Many Updates - Please Read On
What happened to the quiet Boise summers? Wasn’t it supposed to be a time to relax; a time to enjoy this beautiful Treasure Valley, perhaps sneak away for a float on the Boise River, or enjoy a Shakespeare Festival play in the amphitheater; pick some “Idaho Gold” (huckleberries)? Summer of 2022 has been busy for King of Glory!
·       We have continued the introduction of the upgraded audio-visual project in the sanctuary and new ways of enhancing our worship experience in the sanctuary. We appreciate those who have offered their services as AV Pilots under the careful guidance of Wes and Dawn Lewis and Matt Lee.
·       King of Glory staffing has made significant changes: With the resignation of Megan Rizk, we have hired Diana Shafer as our new Administrative Assistant. We accepted the resignation of Ashlee Wetherington, our bookkeeper so that she could spend more time with her growing family and have hired the services of a local bookkeeping firm. We accepted the resignation of Laurann Taylor our Director of Music, effective in September. Details of filling this position are still being worked on. We will celebrate Laurann’s 23-year ministry with us October 2 in true King of Glory style, complete with the Musikmeisters! And, if you have a “story” this will be the time to roast our beloved Director of Music!
·       We prioritized our June visioning retreat and agreed to focus on these priorities:
1.     Continue with the “back lot” project of building low income housing units, partnering with the LEAP organization.
2.     Engage and Renew the members of King of Glory—to engage and revitalize US as we return to “normal”. Welcome Back Home Again!
3.     Work with the Stewardship Committee in developing the first year of the Stewardship for all Seasons program that will expand and energize the ministries of King of Glory.
4.     Enhance the “Hybrid church” concept and grow our technology project.
·       With the recent break-in, we will be working with the Boise Police Department’s Office of Community Policing to review our security and safety plans. An update: the exterior doors have been re-keyed. If you currently have keys to the church building, you will now need a separate exterior door key in addition to any interior keys you have. Please contact Mary Rickerd to obtain a key.
Financial Update January 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022
Income to Date
Actual Income                                       $240,986
Budgeted Income                                   $242,369 ($1,383 under budgeted estimates)
Expenditures to Date
Actual Expenditures                              $232,389
Budgeted Expenditures                         $240,673 ($8,284 under budgeted estimates)
Net Operating Revenue
Actual Net Operating Revenue                 $8,597
Budgeted Net Operating Revenue             $1,696 Over $6,900 budgeted estimates
Thank you for your continued faithful financial support of the ministries of King of Glory.

Christian Life Update:
The Christian Life group is an informal group of persons who gather twice a month to discuss a chosen book reflecting issues concerning Christian life. This “old” group—has been meeting for over 10 years and now meets via Zoom to discuss concepts, ideas, and thoughts. Books are chosen by group consensus from a list of books that are suggested by the group. If you are interested in participating, purchase the book, get the Zoom link invitation and be ready for lively stimulation and comforting encouragement in your Christian faith walk!
The first reading for Fall 2022 is Love Is The Way by Bishop Michael Curry. The first meeting will be Monday, October 3, 1 PM via Zoom. Contact Mary Rickerd for the Zoom invitation.
By the way, if you’re interested, the second book will be Amy-Jill Levine’s Difficult Words of Jesus.  An intriguing title by an author who has challenged and encouraged thinking about Jesus’ ministry among us in new ways!
Celebration of Life - Tom Weber
  We will celebrate Tom Weber's life on Saturday, August 27 at 2:00 pm in our sanctuary. Please come and support Diane Weber and her family. There will be a reception with cookies and coffee in the Fellowship Hall following the service. 
LEAP Information Sessions:
In early August you received a letter from the Council announcing a proposed project to build affordable housing on our now-vacant backlot. During the month of September, there will be 3 informational sessions regarding this housing proposal. These sessions—September 11, September 18, September 25--will be directly after the 10 AM worship service. During these sessions details of the proposed project will be shared.
Representatives from LEAP Housing, (a Boise-based nonprofit organization) who provide professional planning guidance, financing services, and contractors for building projects such as the one that is being proposed for our backlot) will be with us during these 3 sessions. I encourage you to attend one, or all, of the sessions so that your questions and ideas can be answered. Your input and ideas at these informational meetings is important as we move through the steps in making final decisions. This is a very important step for King of Glory. We have dreamed about how to use our resources to enhance our ministries! We as a Council are excited that we have found a partner in LEAP who can provide ideas and ways to fulfill our dreams! 

