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KSGOP Chairman Kelly Arnold

  Chairman's Update


Exciting times with the budget and debt ceiling in DC.  Given the unpredictable nature of all that we'll hold comment.  We are proud of our entire federal delegation.  


Locally, I wanted to point out two examples that demonstrate the stark differences between the parties.  


     Point 1: On September 28 the Democrats filled a vacant House 92 (Wichita) seat.  There were three precinct leader votes and one candidate.  On September 29 the Republicans filled a vacant House 9 (Neosho & Allen counties) seat- there were 57 precinct leader votes and 4 candidates.  


   Point 2:  We hosted Congressman Paul Ryan at two major fundraisers.   Lots of publicity & pictures of him with Governor Brownback.   


    Kathleen Sebelius hosted a fundraiser for Paul Davis in Johnson County- anyone seen a picture of them together?  Neither have we.  But given the total disaster that Obamacare has become, that was probably a wise move.   


#FireSebelius  (1min 30sec)




Other than the debt and budget matters - here are two things of which Kansans can be proud.


#1)  Senator Pat Roberts Demanded the Resignation of Secretary Sebelius


After all the promises, the wheels came off Obamacare and it is now, undeniably, a total disaster.  (see the video above).  The first signs were the delays for big business & Obama supporters and the admission that, after all, you can't keep your own doctor.  Then came the rollout--- BOOM!  







 #2)  Our Federal Delegation has Gone to Incredible Lengths to Help Our Veterans Visit the War Memorials That Obama Tried to Shut Down.  


Senator Roberts Speaks at Veterans Rally at WWII Memorial
Senator Roberts Speaks at Veterans Rally at WWII Memorial (1 min)



Senator Roberts helped lead the storming of the barricades

Piling the wall in front of the White House

KS Honor Flight - our delegation back center

Rep Huelskmap

Rep Yoder

Rep Pompeo

Senator Moran

Rep Jenkins


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Important Kansas Happenings

Don't Forget:  Mike Huckabee:  will be speaking in Ottawa, Franklin County, Saturday, November 2.  Get your tickets here:  


Gov Brownback and Paul Ryan had over two hours of open free flowing media availability during Ryan's Kansas visit.

Kansas College Republicans attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in St Louis

Last week was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday.  Did you know his great-grandson, Shanti Gandhi is a republican House Rep from Topeka?


There is a far left-wing organization in Johnson County calling itself "Game On For Kansas Schools".  Last week they came up with a new one:  

The Voters of Kansas are too stupid to elect legislators, so decisions on taxing and spending should be made by unelected groups of elitists, with no accountability to the people.  That's right -  YOU are too stupid to decide what happens to your own tax money. 

 'Just leave your tax money at the door folks, move along, nothing to see here taxpayers.'

This is what we are fighting-  well funded front groups for leftwing special interests.  


Delegates to the 37th biennial convention of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) elected KS Republican Becky Johnson to the Executive Committee as fourth vice president for the 2014-2015 term.   She is a resident of Parker, KS, & will take office Jan 1, 2014. 




Becky was also presented with the 2013 Ronald Reagan Leadership Award. The award recognizes the outstanding leadership of one state president based on overall leadership and initiation of new programs, increases in membership, participation in national programs, and excellence in public relations and campaign efforts.


Johnson has been active in Republican politics since 1968;  has served in numerous offices at the local, state and national levels of the Federation, is Kansas director of Maggie's List, serves on the Kansas Republican Party Executive Committee and on the Board of Governors of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series.  

Governor Brownback Banner

Gov Brownback

 Governor Brownback continues to gain national praise for what he and the Republican Legislature have accomplished in Kansas.  The grassroots stormed the citadel in 2010 and 2012 and things are changing. (Click on Title)


From Forbes:


[ How Kansas Governor Brownback Schooled Missouri On Tax Cuts, And Showed The Region How To Grow ]


From National Review:


[ What's Right with Sam Brownback ]




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