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Pastor Connie will be taking Sunday, November 7 off for Continuing Education. Pastor David Ophus will be preaching and leading our in person worship. 
Thanks Pastor Ophus for sharing your ministry with King of Glory. 
Veteran Day Tribute
We pay tribute and are thankful for the service of these veterans who are at rest in our King of Glory Columbarium Garden.

George Conradi; Marines;
C. Robert Groth, Army;
Hal Hall, Army;
Cliff Harvey, Army;
Jim Herwig, Navy;
Bob Henderlider, Army;
Bob McCaw, Army;
Vern Nelson, Navy;
Donald Olsen, Air Force;
Les Persson, Merchant Marine;
Keith Reed, Idaho Air National Guard;
Otto Sackman, Air Force;
Melvin Salavitch, Branch of Service Unknown;
William Williams, Marines;
Walt Uhlenoff, Air Force;
Pat Young, Navy.
You are invited to stop by the Columbarium today to observe a moment of silence and give thanks for these men who served our country and for the blessings and memories of their lives among us!
Special Events in the Christian Life Are Celebrated in Churches! New Life in Baptism - Final Rites Commemorating the Life of Faith
As we experience the presence of Jesus in Word and Sacrament on Sundays, we are reminded that we live in the midst of “angels and archangels and all the company of heaven.” We also remember the impact of on our lives by family members and friends. That’s why it is such a blessing to have a Columbarium Memorial Garden at King of Glory. The sacred remains of those we have loved in this life are lovingly kept and cared for in this quiet place of beauty and prayer just outside our worship sanctuary.

The Columbarium Memorial Garden is a ministry borne of the dreams of several King of Glory families who wanted a place for the cremated remains of loved ones that could be lovingly cared for at a convenient, public and safe location, but also be affordable for the members of King of Glory. In 2002 with plans, permits and funds in place the Columbarium Memorial Garden was constructed. Located out in the eastern corner of the building, this is an enclosed and protected area which is always available for visitation by friends and loved ones. On Sundays the Columbarium is open for all congregational members to stop by for moments of prayer and meditation and to pay tribute to the lives of the resting saints.

What exactly is the King of Glory Columbarium Memorial Garden? A columbarium is a place for the respectful and public storage of urns that hold a deceased’s cremated remains. The term comes from the Latin columba (dove) and originally referred to compartmentalized housing for doves and pigeons called a dovecote. At one time it was customary for most churches to have cemeteries adjacent to their buildings as a final resting place for their members; however this practice proved prohibitive and too costly. A columbarium is a very practical and economical option today for churches.

The Columbarium Memorial Garden is for the inurnment of baptized members of King of Glory and their families. Cremated remains are kept in individual urns in cubical wall enclosures, called niches. Individual niches cost a one-time fee of $400 which includes engraving of the niche door panel and assists with long-term maintenance of the Columbarium facility.

Applications, or contracts, for niche spaces are available by contacting the Chairman of the Columbarium Memorial Garden Board of Trustees, Glen Laushman. Choice of an available niche location is based upon the payment and receipt of a signed contract. Currently 43 members of King of Glory are inurned in the Columbarium. Many King of Glory families have purchased niches in advance, so as to ease the burden of decisions at a difficult time in life. Niches may be purchased individually, or as a family group. If so desired, a promissory note process can be set up for payment of niches.

The operations of the Columbarium Memorial Garden are governed by a six-member Columbarium Memorial Garden Board of Trustees, elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Trustees have fiduciary responsibility for funds, maintain permanent records for archival purposes and oversee physical care and maintenance of the Columbarium Memorial Garden. The Board also assists the pastor and family with the inurnment process at the time of a memorial service. The Columbarium Memorial Garden is a separate financial entity of the congregation, supported by the sale of contracts for niches and memorial bricks with no assistance from the General Fund. Currently serving on the Board: Glen Laushman, Shirley Dodson, Lisa Kraft, Nancy Severson, Doneta Stephensen, and Jim Stumpf.
November Birthday's

11/09 Sally Husted
11/10 Peter Dean-Erlander
11/11 Lucienne Motorom
11/12 Lothar Pietz
11/12 Teresa Schmalz
11/13 Dean Falk
11/14 Ron Starenko
11/16 Gary Quigley
11/16 Katie Vaage
11/17 Katy Starenko
11/20 Austie Taylor
11/20 Terri Wiley
11/21 Salima Etoka
11/22 Sharyn Christensen
11/24 Roseline Beyam
11/25 Jim Miller
11/27 Connie Winter-Eulberg
11/28 Rachael Drew
11/28 Asukulu Etoka
11/30 Andy Husted
November Anniversaries

11/24 Mark & Doneta Stephensen
11/28 Jim & Mary Rickerd
November is Brick Month in the Columbarium
This is a very special way to pay tribute and honor loved ones, especially during the last month of the church year! A $75 donation, payable to the King of Glory Columbarium Garden, will add a brick to the Columbarium Memorial Garden patio. Proceeds from the brick sales assist with the maintenance of the Columbarium Memorial Garden, which operates independently from church funding. The Columbarium Memorial Garden is a separate financial entity of the congregation, supported by the sale of contracts for niches and memorial bricks with no assistance from the General Fund.

