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October 2020
Katrina Kinman, Editor
Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the latest executive orders from Gov. Andy Beshear urging everyone who can to stay “Healthy At Home,” KSBA has limited office operations and many of us are working remotely to serve you. Thank you for your patience.
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Online Manual (Procedures) – Walton-Verona Independent, Calloway County boards of education
Annual policy updates

KRS 160.340 requires that policies shall be kept up to date by filing annual amendments by Aug. 15 and shall be public records. In order to provide an opportunity for boards to have two readings prior to the start of the school year, by the last week in May, district superintendents and policy contacts received a set of recommended policy/procedure changes that KSBA generates based on additions and revisions to federal and state laws and regulations, along with other recommended policy changes. Additionally, at the end of July KSBA sent a Title IX Sexual Harassment interim update due to changes in federal law which became effective on Aug. 14. If you haven’t done so already, please send the completed update checklists back to your assigned policy consultant to finalize.
Policy reference 01.5
COVID-19 impact on policies
KSBA does not recommend making permanent changes to local board policies to address unique and evolving COVID-19-related issues. Guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and Department of Public Health will drive decision-making at the local level on such issues. As this situation is fluid, it will be necessary for districts to have the ability to quickly make decisions and the adoption process and timelines for formal policies and procedures limit this ability and may create barriers to prompt changes where needed. In most cases, districts can deal with these issues via evolving plan documents communicated to stakeholders, administrative directives where appropriate or board resolutions. Visit KSBA's COVID-19 page for helpful resources and links.
Policy reference 01.5
School counselor survey required by Nov. 1
KRS 158.4416 (3)(e) requires: "No later than November 1, 2019, and each subsequent year, the local school district superintendent shall report to the department the number and placement of school counselors in the district. The report shall include the source of funding for each position, as well as a summary of the job duties and work undertaken by each counselor and the approximate percent of time devoted to each duty over the course of the year."
Policy reference 08.14
School emergency plans

The school council or, if none exists, the principal shall adopt an emergency plan for the school that shall include procedures to be followed in cases of fire, severe weather, earthquake or a building lockdown as defined in KRS 158.164. A copy of the emergency plan, including a diagram of the facilities shall be given to first responders, including local fire, police and emergency medical personnel.

No later than Nov. 1 of each school year, the superintendent shall send verification to the Kentucky Department of Education that all schools are in compliance with school emergency planning requirements.
Policy reference 05.4
Active shooter training

By Nov. 1, a minimum of one hour of annual training on how to respond to an active shooter situation shall be required for all district employees with job duties requiring direct contact with students. The training shall be provided either in person, by live streaming or via a video recording prepared by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training in collaboration with the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, the Kentucky Department of Education and the Center for School Safety and may be included in the four days of professional development under KRS 158.070. For any staff hired after the training has already been provided for the school year, the statute provides that the district shall fulfill this requirement via the provision of training materials to such staff. KRS 156.095(7)
Policy references 03.19/03.29
Oaths of office

Board members reelected or new board members elected during the 2020 November election will need to take the oaths of office. The guiding statute for the written oath is KRS 160.170 and they must also take the verbal constitutional oath (Kentucky Constitution, Section 228). Newly elected board members (including those elected to a subsequent term) should take the verbal oath and sign the written oath on or before the date their term of office begins (Jan. 4, 2021 for this election cycle). For additional information and a copy of the oaths click on the link below:

Policy reference 01.2
Last call for training credits

This year’s Winter Symposium will be held Dec. 4-5 in Louisville. The event is the final conference before the Dec. 31 training deadline, and with it, the final opportunity in 2020 to earn significant training hours. Those who do not may be subject to disciplinary action by the state. KSBA does not want that to happen to you! Watch for registration information for the 2020 Winter Symposium on our website soon!

Training opportunity for newly elected board members

The Winter Symposium of an election year is the ONLY time members can start their state-mandated training before they are sworn in to give them an opportunity to earn training for the following year. Newly elected board members may take part in board service orientation called "New Board Member Boot Camp." If you will have newly elected members joining your board, please make sure they know about the conference and save the dates for it.

Policy reference 01.83
Mileage rate update

If your district reimburses for mileage at the state rate, be advised that the rate per mile effective Oct. 1 through Dec. 31is 39 cents per mile. This information can be reviewed quarterly via this link:

Policy references 03.125/03.225
Policy reference 01.83

Annual Conference (Ky. International Convention Center, Louisville)
Feb. 19 - 21, 2021

KOSAA Winter Meeting (Louisville Marriott Downtown)
Feb. 19, 2021
Policy reference 01.83
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