Philadelphia Community Kollel Weekly Update
February 8, 2018
Parshas Mishpatim/Shekalim  5778
In This Issue
This Shabbos at the Kollel
Mazel Tov! Rabbi Ari and Netanya Silver
Masmid Program This Motzaei Shabbos Begins at 7:00 p.m.
Final Kesher Program - This Sunday, February 11th Special Pancake Breakfast!
Annual Masmid Banquet -SAVE-THE-DATE!.. Sunday, March 4th
New Weekly Shiur for Men
Introducing...The Mishnayos Club!
Women's Paint Night - RSVP and Prepay Required
Community News
Mazel Tov to:

Rabbi Ari and Netanya Silver  on the bar mitzvah of their son, Avraham Chaim.

Russell and Gila Gold  on the birth of their grandson, born to Josh and Tamar in Israel this past Shabbos.

Ian and Noa Gleaner  on the birth of a daughter. Mazel tov to proud grandparents, Joel and Margalit Lubell .

Dr. Leon and Tova Wertheimer  on the birth of their granddaughter, Miriam, born to Dovid and Aliza Wertheimer in Israel.

Condolences to:

Dr. David Weiss on the loss of his mother, Mrs. Aviva Weiss, a"h.

Dr. Jonathan Gomberg on the loss of his mother, Mrs. Audrey Gomberg, a"h.
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This Shabbos at the Kollel 
Parshas Mishpatim
Thursday, February 8:
8:15 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.:  G emara Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Biberfeld
9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.: Kollel Erev
10:00 p.m.: Maariv
10:15 p.m.: Daf Yomi

Friday, February 9:
5:11 p.m.: Candle Lighting
5:29 p.m.: Shkiya/Sunset

Shabbos, February 10:
8:15 a.m.: Shacharis
9:01/9:37 a.m.: Latest Krias Shema
4:51 p.m.:  Mincha
5:31 p.m.: Shkiya/Sunset
6:26 p.m.: Maariv
6:43 p.m.: 72 Minutes
7:00 p.m.: Masmid
8:00 p.m.: Rabbi Reisman's Navi Shiur

Follow this link to see the Shabbos Zemanim chart for
Mazel Tov!

The Kollel Rabbis and staff 
wish a hearty Mazel tov to
Rabbi Ari and Netanya Silver,
our office administrator,
on the bar mitzvah of their son, Avraham Chaim
Mazel tov to the proud grandparents
 Paul and Shelly Silver and Aharon Yehuda and Shoshana Sussman

Masmid  Program
This Motzaei Shabbos 7:00 p.m.

This Week's Masmid Program is sponsored  by:
Rabbi Chesky and Aviva Weiss
In memory of their dear father:

Reb Ari Weiss z"l
ר' גור אריה בן אליעזר זל

On the occasion of his fifth yahrtzeit

Join the crowd during long winter Motzaei Shabbosos at our ever-popular and exciting Masmid Program. Young boys come to learn with fathers, grandfathers, and mentors and enjoy great learning, stories, raffle prizes, and pizza! We welcome you to our seventeenth year . To experience a taste of the Masmid Program, follow these links: 
Masmid Stories     Masmid Photos    Masmid Videos
The cost for sponsorship is only $360 per week.
Click here to sign up for Masmid newsletter emails

Final KESHER Program
THIS Sunday,  February 11th
Special Pancake Breakfast!

New photos have been added to the Kesher Photo Page
KESHER FINALE this Sunday, February 11, 10-11:15 a.m.
At Kosloff Torah Academy  - 50 East Montgomery Ave. in Bala Cynwyd

Want to be kept in the loop?  For Kesher updates, links to photos and more...
Click here to sign up for our Kesher emails. 
You can also click on the links to view our...

