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KSGOP Chairman Kelly Arnold

  Chairman's Update


 OK, I'll say it - "we told you so." Obamacare, that monument to big-government liberalism, for which we have waited for 3 years and after costing hundreds of millions of your tax dollars - finally rolled out.  And it was a total debacle, a humiliating failure  that proves beyond any reasonable doubt the incompetence of the Obama administration.


The Benghazi and the NSA scandals are back in the news.  And the IRS with a new one-  over the last 10 years it paid out more than $110 billion in earned income tax credits to people who didn't qualify. 


Obama, of course, claimed he knew nothing about any of this.   Even the liberals describe his excuses as "implausible deniability."  Do we even have a president or just a speech-giving figurehead?


And into this mess jumped Paul Davis (D) and his newly announced side-kick, Jill Docking (D).  Davis was twice an Obama delegate and Docking was Obama's state campaign co-chair.  Paul Davis & Jill Docking remain strong backers of Obama & Obamacare.  


 By the way - At his rollout, Davis adamantly refused to answer a simple question -whether he would raise taxes on Kansans or accept the wisdom of the Republican tax cuts.  




PS:  Later today we will send out an early bird registration e-mail for our State Convention:  Jan 24-25, in Wichita!

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Important Kansas Happenings

50,000:   Last week the State Party volunteers assembled and mailed their 50,000th letter of the year.  For a special thank you, Gov Brownback, Lt Gov Colyer, Sec Kobach, AG Schmidt and Treasure Estes came by and Senator Roberts and Congresswoman Jenkins called in to offer thanks for all the work.  

Margie Canfield with 
Gov Brownback & Sec Kobach

Elected Officials thanking the volunteers who do their mailings

Saturday, Mike Huckabee spoke in Ottawa, KS, at an event held by the Franklin County Republican party.  Dozens of elected officials and hundreds of others attended.  
Newt Gingrich will be in Johnson County, Friday, November 8, 1:30-3:00pm for a rally with Sen Roberts at the JoCo GOP Office,
12651 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS  
As most of you know, the Kansas Democrats announced Jill Docking as their Lt Gov candidate and along with Paul Davis went on a four-city bus tour.

We, of course, had teams show-up at the tour stops to check things out and talk to the media.  Some pictures:

In Wichita, as Paul Davis was talking about how democrats are not divisive, his supporters had these signs up.
Protester Sign:  "There are no two Kansas Communities less interested in one another than Douglas Co. [home of Paul Davis] & Western Kansas"

Although the Davis Team forbid signs showing support for Obama or Obamacare, Dennis Moore, a former congressman and key Obamacare supporter, made an appearance.


Lost Coverage:  10 to 12 million Americans will lose their existing plans - even if they liked them -- a fact Obama knew three years ago  (remember:  "If You Like Your Insurance Plan, You Will Keep It. No One Will Be Able To Take That Away From You."??)

Can't Keep Your Doctor:  People will not be able to keep their doctors (remember:  "If you like your doctor, you're going to be able to keep your doctor."??)

Sticker Shock:  Millions will pay substantially more for their health insurance (remember:  "If you've got health insurance, we're going to work with you to lower your premiums by $2500 per family per year. And we will not wait 20 years from now to do it or 10 years from now to do it. We will do it by the end of my first term."??)

Bob Woodward: a "rat's nest of concealment and lies" is at the heart of many Obama administration scandals and miscues.

CNBC:  Consumer anger is boiling over and a crisis point is fast approaching.

Romney:  His "fundamental dishonesty" over Obamacare is "rotting away" . . . "the whole foundation of his second term."

Atlantic:  "the result of gross negligence, ignorance, and the violation of engineering best practices at just about every step of the way"

Democrat Senators:  Abandoning ship and demanding a delay in the individual mandate

Starbucks CEO:  "It's off the rails, . . . What the country needs now is real honesty and transparency and truth about what's really going on."

  • claimed the law required her to open the website on Oct 1  - Wrong! - she selected the date.
  • "I don't work for the people who want me fired"
  • And who was responsible: "Whatever"


Senator Pat Roberts

Sen Roberts was on fire this week:

1) "One year ago today I wrote the President following the terrorist attacks and the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.  As a former Marine, I was concerned about the damage it would do to those who serve our nation in harm's way. I am still waiting for a response."           [ Letter ]  
2)  "Why are US general aviation aircraft being stopped and searched by Customs & Border Protection when the aircraft hasn't crossed a US border?  Were Constitutional rights violated?"  [ Letter ]

3)  "Doctors take an oath to protect their patients' privacy. It's a sacred trust. Who in the Federal Government has taken a similar oath? That is an answer every patient deserves." 
4)  "Americans will never bargain away the right to bear arms - especially to the United Nations. The Senate will not ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty and I will do everything I can to prevent the UN and the Obama Administration's attempt to bargain away our Second Amendment rights."
5)  "The EPA is determined to kill the coal industry, which powers over 75% of Kansas. The EPA insists on implementing rules that circumvent Congress and deny the people a voice in our government."


