meeting ID: 869 5279 1270
Passcode: 223697
Face Mask 2

On July 18 one of our congregants tested positive for COVID. This person did not attend worship on July 18. However, this person did attend worship on July 11. The person was masked at this service.  Please continue to wear your mask to our In-Person Worship Services.

If you have questions about this situation please call Pastor Connie 970-222-8394.
KOG Sunday Services Needs Volunteers!

  • Ushers - 2-3 Members per Sunday Service
  1. Assist Members inside the sanctuary with seating etc.
  • Greeters - 2-3 Members per Sunday Service
  1. Greet Members inside the Narthex as well as at all entrances.
  • Counters - At least 2 per Sunday Service
  1. Assist with offering duties and counting.

This past Sunday we had no volunteers for one of the Sunday Services.
If you have been coming regularly to our in-person Sunday Services, we ask that you consider volunteering to help assist with one of the volunteering opportunities above.
Thank you!
There will be a sign up sheet at both services if you would like to volunteer.
Sign Up Below For Our In-Person Worship Service 8/15/21
Please review the available time slots below
and click on the Service you would like to attend.
Thank you, We hope to see you there!

*Please wear your mask to either service.
Congregational Meeting on August 29 and ONE Worship Service that Sunday.  

On August 29, 2019 We will have only one worship service at 9:00 a.m. We will have our congregational meeting following this service at about 9:45 a.m.
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