Philadelphia Community Kollel Weekly Update
June 30, 2016
Parshas Shelach  5776
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This Shabbos at the Kollel
Business Ethics 2016
Save-The-Date "Turning Tears into Triumph" July 27
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Community News
Mazel Tov To:
Len Schachter upon the marriage of his grandson Joshua Schachter to Rachel Sakof!

George and Lauren Danneman on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Elimelech!

Herb and Karen Berkowitz on marriage of their daughter!

Rabbi and Mrs Avraham Steinberg on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Shua!

Rabbi and Mrs. Ari Silver on the Bar Mitzvah of their son,  Moshe Tzvi!

Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Gold on the marriage of their grandson, Aryeh Laib Sendler to Lieba Englander!

Tzemach and Judy Samuels on the birth and bris of their grandson Nadav Yosef Lagowski

Condolence To:
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Mazurek on the passing of their father and father in law, Mr. Morris Lewinter, a"h.

David and Jaci Lazowick on the passing of Jaci's mother, Elaine  Corn, a"h.
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This Shabbos at the Kollel 
Pasrshas Shelach
Thursday, June 30:
8:00 p.m.: Mincha- Note Additional Minyan
8:15 p.m.:  Gemara Yoma Shiur with Rabbi Biberfeld
9:00 p.m.- Maariv- Lower Level - Note Additional Minyan
9:15 p.m.: 10:00 p.m.: Kollel Erev
10:00 p.m.: Maariv
10:15 p.m.: Daf Yomi

Friday, July 1:
8:15 p.m. :  Candle Lighting 
8:33 p.m.:  Shkiya /Sunset

Shabbos, July 2:
8:15 a.m.:  Shacharis
8:44/ 9:20 a.m.: Latest Krias Shema
Ramban Shiur with Rabbi Eskenazi
6:30 p.m.:  Mincha
8:33 p.m.: Shkiya/Sunset
9:45 p.m.: 72 Minutes

Note: New time for Shabbos Mincha 6:30 p.m.

Follow this link to see the new Shabbos Zemanim chart  for   May-June

Business Ethics 2016
Shabbos Afternoon

Can one claim damages from it? 

With Rabbi Yakir Schechter

Shabbos Afternoon at 5:45PM
Save-The-Date: July 27
Video Presentation for Women on
Sassoon Family Tragedy
"Turning Tears into Triumph"
Click on the poster below to view it in large.

Sassoon Family 
Video Presentation:
July 27, 2016 8 :15-9:15PM