Dear Tournament Capital Volunteers,
Keep Kamloops is a new initiative that aims to boost the profile of arts, recreation and heritage non-profits during this challenging time. Keep Kamloops will be rolling out a series of marketing campaigns via TV, radio, print media and social media to promote local organizations, and encourage the public to directly donate to those groups. 

Are you a non-profit society or registered charity working in the areas of arts, sports and recreation, or heritage? Apply for free assistance Here.

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Outdoor fastball registration is now open.
There's never been a better time to try it out. For kids ages 5 - 19, all skill levels welcome. Take advantage of early bird pricing by registering before February 15th.
Kamloops Minor Fastball is currently in the planning and developing a competitive program to run alongside their house programs in the U14 & U16 divisions. Do you love softball and are an experienced coach? KMFA would love to work with you to mentor their younger coaches and to work in team development this spring. Please email vicepresident@kamloopsminorfastball.com for more information and to get involved.
Kamloops Minor Baseball Association is in need of volunteers. This is an exciting season as KMBA are tirelessly working at getting kids back to baseball after COVID-19 caused the 2020 season to be cancelled. 13U & 15U house leagues are in need of volunteer assistance as Division Coordinators. Be a part of this exciting time of return to play.
For more information on these positions, or to offer any sort of support please email volunteers@kamloopsminorbaseball.ca
Even if it feels like the world has cme to a standstill, that doesn't mean you should.

We've always believed in the power of movement and a healthy lifestyle. Now that many of us find ourselves isolated at home, cut off from each other and more sedentary than usual, movement has become more important than ever. 

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We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.
KidSport Kamloops is a local chapter of KidSport Canada. Funds raised locally are spent locally and are distributed as grants to cover registration and/or equipment fees associated with participation in a season of sport.
For more information please email us at kidsportkamloops@gmail.com or call 250.828.3822.
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Kamloops Sports Council
Getting to Know Our Local Sport Organizations

Who are you?
My name is Melisa, and I have been part of community football going on 12 years. I am currently the Vice President on our board of directors. Along with a great team of people whom all work hard to help grow football in Kamloops. 

Can you tell us a little about your organization,
and how long it has been active and operating?
KCFS was started in 2008. Our organization started to provide the community with football for all kids. To not only teach the kids to play football, but a program that emphasizes in leadership, dedication, integrity, respect, and fair play. We strive to give players a safe experience putting kids first and winning second.

Where do your members meet and train?
We offer a few different programs for our community, so we are widely spread in Kamloops depending on the program. For our winter flag program, we are usually at the Kamloops dome. That program usually runs between January to March. For a spring flag program which runs from April to June, we are at a few different fields all over Kamloops. Our fall tackle program starts in mid-July and runs until mid-November, and for that program we train mainly on the grass and the turf field area at the Tournament Capitol center.

Describe your members in one word.
There are so many words to describe our members. The one word that we hear from our members and their families is the word - Family. The kids in the end have a huge feeling of respect and commitment from each other which you would find in a family.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments or achievements
as an organization that you would like to highlight? 
There are so many accomplishments we see in all of our programs. Our proudest accomplishment is watching all of the kids excel. For some of our kids, watching them go from the little seven-year-old Atoms all the way up to our Kamloops college team at the Kamloops Broncos. They never forget where they started. Then seeing them come back and work and play with our new little Broncos being true role models and inspirations for them to look up to.

What has KCFS been working on lately, and
what are some of KCFS’ future goals?
This season we are working along the BCPFA. The BCPFA is one of our bigger football bodies, and we will be working alongside them to start up our very first ever Football Academy in Kamloops. We will be able to provide football for every child from the ages of 7 years old to 18 years old. With high school football slowly declining in Kamloops as well as many school sports not being able to play, we have been working very hard to provide a high-level structured program where the kids can attend there school and still be able to play football with a great and knowledgeable coaching staff. We want to give the kids a feeling of high school football at its best. We are also working on providing high level football for those kids who wish to move forward with football and play on programs such as Team BC. 

Who are some volunteers that you would like to highlight
in your community for their work and dedication?
We are blessed to have many volunteers that are hardworking. We are also very lucky to have a very dedicated Board of Directors that spend all year dedicated to growing football in Kamloops.

Where would you like to see positive
change in Kamloops sport and why?
We would like to see growth in other sports which could give children more athleticism and be more versatile. In order to see growth in sports there would need to be more field and facility accessibility to give the little programs room to grow.
What do you think makes Kamloops a great sporting community? 
Kamloops is very lucky to have beautiful facilities both indoor and outdoor to provide proper training for our young athletes.

Tell us something that not everyone
would know about your organization?
One thing people may not know about KCFS is it is a non-profit organization run solely on volunteers.

How do people connect with KCFS to learn more and get involved? 
You can find more information on our website at kcfs.ca. You can also join us for all the action on our Facebook page at Kamloops Community Football Society.


The Kamloops Sports Council Team