February 5, 2019
In this issue:

  • Kentucky General Assembly reconvenes 2019 session
  • State board of education to meet Feb. 6
  • Open Records and Open Meetings distribution requirements
  • KSBA Annual Conference is Feb. 22-24
  • Submit 2019 student banner art for conference
  • Beyond the Board with Christine Thompson
  • KDE announces renewable loan program for future Kentucky teachers
  • KSBA poll question, results
  • Upcoming dates, deadlines and events
General Assembly reconvenes
With the General Assembly reconvening this week, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with KSBA’s legislative priorities .

The Senate Education Committee will meet at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7, to discuss and possibly act on SB 1, the School Safety and Resiliency Act , which KSBA supports. We expect some amendments to improve the bill will be adopted at that time. Watch live online via KET’s Legislative Coverage page.

Stay tuned to KSBA’s Twitter feed for real-time tracking of pertinent committee meetings, bills and legislative updates. Read the most recent KSBA legislative update.
State board of education to meet
The Kentucky Board of Education is scheduled to meet at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, at the Kentucky Department of Education in Frankfort. The agenda includes a presentation on Boyle County’s achievement gap reduction strategy, a discussion on career and technical education funding and an overview of the facility planning process.

Other items of note include a presentation on revised academic standards for social studies and a statement of consideration on changes to the state’s accountability system.

The accountability system changes, which were voted on at the December meeting, include changing the transition readiness indicator from a B to C, eliminating transition readiness from middle and elementary, changing the way growth is calculated, and removing opportunity and access and all its measures, including rich curricula, equitable access and school quality and student success from the system.

Read more on the accountability system changes in this Advocate story. The KBE meeting will be streamed live. KBE plans to hold its April meeting in Ashland and its October meeting in London. 
Open records and open meetings law distribution requirements
Kentucky law requires superintendents to distribute electronic or hard copies of the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office publications, “Your Duty Under the Law” and “Managing Government Records,” available electronically , to board members, school council members and board attorneys within 60 days of board and council new terms of office. Superintendents are also required to secure signed “Proof of Receipt” from board and council members, to retain these signed proofs of receipt in the school district’s records and to provide the attorney general a completed Certificate of Distribution. Superintendents are not required to provide the attorney general copies of the signed proofs of receipt.

While this communication is going to board members, it is recommended that superintendents still include board members in the communication that superintendents send to comply with this law’s requirements. If you have any questions, please contact KSBA Legal Services trainer/staff attorney Amy Peabody .
KSBA Annual Conference is Feb. 22-24
KSBA's 83rd Annual Conference is quickly approaching and the deadline for registration is Feb. 15. Online registration is available at the link below.
In addition to many opportunities for mandated training hours, this year's conference will feature three inspirational general session speakers.

Tim Garchow, executive director of the Washington State School Directors' Association, will discuss making an impact during Friday's Opening Session.

Alex Sheen, founder of an international social movement, returns as Saturday's Plenary Session speaker after captivating attendees at last year's conference.

Jim Mahoney, a longtime educator and entrepreneur, will share strategies for becoming a magic dragon during Sunday's Brunch Session.
Submit 2019 Annual Conference student banner art
We have been receiving beautiful banner artwork from districts for KSBA’s 2019 Annual Conference . Student-designed banners will line the main hall of the conference, one of our favorite annual traditions.

This year, banners will celebrate the theme, “E3: Educate, Equip, Empower.” Pictured at left are closeups of some of the artwork received so far. If your district has not yet submitted its banner, please remind your district staff to send a banner for Annual Conference. View banner details.
Christine Thompson became the first Hispanic woman elected to office in Kentucky when she won a seat on the Livingston County school board this past fall. 

Why did you want to serve on your school board? 

“I know it sounds cliché, but I just wanted to make a difference and I want to help make positive changes in our district, for (my daughters’) sake and for everyone else’s. I think everyone has a stake in a good school system - parents, teachers, staff - and when I was campaigning I would encounter people that would say they didn’t feel like having a say in the school system because they didn’t have kids in the school system, but I would try to explain to them that it does matter, having a good school district, it makes the community more attractive, it has a ripple effect on everything in the community.” 

