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Pastor Connie’s Note Re: Violence at the Boise Towne Square Mall
Members and Friends of King of Glory Lutheran,
   It is with a very sad heart that I write this note about the violence at the Boise Towne Square Mall. We grieve the deaths of two people who were innocent victims of a troubled shooter. Several people were injured and many were affected as they ran for their lives and hid. 
    We pray to God for the families of those who were killed and to the injured that they may be healed. I realize that grief and healing will be on-going and the loss of feeling safe will be like a thick cloud over many people.
     I am thankful for the first responders and for the quick thinking and actions of the shop workers who barricaded patrons into back rooms of stores to keep them safe. There are many people who put themselves into harm’s way to keep others safe. I am grateful for their care and love for others. 
Let us Pray:  God of peace, we lament all those who are touched by gun violence. We are saddened by the shooters choice to do violence and not choose to love his neighbor as himself. We feel grief for the loss of life. We ask that you help us to spread your message of love to all those who are troubled. In the name of Jesus. 

Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg

Prayer Requests
Prayers for God’s Healing and Wholeness: Louise Moore, Marge Holmquist, Tom & Sharyn Christensen, Helen Gregory’s Grandson Andy.
Prayers for Strength and Wholeness: Nelson Family, Hendershot Family.
Prayers for Unspoken Needs and requests, those whose hurts are too deep to be spoken.
Prayers for all Healthcare Workers, Military, and the family that
surrounds them.
Quilt Sunday Update

399- Count
92- Bethlehem Room
23-Fellowship Hall
53- Sanctuary
567 in Total!!
Dear Friends:
March 2020! Suddenly we were unable to gather together for worship and fellowship because of major concerns for our safety due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We were forcefully and gently led by the Spirit of God to find ways to gather together as the King of Glory community. To stay connected, staff produced virtual worship services, meetings via Zoom, and “snail” mail. We celebrated the arrival of Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg with a virtual installation and a drive-through “meet and greet” on Palm Sunday. In May we worshipped in the back parking lot, using a newly purchased FM-transmitter; and, staying in our cars we passed the peace by waving and honking, and received Holy Communion using pre-packaged communion sets. In late summer we were able to begin limited in-person worship services, following guidelines recommended by the CDC and health care officials.

Some of you have been receiving the King of Glory news in your USPS mailbox for the past year. It has come to our attention that this weekly newsletter has been arriving late. You’ve told us you missed activities and important information because you got the mailing too late. We could use the excuse that we have no control over the mail--but we will not!
As your Council leadership, we are making plans for resuming the publication of the monthly newsletter which will include the calendar of events for the month, birthdays and anniversaries, and other special occasions. You will receive it at the end of the month by USPS mail, on-line, or in your church mailbox if you attend in-person worship or activities in the building. The way you receive the newsletter will be your choice and what is most convenient for you.
We are also publishing the Weekly Events & Announcements handout again for worship services. As you will recall, this communication shared prayer concerns for the congregation, weekly events and special announcements. We can mail that; however, this is available on Sundays if you attend worship in-person.

Thank you for your understanding! We are working diligently to stay safe AND connected in this time of transition from pandemic isolation to fellowship with each other. Your continued prayers for the King of Glory staff and the council are coveted as together we make difficult decisions for the safety for the whole community of faith.
If you have concerns or suggestions, please contact me.
Mary Rickerd, Council President         
208-378-9136-Message phone but not text
Wine Pull
October 31st - November 14th
$ 20 to support youth for
2022 & 2024 Youth Gatherings
You will get a bottle of wine
You will get a good feeling supporting the attendees
You might get a FREE drink from the Human Bean (courtesy Mountain West Bank)
OR 2 tickets to an Idaho Steelheads hockey game

Make your purchase between services (10/31 or 11/7) or contact Katie Vaage ( or text 208-573-5630) 
Specify RED or WHITE
KOG Free Meal
KOG Free Meal will be Saturday 10/30 from 12-1:30PM.
If you would like to help please arrive at 10:00AM.
We will be serving chili!
KOG Financials

Here are the numbers through 9-30-21:
Income through sept.  $359,785
110 percent of budget
Income without Ppp loans : $279557
85 percent of budget
Expenses through Sept: $322,727
94 percent of budget
KOG Member Needs A Ride

A member of King of Glory needs a ride to church either service for the next two months. I will be the contact since this member speaks French. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Call Sally Husted to arrange the ride.
208 841-5937.
2021 Holiday Bazaar November 13th!
Rake Up Boise
King of Glory is signed-up to participate in Rake Up Boise this year. The date for raking is Nov. 13th. 
Please call/text Lisa Kraft (208-861-5642) if you would like to be on the KoG team this year!
In-Person Worship Sign-Ups
Use the following link sign up for either of our In-Person Worship Services.
An Addition to the In-Person and on-line Worship Experience
The altar guild is meeting again!! They are the ones who will be changing the altar paraments, putting out communion kits in the narthex and cleaning up communion after the Sunday services. At the altar guild meeting the group decided to move the baptismal font to the back of the sanctuary. They put some water in the font so that you can enter the sanctuary, dip your finger into the font and anoint your forehead with water to remember your baptism.
  The altar guild is hoping that the position of the font will enhance the worship experience.
   For those of you who view our worship online, we suggest that when you gather your wine/juice and bread/cracker/etc - that you also start your worship by dipping your finger in some water and anoint your forehead.
King of Glory Community Garden Update
Fall-Winter 2021

Well, we have shut off the sprinklers and had them blown out. Gardeners are starting to tuck in their gardens for the winter.