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Senator Jerry Moran

Senator Jerry Moran  joined U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in introducing the "Delay Until Fully Functional Act", a bill delaying the individual mandate under Obamacare until six months after the GAO certifies that the Exchange website is fully functional.


Over the past year, HHS has wasted $1.7 billion of tax payer money into the failed Obamacare exchange website. Kathleen Sebelius plans to transfer $450 million without the need for Congressional approval. 


To read Sen. Moran's comments please click here


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1st Dist Rep Huelskamp
1st District Congressman 
Tim Huelskamp 

Challenge to Sebelius:  
"The bigger picture is the arrogance of the Obama Administration and other liberals in Washington who think they can successfully manage this massive government expansion opposed by a majority of Americans. The website is just a symptom of that problem."   He  is also calling for Secretary Sebelius to resign. For more information please click here. 

Responds to Media Racism:  "The mainstream media are totally ignoring one of the worst examples of over-the-top racism and bigotry that took place this past week."   Alan Grayson (D- Fl) put out a fundraising e-mail comparing the Tea Party to the KKK.  No surprise, the Mainstream Media went silent.   "That is because you hear the same from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, ABC's Cokie Roberts . . .  that Tea Partiers and other conservatives who disagree with" the liberal elite are racists.  


They seem to have forgotten that the KKK were all democrats and in the 1920s it was the Republicans who ran the KKK out of Kansas.  


Town Hall Tour:  

Nov 4:  Sheridan, Thomas, Logan, Gove, Lane Cty

Nov 6:  Ellis & Rooks Cty (#200)

Nov 8: Washington & Marshall Cty

(see the party calendar for locations & times at www.ksgop.org)



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Rep Lynn Jenkins
2nd District Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, CPA

Lynn Jenkins and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) released the following statements following the introduction of a constitutional amendment to ensure all government officials are held to the same standard as the American people under U.S. laws.


"This amendment should not be necessary, but we continue to see instances where the administration, members of Congress, or other groups have been able to carve out special treatment under U.S. law.  Those who make the laws, should have to live by those laws.  It is not fair that those in a position of power are treated differently than every other hardworking American."


For more information please click here.


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4th Dist Rep Pompeo
4th District Congressman Mike Pompeo

 Mike Pompeo questioned Kathleen Sebelius in the Committee hearing on the failures of Obamacare.  The President has said hundreds of times-in order to sell Americans on Obamacare-that "if you like your plan, then you can keep it.  Period."  Many Kansans are finding out-through cancellation letters from health insurance companies-that this isn't true.  Secretary Sebelius contended that these insurance plans, including ones that she approved when she was Kansas Insurance Commissioner, are "not true insurance plans" by her standard.  This is absurd.


Watch the video of Congressman Pompeo questioning Sec. Sebelius:


Sebelius to Pompeo: Insurance sold while I was Kansas Insurance Commissioner wasn't true insurance
Sebelius to Pompeo: Insurance sold while I was Kansas Insurance Commissioner wasn't true insurance



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Governor Brownback Banner

Gov Brownback

 Hispanic Business Forum:

About 100 small business owners gathered in Wichita to discuss the growth of Hispanic businesses in Kansas.  Governor Brownback led a panel discussion and applauded businesses for their growth.  It was an open discussion with the Hispanic business community about economic development in Kansas, resources available to Hispanic businesses and marketing a business in Kansas.


 Kansas Energy Production

 "I am approximately 800 feet below the surface near Fredonia, KS, in a mine shaft for oil production. I'm learning about new recovery technology that tunnels under the oil formation, then drills up into it. Fascinating!"



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Schmidt, Derek

 Consumer Protection:  Wichita is the site of next week's National Association of Attorneys General Fall Consumer Protection Seminar.  The conference brings staff from the consumer protection offices of 46 states and territories to a three-day seminar.  "Protecting consumers from scams and rip-offs is a top priority for the Kansas attorney general's office," said Schmidt, who serves as co-chair of the Consumer Protection Committee for the national organization.  Sessions will focus on topics such as mobile phone cramming, military consumer protection, identity theft and data breaches.


Schmidt announced the new initiative, called "In Your Corner Kansas,"  The new outreach effort features a new website, www.InYourCornerKansas.org. The website contains information about the latest scams being reported to the Attorney General's office, and answers to frequently asked questions about consumer protection issues on a variety of topics.



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