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October 2021
Katrina Kinman, Editor
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School council meetings and minutes
KSBA’s eMeeting service is available to SBDM councils and provides a way for the action of the council to be recorded and spread upon the minutes as required by law. More information may be found on KSBA's website.

All meetings of the council are open to the public and subject to the open meetings law. Council records are also subject to open records law and the Records Retention Schedule, Public School District.

The principal shall be the chair of the council and shall be responsible for securing minutes that record the council's actions. Minutes shall be approved by the council, kept in a permanent file along with other council records, and open to public inspection. A copy of the minutes of each council meeting shall be forwarded by the principal to the superintendent who shall keep the board informed of council actions.

Policy reference 02.42 3
School emergency plans
The school council or, if none exists, the principal shall adopt an emergency plan for the school that shall include procedures to be followed in cases of fire, severe weather, earthquake or a building lockdown as defined in KRS 158.164. A copy of the emergency plan, including a diagram of the facilities shall be given to first responders, including local fire, police and emergency medical personnel.

No later than Nov. 1 of each school year, the superintendent shall send verification to the Kentucky Department of Education that all schools are in compliance with school emergency planning requirements.

Policy reference 05.4
Superintendent to report number of school guidance counselors
No later than Nov. 1, 2019, and each subsequent year, the superintendent shall report to the Kentucky Department of Education the number and placement of school counselors in the district. The report shall include the source of funding for each position, as well as a summary of the job duties and work undertaken by each counselor and the approximate percent of time devoted to each duty over the course of the year.

Policy reference 08.14
Alternative education policies and procedures
As required by 704 KAR 19:002, the board shall review its Alternative Education Policy and accompanying procedures annually regarding (a) The purpose of the program, including the ways the program supports the district’s college and career readiness goals for students; (b) Eligibility criteria, as appropriate; (c) Process for entering students into the program; (d) Process for transitioning students out of the program; (e) Composition of the team to develop the ILPA, which shall include an invitation to the parents to participate and, as appropriate, an invitation to the student to participate; and (f) Procedures for collaboration with outside agencies involved with involuntary placements, including courts or other social service agencies to address student transitions between programs.

Policy reference 09.4341
Procedure reference 09.4341 AP.21
Mileage rate update
If your district reimburses for mileage at the state rate, be advised that the rate per mile effective Oct. 1 through Dec. 30, is 44 cents per mile. This information can be reviewed quarterly via this link:

Policy references 03.125/03.225
Save the Date - Upcoming KSBA Events
Policy reference 01.83
Winter Symposium registration open
Registration for board members and administrators is now open for the 2022 Winter Symposium (Dec. 3-4 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown). This event marks the last in-person training opportunity of the year. Click the button below to begin easy online registration. Visit the Winter Symposium page of KSBA’s website for access to special conference-rate hotel accommodations and more helpful information.
Download a full schedule of KSBA’s 2022 Winter Symposium (complete with hard copy registration form).
Regional meetings continue
KSBA's 2021 Regional Meeting tour is well underway. Your association hits the road for the final five meetings beginning Oct. 19. More details, including meeting times and locations, will be announced in the weeks ahead via the Regional Meeting page of KSBA's website.

Board members, districts can now track their own hours
School board members and selected district administrative staff have recently received emailed instructions for logging in to new KSBA portal features that allow our members and their districts to track board training hours – saving valuable time and providing greater transparency.
Visit KSBA's Member Portal resources page for helpful training documents and videos to help you get started tracking hours online. Please note that the online training hour tracking function currently requires separate login credentials than other portal functions. For access to eMeeting and/or unemployment upload, for instance, you will still visit the existing portal.
Should you have additional questions or concerns please contact Laura Cole.  
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