Fill out an order form with a check, payable to the King of Glory Columbarium Garden and put in offering plate or send to Church Office. Order forms available at the Columbarium Garden display at the usher’s stand, in the hallway that leads to the Columbarium Memorial Garden or the Information Kiosk in the narthex.
A beautiful lasting legacy!
Thanksgiving - A Time to be Thankful
On Thanksgiving this year, pay your blessings forward. Thanksgiving is one of the big holidays for gathering family together, but sometimes it's just not possible. Big-hearted gatherings of friends and even strangers fill a void and provide something else for which to be thankful. If you have space left at your dinner table this year, or would like to join in community with fellow KOG Members this Thanksgiving, please contact below. We would love to connect you with someone to spend this wonderful holiday with!

Prayer Requests
Prayers for God’s Healing and Wholeness: Louise Moore, Marge Holmquist, Tom & Sharyn Christensen.
Prayers for Strength and Wholeness: Nelson Family, Hendershot Family, Gregory Family.
Prayers for Unspoken Needs and requests, those whose hurts are too deep to be spoken.
Prayers for all Healthcare Workers, Military, and the family that
surrounds them.
Wine Pull
October 31st - November 14th
$ 20 to support youth for
2022 & 2024 Youth Gatherings
You will get a bottle of wine
You will get a good feeling supporting the attendees
You might get a FREE drink from the Human Bean (courtesy Mountain West Bank)
OR 2 tickets to an Idaho Steelheads hockey game

Make your purchase between services (10/31 or 11/7) or contact Katie Vaage ( or text 208-573-5630) 
Specify RED or WHITE
Good Gifts News
So far this year, we have donated enough funds to purchase 4 sanitation kits, 80 chicks, 6 hives of honeybees, and 11 school kits from the ELCA Good Gifts. Thank you to all who donated funds too this great cause. For October, November, and December, we will be collecting funds to go toward a fish farm. This costs $250 but I know we can achieve this. As we are grateful this year for all we have, lets think of what this fish farm would mean to someone or village that needs this.
KOG Financials

Here are the numbers through 9-30-21:
Income through sept.  $359,785
110 percent of budget
Income without Ppp loans : $279557
85 percent of budget
Expenses through Sept: $322,727
94 percent of budget
2021 Holiday Bazaar November 13th!
KOG Member Needs A Ride

A member of King of Glory needs a ride to church either service for the next two months. I will be the contact since this member speaks French. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Call Sally Husted to arrange the ride.
208 841-5937.
OWLS Meeting
The OWLS Group will meet Tuesday November 16th at 11:30AM at WINGERS Restaurant & Alehouse in Meridian- 3541 N Eagle Rd, Meridian, ID 83646

Hope to see you there!
Book Club Update:
Happy October to everyone!
I wanted to remind everyone that we'll be discussing Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult on November 6th.
It was requested that we switch the Nov and Dec books, so we'll be discussing Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard on Dec. 4th.
The November meeting will be via zoom at 9 AM. I'll resend the link before the meeting.
Time: Nov 6, 2021 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 819 918 8860
Passcode: 570967
Free Meal Update
The Free Meal for November will be on November 20th, before Thanksgiving. We will be cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner and most likely, it will be take-out as we still can’t hold it inside and the weather is getting too cool for outdoors. If you would like to help will cooking, please come to help at 9 AM. To help with serving and cleanup, please arrive around noon. Thanks to everyone who has helped keep this ministry going as the pandemic continues.
Rake Up Boise
King of Glory is signed-up to participate in Rake Up Boise this year. The date for raking is Nov. 13th. 
Please call/text Lisa Kraft (208-861-5642) if you would like to be on the KoG team this year!
Dear Friends:
March 2020! Suddenly we were unable to gather together for worship and fellowship because of major concerns for our safety due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We were forcefully and gently led by the Spirit of God to find ways to gather together as the King of Glory community. To stay connected, staff produced virtual worship services, meetings via Zoom, and “snail” mail. We celebrated the arrival of Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg with a virtual installation and a drive-through “meet and greet” on Palm Sunday. In May we worshipped in the back parking lot, using a newly purchased FM-transmitter; and, staying in our cars we passed the peace by waving and honking, and received Holy Communion using pre-packaged communion sets. In late summer we were able to begin limited in-person worship services, following guidelines recommended by the CDC and health care officials.

Some of you have been receiving the King of Glory news in your USPS mailbox for the past year. It has come to our attention that this weekly newsletter has been arriving late. You’ve told us you missed activities and important information because you got the mailing too late. We could use the excuse that we have no control over the mail--but we will not!
As your Council leadership, we are making plans for resuming the publication of the monthly newsletter which will include the calendar of events for the month, birthdays and anniversaries, and other special occasions. You will receive it at the end of the month by USPS mail, on-line, or in your church mailbox if you attend in-person worship or activities in the building. The way you receive the newsletter will be your choice and what is most convenient for you.
We are also publishing the Weekly Events & Announcements handout again for worship services. As you will recall, this communication shared prayer concerns for the congregation, weekly events and special announcements. We can mail that; however, this is available on Sundays if you attend worship in-person.

Thank you for your understanding! We are working diligently to stay safe AND connected in this time of transition from pandemic isolation to fellowship with each other. Your continued prayers for the King of Glory staff and the council are coveted as together we make difficult decisions for the safety for the whole community of faith.
If you have concerns or suggestions, please contact me.
Mary Rickerd, Council President         
208-378-9136-Message phone but not text
King of Glory Lutheran Church
3430 N. Maple Grove Rd., Boise, ID 83704
Facebook: Ministries at King of Glory Lutheran –