What was your reaction when you realized you were the first Hispanic woman elected in the state? 

“I couldn’t believe it, I was like there’s no w ay. But I was like, I’ve never heard of a Latino woman (in office) so maybe I am the first.” 

What has been the reaction in your community of Ledbetter? 

“From what I’ve heard and from what people have told me, people have congratulated me and are excited and happy for me, so I think overall it’s been positive.” 

After the election, you converted your campaign Facebook page into a board member page, how will you use that page during your term? 

“I’ll recap the board meetings, not give my personal opinions, but say here’s what happened. I’ll keep it positive and open if people want to comment. I know I’m going to get criticized and that’s OK, and I might get yelled at and that’s OK. I’m going to try to answer everyone and do my best. It might not be the answer they want to hear, but I’m going to give them an answer and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll find an answer for them. I want to be as accessible and transparent as I can.” 

You can read more on Thompson in the February Kentucky School Advocate.
KDE announces renewable loan forgiveness program for future Kentucky teachers
The Kentucky Department of Education announced last month a renewable loan forgiveness program designed to identify and prepare effective, experienced and diverse public educators in Kentucky.

Participants in the Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching (KAET) program will receive financial support and complete an Education Professional Standards Board-approved teacher education program in conjunction with ongoing mentoring by experienced Kentucky educators.

The program is funded by a $1 million per year allocation in the 2018 Kentucky state budget for educator quality and diversity through the teacher recruitment and retention program.

“Ensuring that Kentucky students have access to a diverse, highly quality, effective teacher workforce is a high priority for me and KDE,” said Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis. “There is no single school factor more important to the success of students than having an effective classroom teacher. KAET will be instrumental in recruiting more talented young people and experienced professionals into the teaching profession who mirror the incredible diversity of our state. It also will provide additional support to those pre-service teachers as they prepare to serve students.”

The deadline to apply is Feb. 20. Visit KDE’s website for more information on the program.
KSBA poll
KSBA's Annual Conference is Feb. 22-24; what is your favorite thing about KSBA's conference?
Being inspired and motivated by general session speakers.
Improving governance skills in clinic sessions.
Networking with school board members and community partners.
Seeing student banners and hearing student performances.
KSBA poll results
Which of these education-related bills are you most closely following?
Upcoming dates, deadlines and events
Tentative staffing and budget deadline

Each local school board shall provide each school council notice of a tentative staffing and budget allocation for the coming fiscal year by March 1. ( 702 KAR 3:246 Section 2)
PEAK Award nominations deadline
KSBA is accepting nominations for its Spring 2019 PEAK (Public Education Achieves in Kentucky) Award. The award has been shining a spotlight on outstanding programs in the state since its inception in 1997.
The deadline for the Spring 2019 PEAK Award is two weeks away. Please submit your entry by 4 p.m. Feb. 20, to Matt McCarty .
The prestigious award recognizes outstanding public school efforts aimed at enhancing student learning skills and, in doing so, promotes the positive impact of public elementary and secondary education in the Commonwealth. 
More information on the PEAK Award, including the entry guidelines and links to stories on some of the recent winners, is on our website . If you have any questions, email or call Matt McCarty at 800-372-2962 ext. 1209.
KSBA’s 2019 Legislative Education Advocacy Day (LEAD) will be held Thursday, Feb. 21. We are asking everyone to make plans to come to Frankfort that day.

As usual in the odd-year sessions, our LEAD advocacy day at the Capitol is a smaller event this year with no reception or formal program. We will focus on getting as many local board members and superintendents to meet directly with their legislators at the Capitol as we can. 

Please contact your legislator ASAP to make your own appointments to meet with them in Frankfort on Feb. 21 before we all meet up in Louisville for KSBA’s Annual Conference on Feb. 22. Each legislator’s staff in Frankfort may be reached at 502-564-8100.
Save the Date:
Kentucky Breakfast at the NSBA Annual Conference

Date: Sunday, March 31, 2019
Time: 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Location: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Salons C & D of the Grand Ballroom
1201 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

For more information, contact Beth Pritchett.
For sponsorship opportunities, contact Kristin Campbell
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