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KSGOP Chairman Kelly Arnold

  Chairman's Update


Most of you know by now that in Thursday's British Election  the Conservative Party stunned the pollsters and won an outright majority of seats in parliament.


Brandon Kenig, the immediate past President of the Kansas Young Republicans, was in London helping the Conservative Party election effort.  His summary below:


What did the elections in Kansas, Israel, and the UK have in common? The media pollsters blew it.  As one commentator said:  "There is no silence more delicious than that of a political class gobsmacked into speechlessness."  


Or as Jim Messina, Obama's key adviser, summed it up: "I think most public polling is garbage, and is wrong," - something the Kansas media may want to remember in 2016.

Also-  in the fun fact department - did you know that half our statewide elected officials (3 of 6) did advanced graduate studies in England? 


The legislature voted on additional bills this last week and is still working intensely on budget and tax issues.


Next week the party executive director and I will be at the RNC Meeting in Phoenix being briefed on the national effort for 2016, now that the lessons learned from 2014 have been evaluated.  


Last- the Southern Republican Leadership Conference will be in Oklahoma City, May 21-23. Top Republicans will be speaking. Short trip from many places in Kansas.  More below



by Brandon Kenig
T he United Kingdom has its first Conservative majority government in 23 years and Young Republicans from the US were part of the plan to achieve victory.

I joined a small group of YRs in London to campaign for the Conservatives.  The stakes were high: Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives had governed in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats for the past five years, and the polls showed that the Conservatives were set to lose seats, while Labour (the leftist party) and the Scottish National Party (supporting an independent Scotland) would gain seats, requiring the formation of another unstable coalition government or - worse yet - a minority government.
Brandon is on the right.

Our group toured the Conservative Party Campaign Headquarters in London, witnessing the extraordinarily coordinated "War Room" operation, the centralized floor where researchers, bloggers, digital marketers, press watchers, and spin doctors all gathered to manage the campaigns for all 650 parliament seats and ensure the party's message was disciplined and consistent. 

We  jumped on a "battle bus" with other young Conservative Party activists to visit targeted marginal constituencies (where the result would be within a few hundre d votes either way). 

London is not as far from Kansas as I thought: during the Conservative Party battle bus adventure, I met the national party chairman, who has visited Kansas City and Wichita. I also met with the Prime Minister's adviser on entrepreneurship, who was familiar with KC due to the entrepreneurship research of the Kauffman Foundation, which he uses regularly to aid in crafting free market friendly policies that encourage innovation in the UK.

We campaigned hard in marginal constituencies throughout greater London, including Croydon, Brentford and Isleworth, Windsor, and North Enfield, We knocked on doors, talked to voters, handed out literature and even stood outside of the some of the busiest train stations in London to hand out leaflets to voters during the peak evening traffic commutes. 

Most insightful was the opportunity to serve as a poll watcher (called "tellers" here in the UK). I tracked the voters arriving in and out of two polling places throughout the day and also monitored for any illegal electioneering and voter intimidation tactics, which was a concern at a few polling places.

In the end, the polls could not have been more wrong: the Conservatives swept through England, gaining many seats, and also obtained their largest seat share in Wales since 1983. David Cameron will now have his first-ever majority in Parliament and be able to govern without concessions to the other parties for the first time in five years. This is a dramat ic and exciting (as well as unexpected) outcome in the UK's most unpredictable election in more than a generation and I'm glad that we were able to contribute to the winning majority and help our friends here in the UK, doing our part to obtain the the first Conservative majority government in 23 years.

P.S. Prior to my arrival the left-leaning Guardian newspaper ran a hit piece about our arrival  to campaign for the Conservatives, and a Labour Member of Parliament (MP) claimed that we were involved in a "subversion of democracy."   

Blue is Conservative (331 seats); Red is Labour (232 seats); Yellow is Scottish Nationalist (56 seats)

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Sent to the Governor:


Kansas Charitable Gaming Act in response to the constitutional amendment approved by the voters last November, making raffles for nonprofits legal. The bill creates new law on charitable raffles; updates regulations that haven't been substantially changed in decades; and legalizes participation in fantasy sports leagues. 

To the Senate from the House:


Renewable Energy:  A Bill would make the five-year-old mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) a voluntary goal but insulate renewable power from sharp property tax increases for at least a decade. 


Marijuana & Hemp:  House Bill 2049 would reduce the penalties for possession of marijuana; create an opportunity to legally acquire marijuana oil shown to improve the quality of life for some children with seizures, and encourage research at Kansas universities on the potential of industrial hemp as a crop. 



33rd Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony:  

Friday, Governor Brownback and Attorney General Schmidt Today,  paid tribute to the 272 Kansas law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. A somber moment for all .



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 The RNC has four districts and each district holds a leadership conference every 2 years.  


The Southern Republican Leadership Conference will be in Oklahoma City, May 21-23.  It is close.


Some of the confirmed speakers:  Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, T Boone Pickens, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, John Bolton- and others.




Event Details Are On the Calendar at the State Party Website:    www.ksgop.org



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