Philadelphia Community Kollel Weekly Update
October 27, 2016
Parshas Bereishis  5777
In This Issue
This Shabbos at the Kollel
Kiddush This Week
Kollel Winter Zeman Begins...This Wednesday
Rabbi Reisman Navi Shiur...IS BACK
Rochel Imeinu Yarzeit Video...Wednesday, November 16
Are You New to the Area?
Community News
Mazel Tov to:

Kineret and David Shakow on the upcoming marriage of their daughter, Chana Miriam, to Yosef Goldberg, son of Rabbi Sander and Ruthie Goldberg of Baltimore!

Ezra and Rachel Obstfeld upon the birth of their son, Simcha! 

Condolences to:

Dr. Jeffrey Sandler on the loss of  his father, Robert Samuel Sandler.
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This Shabbos at the Kollel 
Parshas Bereishis
Thursday, October 27:
Rabbi Biberfeld's gemara shiur will resume on  Thursday, Nov. 3, when they
begin Mesechta Rosh Hashana.
10:00 p.m.: Maariv
10:15 p.m.: Daf Yomi

Friday October 28:
5:44 p.m. :  Candle Lighting
6:02 p.m.:  Shkiya /Sunset

Shabbos, October 29:
8:15 a.m.:   Shacharis
9:25/ 10:01 a.m.: Latest Krias Shema
Kiddush this week is sposored by Rabbi Yechiel Biberfeld in appreciation of receiving the honor of Chosson Torah!
5:01 p.m.:  Mincha
Shalosh Seudos will be served!
6:01 p.m.: Shkiya/Sunset
6:56 p.m.: Maariv
7:13 p.m.: 72 Minutes

Follow this link to see the Shabbos Zemanim chart  for September-October.
Kiddush This Week
Kollel Winter Zeman Begins
This Wednesday, November 2
 The Kollel Sukkos Bein Hazmanim (Intersession) continues until Wednesday, November 2nd (2nd day Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan).  The following is the Kollel schedule for this time period:

With the exception of Daf Yomi and Kollel Boker, all chavrusos and shiurim will be in intersession and will resume on Wednesday, November 2nd. 

We continue to hold daily minyanim on  our usual schedule. 
Rabbi Reisman Navi Shiur
IS BACK For Our 12th Year
Join us for our twelfth season!
Each Motzaei Shabbos (Saturday night), this shiur reaches us from Brooklyn, NY where it is received by over 1,000 people each week. Take advantage of the TCN revolution to experience outstanding shiurim. This shiur is shown at two locations, in Merion Station and in Northeast Philadelphia at Cong. Bnai Israel, 8201 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia as a Joint Project of BIOZ, TCN, and the P.C. Kollel. For more information on the Northeast location, please call 215-342-2999. 
Place: Each Motzaei Shabbos in the R' Leib and Rachel Kohn Conference Room.
Times for Winter 2016-17:
Oct 29                     9:00 p.m.
Nov 17                   8:30 p.m.
Nov 12- Jan 28        7:30 p.m.
Feb 4,  - Feb 25      8:00 p.m.
March 4                8:30 p.m.
  March 18 - 25       9:30 p.m.
April 1 - 8           10:00 p.m.
April 15- 29         10:15 p.m.
May 6 - 27           10:30 p.m.

Rochel Imeinu Yarzeit Video
Wednesday, November 16

Women and girls are invited to attend the 14th Annual Worldwide Event for the Yarzeit of Rachel Imeinu entitled
TEFILAH: The Ultimate Connection
on Wednesday, November 16 at 8:30 pm at the Kollel.
Listen to inspirational speakers, including HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rebbitzin Tehila Jaeger, and Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller.

Masmid Announcement 

The long-awaited Masmid Program will resume on November 5. Please look out for an email with the full details.  
Are You New to the Area?

Are you new to the area? The Philadelphia Community Kollel welcomes you to our community. We offer many learning opportunities for men, women and children. We invite you to browse our website, to get an idea of what we do.  You can sign up for email, regular mail etc. and even make a request for a chavrusah here: 
Feel free to give us a shout for anything you might need.  Hatzlacha in your new home and welcome! 
Community News
  • Bnos of Bala Cynwyd will iy"H meet this shabbos, Parshas Bereishis, Oct.  29 from 3:30pm - 4:30pm at LMS. Bnos motzai shabbos events will be beginning shortly iy'H. These events are for current Bnos members only.  If you'd like your daughter to attend Bnos and Bnos events, please contact M. Friedman ASAP regarding 5777 membership dues.
  • Torah Youth  will resume iy"H next Shabbos, November 5.
  • Bauminger's Library: The library will once again be open every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., at 228 Stoneway Lane, Merion.
  • " כל השונה הלכות בכל יום ": "Whoever studies two Halachos a day is assured a place in Olam Habah." If you would like to receive a free daily e-mail with two halachos a day, go to and sign up, or send a request to . These are two separate services with separate halachos.
  • Parsha Shiur by Rabbi Ungar of Etz Chaim-  a dynamic shiur on the Parsha- please join us for an unforgettable shiur every Monday night at Jeff and Daryl Klein's home at 161 Union Avenue at 8:15 p.m.