KESHER , a learning program for mothers and daughters grades 1-5, brings generations together in a beautiful atmosphere of bonding through learning. A stimulating curriculum will be explored, followed by an interactive discussion and exciting art activity. Material suited for all ages and all backgrounds.  Invest an hour on Sunday morning and change your week!
Annual Masmid Banquet
Sunday,  March 4th

Come celebrate another fantastic year of Masmid Torah  learning, at our tenth annual end-of-year Masmid Banquet.  Sunday, March 4, 2018 4:45PM-7:15 PM at  KTA- Kosloff Torah Academy Social Hall,  50 Montgomery Ave, Bala Cynwyd.  Mincha prior to the program at 4:30 p.m. and Maariv after program at 7:15 p.m.
4:45PM Banquet program begins- Sign in and get your raffle tickets.
4:55PM Dvar Torah
5:00PM Full dinner meal with hotdogs, hamburgers, (veggie burgers  available with RSVP) fries, special dessert and more.
5:45PM Spectacular Presentation with the highly acclaimed *Doc Swan!!
6:45PM Raffle Drawings- Grand prizes and other great raffles will be drawn.  (A Shas, drone, and much more!)
7:15PM Program concludes and Frequent Attendance prizes and certificates will  be distributed to those who attended 7 out of 8 programs during this session.
Fathers, mentors, and sons welcome!
Cost: $10 per person
Feel free to join us even if you have not had  an opportunity to attend a Masmid program this year.
RSVP APPRECIATED at office@phillykollel,org
Sponsorships are available for the banquet:
Gold- $500 - Silver- $360 - Sponsor- $180
or you can sponsor the frequent Masmid and other prizes for $500.
Please contact Rabbi Zeffren at or 610-507-3906.
Featuring "Doc" Swan - "Doc" Swan has been a professional stunt artist since 1973 enchanting audiences of all ages at schools, circuses, theaters and amusement parks.  His hilarious and unpredictable manner will have you wondering what trick is up next. With an incredible array of feats including fire eating, straitjacket escape, walking on glass and so much more, you'll be dreading the end of the show.
New Weekly Shiur for Men!
with Rabbi Yisroel Akerman
Gain a deeper appreciation of what's behind the workings of our universe!

Join Rabbi Akerman  for a shiur on


Tuesday Evenings 
8:20 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
on the Kollel's Lower Level
For Men
Refreshments by Just Desserts!
For Boys Grades 4-6

The Mishnayos Club!

Who : Boys Grades 4-6
When : Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Beginning February 6th, 7:40-8:00 pm
What : (at least) 2 Mishnayos each session,  from either one of two tracks - Seder Zera'im or Moed
With : Rabbi Moshe Starkman or Rabbi Yedidya Kaganoff
For more information please contact:
Rabbi Moshe Starkman: 301.254.9660,
Rabbi Yedidya Kaganoff: 201.414.7854,
or Rabbi Yosef Prupas: 610.618.9949,
Women's Paint Night
Sunday,  February 18th

Click on poster below to RSVP

Philadelphia Community Kollel Women's Division Presents 
Paint Night Event
Sunday, February 18th
at the Union Firehouse
149 Montgomery Avenue in Bala Cynwyd
Doors open 7:15, Painting begins 7:45

Have fun with your friends and create your own
personalized canvas painting with guided instructions.

Couvert: $45
Adults only

Sponsorship: $180 for you and a friend
plus a raffle ticket

RSVP and prepay required

To RSVP, click here
To prepay with credit card, click here
(be sure to include "Women's Paint Night" in the item description)

Sponsorship: $180 Includes couvert for 2 + 1 raffle ticket
Silver Sponsorship: $360 Includes couvert for 3 + 2 raffle tickets
Gold Sponsorship: $500 Includes couvert for 5 + 4 raffle tickets
Platinum Sponsorship: $1000 Includes couvert for 10 + 8 raffle tickets

 For questions and comments, feel free to contact Liba Bauminger at
Community News

  • Bnos of Bala Cynwyd will iy"H meet this Shabbos, Parshas Mishpatim (Feb. 10), from 3:00pm - 4:00pm at LMS.  
  • Torah Youth will iy"H meet this Shabbos, Parshas Mishpatim (Feb. 10), from 3:00pm - 4:00pm at LMS.
  • Bauminger's Library:  The library will once again be open every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., at 228 Stoneway Lane, Merion.
  • "כל השונה הלכות בכל יום": "Whoever studies two Halachos a day is assured a place in Olam Habah." If you would like to receive a free daily e-mail with two halachos a day, go to  and sign up, or send a request to These are two separate services with separate halachos.  
  • Rabbi Ungar's dynamic shiur on the Parsha- please join us for an unforgettable shiur every Monday night at Jeff and Daryl Klein's home at 161 Union Avenue at 8:15 p.m.