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Quilt Sunday - October 24, 2021

Quilt Sunday will be on Sunday, Oct. 24th. We are able to send quilts/school kits to Portland’s in-gathering on Oct. 29th. You will be able to see some of the quilts we have been working on the past 2 years. In the Fellowship hall, we will be laying out some quilts if you are interesting in purchasing one or several. The cost of the quilt is $50. Checks or cash only. This will help us with our shipping costs/batting costs in the coming year. We will also lay some out in the sanctuary. The Quilters appreciate all that the congregation has graciously donated to our ministry in the past years! We will be boxing up the quilts on Monday the 25th @ 9 am to take to Shepherd of the Valley. We will need vehicles to help with the transportation of the boxes. If you can help out, let Marilyn Falk or Nicki Tompkins know!
Thanks again for being a great and supportive congregation!!
-Nicki T.
King of Glory Community Garden Update
Fall-Winter 2021

Well, we have shut off the sprinklers and had them blown out. Gardeners are starting to tuck in their gardens for the winter.

They have the option to leave plants in their gardens, since they will be gardening the same plot again next year, and may choose to compost the “natural” way. Most of them are putting the majority of their garden debris into the communal pile. Consequently, our “lazy” compost pile is huge now, and my next task is to spread it out so that it breaks down more quickly.

Here is something that may be of interest - a community garden cookbook! As many of you know, over the summer I have been asking the gardeners what they prepare from the items that they grow. I now have quite a collection of delicious recipes that I have cooked, and I thought “what the heck, let’s make a cookbook!” In addition to recipes, it is jam-packed with photos, important tips on where to find ingredients, good substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients, how to alter certain recipes to suit many of our more “Western” palates (I’m still not overly fond of dried fish…), and other information you didn’t even know you didn’t know!

The cookbook, brought to you by the gardeners and caretakers of the King of Glory Community Garden, will available for sale (price not set yet) at the bazaar.
Confirmation Sunday
October 31, 2021

KOG Financials

Here are the numbers through 9-30-21:
Income through sept.  $359,785
110 percent of budget
Income without Ppp loans : $279557
85 percent of budget
Expenses through Sept: $322,727
94 percent of budget
OWLS Meeting
The Owls will meet on Tuesday,October 19th, at 11:30 am, at Chuck-a-Rama on Overland.
Hope to see you there!
KOG Member Needs A Ride

A member of King of Glory needs a ride to church either service for the next two months. I will be the contact since this member speaks French. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Call Sally Husted to arrange the ride.
208 841-5937.
Rake Up Boise
King of Glory is signed-up to participate in Rake Up Boise this year. The date for raking is Nov. 13th. 
Please call/text Lisa Kraft (208-861-5642) if you would like to be on the KoG team this year!
Book Club Update:
Happy October to everyone!
I wanted to remind everyone that we'll be discussing Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult on November 6th.
It was requested that we switch the Nov and Dec books, so we'll be discussing Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard on Dec. 4th.
The November meeting will be via zoom at 9 AM. I'll resend the link before the meeting.
Time: Nov 6, 2021 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 819 918 8860
Passcode: 570967
KOG Youth Need:
One of our youth members is looking for a camera.
If you have one to donate, call:
Sally Husted at: 208 841-5937
Sunday’s for Undies Donations

Dear members of King of Glory,
On behalf of our Days for Girls team I want to thank you for such an outpouring of support. The donations made in response to “Sunday’s for Undies” has been heartwarming and overwhelming. Also, the use of this church building for our meetings has been an incredible gift. I am so blessed to be a part of the active, generous people of this congregation. It is with heartfelt appreciation that I say thank you.

Doneta Stephensen
Out Of Office
Pastor Connie will be out of the office from 10/13- 10/17.
In case you need to get a hold of her during this time please email or text her.

Request Contact Information below.
You are invited to the Pacific Lutheran University Zoom Event
16th Annual David and Marilyn Knutson Lecture
“Bonhoeffer, the Church, and the Climate Question”
Rev. Dr. James B. Martin-Schramm '81
Tuesday, November 2, 2021 8:00pm (Mountain Time)
Free and Open to the Public Zoom Webinar

The 16th annual David and Marilyn Knutson Lecture begins with Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s provocative 1933 essay on “The Church and the Jewish Question” and draws parallels to climate change. Where virulent anti-Semitism was the most important issue facing the church in Bonhoeffer’s day, Martin-Schramm argues Bonhoeffer would have grave concerns about the impacts of climate change on present and future generations. Martin-Schramm explains how Martin Luther’s doctrine of the two kingdoms shaped Bonhoeffer’s critique of the church and state in his day regarding “the Jewish Question” and ponders how Bonhoeffer might challenge the feeble responses of both the state and the church to the climate crisis. The lecture explores tensions between patriotism and resistance and considers how God is at work in the world today among all who are striving for climate justice.

The WELCA Holiday Bazaar is Saturday November 13, 10-4 outside on the front lawn. We will be under canopies and tents and ask that customers wear masks.
We want a safe event that brings us together and involves as many of us as possible. Marge Holmquist will be calling for volunteers.
Here are some of the ways you can be involved:
  • Donate crafts that you have made. We can use holiday, kitchen, personal and garden items, toys, artistic creations or whatever you create. Bring to the church the beginning of November. 
  •  Make lefse.
  • Make cookies, fudge, baked goods, jam or jellies. Cookies and fudge will be plated as assortments, covered and sold by the plate. Pat Nearman is heading up this tea If you are interested, please contact her if she doesn’t contact you first. She will need helpers to plate the cookies on Thursday and Friday morning.
  • Be a Worker. During the week before the Bazaar we will need help pricing and organizing the items. The tables will be organized in the Fellowship Hall and we will move the items outside tables early Saturday. Customer assistants are needed for three shifts: 7-10, 10-1 and 1-4. The outside tables will be set up in a square, so that assistants will be across the tables from the customers. Customer flow will be one-way from the entrance to the cashier. Welcomers and cashiers are also needed. We will be serving free coffee, but no lunch. We are not doing Grandma’s attic or Grandpa’s garage this fall.
  • Help Set-up and take-down.  On Friday we will need helpers to set up canopies and tables outside. On Saturday after 4 we will need helpers to bring things inside and take down the tents.
If you have canopies, tarps, tents and outside space heaters that we could borrow, please let Mary Kay Tinker or Nancy Severson know.
The proceeds from this Bazaar help our women fund projects at King of Glory and in the community. Our goal is to get as many of you involved in whatever way works for you. It feels good to be doing something with each other.

Weekly Events

Monday 10/11 -
  • Bell Choir Rehearsal - 7:00PM at KOG

Wednesday 10/13 -
  • WELCA Bible Study - 1:00PM at KOG

Thursday 10/14 -
  • Men's Fellowship Meet at Black Bear Diner 8:00AM
  • KOG Quilters meet at KOG - 9:00AM

Friday 10/15 -
  • Scripture Study Group at KOG - 9:30AM

Sunday 10/17 -
  • Worship Online YouTube - 8:30AM
  • Sandwich Sunday - After First Service at KOG
  • Worship In-Person at KOG - 9:00AM
  • Worship In-Person at KOG - 10:30AM

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