From the Columbarium Committee:
At their July quarterly meeting, the Columbarium Committee voted to increase the cost of purchasing a niche. Increasing expenses for maintenance and niche panel engraving have made these increases necessary to better sustain this ministry. Effective January 1, 2023, rates will be $500 per niche.
If you, as a member of King of Glory, have thought about purchasing a niche in the Columbarium Memorial Garden, now is a good time to do so. Current niche purchases are $400 per niche. All maintenance and engraving costs are included in the purchase of a contract.
          If you are interested in purchasing a contract in the Columbarium, please contact Glen Laushman, Columbarium Chairman.

Pastor Connie's Lay Preaching Class offered in October 2022
Pastor Connie will be teaching her lay preaching class on 4 Mondays in October. This 4 week class will give you tools and resources for your preaching tool belt. The 3 KOG lay preachers (who took this class) are excited to share their gifts for preaching with you. Pray about this opportunity. Pastor Connie would love to have you join the class on Monday evenings at 7:00 – 8:00pm MTD, October 3, 10, 17 and 31. Please contact Pastor Connie with questions and to sign up at pastorconniewe@gmail.com or by text or phone at 970-222-8394. 
Message from Carolyn Jean Smith (KOG Treasurer):
As of August 15, 2022, Ashlee Wetherington has resigned as our bookkeeper. Due to the incredible difficulty in finding someone with that experience and willing to work so few hours per week, the council has decided to hire an accounting service to do our bookkeeping. During a recent worship service, we played a video of me with my “infamous” public service announcement regarding this. The accounting service pays the reimbursements through bill.com and needs all the information on our reimbursement form. Once the form is completely filled out, you will attach the receipt/invoice that you paid to the form and place it in the Treasurer’s mailbox. The top two slots in the first row of mailboxes are the blank reimbursement forms and the Treasurer’s mailbox. If you have questions about the correct line on the budget or designated funds list to charge the expense to please contact me at:  cjsmith515@gmail.com  or at 208-859-4542
We have a new Administrative Assistant - Diana Shafer
Diana lives with her husband and two boys in Nampa. She loves reading, snuggling with her pups, and stopping to smell the roses. She thoroughly enjoys art, music, yoga, and nature. You can contact Diana at her new KOG email address:  officekogboise@gmail.com.  Diana's work hours for now are: Monday 9-3:15, Tuesday 9:30-3:15, Wednesday 9-2:15, Thursday 9-3:15. Each Friday she will work from home. She will also work from home on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays.
Laurann Taylor Resigned as our Music Director

Laurann Taylor resigned as the KOG Director of Music on Sunday, August 17. Laurann has been a part of KOG music for 22 years. She started out as a pianist and expanded to the Director of Music. She has led the choir, in person and on-line. Her ability to pivot during the pandemic was phenomenal. She gifted this congregation with her music, her leadership, her ability to learn new technology and her love for the choir members and all the members of our church. We are not saying goodbye to Laurann. She will continue to be a member of King of Glory.  
   We will honor and thank Laurann for all of her contributions to our faith community on Sunday, October 3, 2022. Here is the schedule for that day: Worship 10:00 a.m.
Congregation telling "Laurann stories" 11:00 -11:30
Potluck and listening to the Musikmeisters (Polka Band) 11:30 - 12:30