They have the option to leave plants in their gardens, since they will be gardening the same plot again next year, and may choose to compost the “natural” way. Most of them are putting the majority of their garden debris into the communal pile. Consequently, our “lazy” compost pile is huge now, and my next task is to spread it out so that it breaks down more quickly.

Here is something that may be of interest - a community garden cookbook! As many of you know, over the summer I have been asking the gardeners what they prepare from the items that they grow. I now have quite a collection of delicious recipes that I have cooked, and I thought “what the heck, let’s make a cookbook!” In addition to recipes, it is jam-packed with photos, important tips on where to find ingredients, good substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients, how to alter certain recipes to suit many of our more “Western” palates (I’m still not overly fond of dried fish…), and other information you didn’t even know you didn’t know!

The cookbook, brought to you by the gardeners and caretakers of the King of Glory Community Garden, will available for sale (price not set yet) at the bazaar.
Book Club Update:
Happy October to everyone!
I wanted to remind everyone that we'll be discussing Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult on November 6th.
It was requested that we switch the Nov and Dec books, so we'll be discussing Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard on Dec. 4th.
The November meeting will be via zoom at 9 AM. I'll resend the link before the meeting.
Time: Nov 6, 2021 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 819 918 8860
Passcode: 570967

KOG Weekly Events

Monday 10/25-
  • WELCA Bazaar Meeting - 3:30PM Zoom
  • Bell Choir Rehearsal - 7:00PM at KOG

Wednesday 10/27 -
  • Women's Bible Study - 9:30AM at KOG

Thursday 10/28 -
  • Men's Fellowship Meet at Black Bear Diner 8:00AM
  • KOG Quilters meet at KOG - 9:00AM

Friday 10/29 -
  • Scripture Study Group at KOG - 9:30AM

Saturday 10/30
  • Free Meal - 12-1:30PM KOG

Sunday 10/31 - Confirmation Sunday
  • Worship Online YouTube - 8:30AM
  • Worship In-Person at KOG - 9:00AM
  • Worship In-Person at KOG - 10:30AM

-From the Treasure Valley Cluster of Churches of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
In our daily work as pastors and faith community leaders, we have heard your stories, witnessed your frustration and tears, sat with you in your weariness. This pandemic wears on us all, but we have seen that you bear a disproportionate burden.
We know that it is not just you; we share the same concern for teachers and many others. But in these days when hospitals overflow and our health care system is so deeply strained, we want to express our appreciation and support for all of you who care for the health of others than yourselves.
We are moved by your dedication and sacrifice, your willingness to give of yourselves for the sake of others, the love of neighbor that pervades your daily work. We are grateful that when you are discouraged by our disregard, you still show up to care for us. We are inspired when we see that your commitment remains even when your zeal is lagging.
We want you to know we pray for you. And we pledge to pray for you weekly in worship and daily in life. You are not forgotten behind closed doors and hospital protocols. 
Because we want to protect you who protect us, we encourage our people to care for each other so you don’t have to. We urge them all to be fully vaccinated as their public responsibility. We ask them to do the things that should be second nature to us by now—wear a mask in public, practice safe distance, wash hands.
For us as Lutherans, health is not an individual possession but a shared endeavor. We teach that “the health of the whole community is connected to each other’s health. My health is related to yours; your health is related to mine. … we cannot be healthy by ourselves.” *
And, “it is a moral responsibility, grounded in loving the neighbor, to help each other attain good health through our ways of living together and through supporting those who provide all forms of health care services and healing.” We believe that “governments have an obligation to provide or organize many of these services, but all services depend on active collaboration with the entire community.” *
We want to do everything we can to contain the spread of this virus and relieve the strain it has put on our hospitals, our health care systems, your offices and clinics, your co-workers and you, so we are happy to follow the guidance and even the mandates that serve us all and ask us to serve each other.
We want to see the day when all people feel safe to patronize restaurants, entertainment venues and public gatherings. We are concerned for our schools, for struggling businesses, for those who are unemployed or underemployed due to this virus. We want to see a flourishing economy and enjoy thriving social and cultural lives again with all our neighbors.
We recognize that protecting ourselves isn’t enough to make this happen; it will happen when we come together to create healthy communities. None of us are safe until all of us are safe.
We do this not from fear, but because our faith compels us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Freed from self-centeredness, we strive to offer ourselves freely in love for others (Galatians 5:13-14).
In these times when caution and distance have so changed our lives, you are among the few who can and must – sometimes there is no other way to heal – touch us. Your hands, however swaddled in PPE, your hands care for us.
May you be safe, may you be well, may you find peace in the strife, may you get some rest.
And may you know that there are others who care about you.
King of Glory Lutheran Church
3430 N. Maple Grove Rd., Boise, ID 83704
Facebook: Ministries at King of Glory Lutheran –