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July 2022
Katrina Kinman, Editor
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Effective date of 2022 legislation
The effective date for legislation enacted during the 2022 Regular Session of the General Assembly will be the first moment of Thursday, July 14, 2022, except for measures containing emergency provisions or specifying a different effective date.
Nonresident Policy 09.1222
HB 563 (2021) required local board to adopt a nonresident policy by July 1, 2022. Once the board approves the nonresident policy 09.1222, (included in the Annual Update materials), it must be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) at within 30 days of the board approval date.
Outstanding policy/procedure updates and handbooks
With the start of the new school year just around the corner, it is important to have updated policies/procedures and handbooks in place for the board, students, staff and the community. Additionally KRS 160.340 requires that board policies be kept up to date by filing annual amendments thereto by Aug. 15. Please send the update checklists to KSBA as soon as possible so that we may process your local board’s policies and procedures for use by your district.
Policy reference 01.5
Dissemination of policy
Each site administrator shall notify employees and/or students under his/her supervision, either orally or in writing, when the board makes a policy change that applies to them. In addition, the superintendent shall designate an employee or committee to review related documents such as, but not limited to, the student code of conduct and employee/student handbooks to assure consistency with new or revised board policies.
Procedure reference 01.5 AP.1
Treasurer’s fidelity bond

Each year on advice of the commissioner of education, the board shall determine the amount of the fidelity bond of the treasurer of the board and other school employees responsible for district funds. No later than July 31 of each year, the board shall submit the fidelity bonds to the commissioner of education for approval.
Policy reference 04.4
Data security breach
Districts are required to review the Data Security and Breach Notification Best Practice Guide and acknowledge such in a public board meeting prior to Aug. 31 of each year per 702 KAR 1:170. The guide may be found at
The district shall acknowledge to the board in a public meeting prior to Aug. 31 of each year, that the district has reviewed the Data Security and Breach Notification Best Practice Guide and implemented best practices that meet the needs of personal information reasonable security in the district.
Policy reference 01.61
Mileage rate update

If your district reimburses for mileage at the state rate, be advised that the rate per mile effective effective July 1, 2022 – Sept. 30, 2022, is 53 cents per mile. This information can be reviewed quarterly via this link:

Policy references 03.125/03.225
Save the date for upcoming KSBA events

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Learn and Earn webinar: "Why did we get less state SEEK money this year? Why did they get more next door?"
July 13 at noon (ET)

July 15-16 (Lexington, Marriott Griffin Gate)

July 15 (Lexington, Marriott Griffin Gate)

Policy reference 01.83
Save the dates for KSBA's 2022 Fall Regional Meetings:

  • Aug. 30 - Fifth
  • Sept. 6 - Northern Ky.
  • Sept. 12 - Upper Ky. River
  • Sept. 20 - Middle Cumberland
  • Sept. 22 - Central Ky.
  • Sept. 26 - First
  • Sept. 27 - Second
  • Oct. 18 - Eastern Ky. South
  • Oct. 20 - Fourth
  • Oct. 24 - Third
  • Nov. 1 - Upper Cumberland
  • Nov. 3 - Eastern Ky. North

Times, locations and registration instructions will be provided to members through their respective regional chairs. Invitations will be sent in the weeks ahead of each meeting. Stay tuned to KSBA’s 2022 Regional Meetings page for additional details.

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2022 Regional Meeting program description: School safety remains a focus of districts across the country. Following the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, leaders at the local and state levels are assessing every aspect of their plans, procedures, training, facility security, mental health, the roles of law enforcement, etc. KSBA welcomes our friends from the Office of the State School Security Marshal (OSSSM) to explain their mission and the supports available to Kentucky districts in maintaining compliance with state regulations and best practices. This interactive session will include roundtable discussions facilitated by KSBA and OSSSM staff, focusing on the important role of school board teams. Like with previous regional meetings, insights shared by members will directly inform future KSBA resources and trainings.
Policy reference 01.83
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