KTA is working tirelessly to protect Kratom and its millions of consumers in the US. Our team is monitoring legislation on the state and federal levels, conducting outreach and educating legislators and their staff about this natural product. We’ve also been busy preparing useful resources for the Kratom industry, coming later this month. Stay up to date on the latest KTA news by following us on Facebook  and  Twitter .
KTA continues to engage in legislative outreach with Holland & Knight, a nationally-recognized federal lobbying and legal firm that specializes in federal policy and FDA and DEA regulations. Our staff is assessing Senate consideration of opioid legislation before the U.S. Senate to ensure nothing occurs to compromise the legal availability of Kratom. We’ve had numerous meetings and discussions with Senate committee staff and Senators' offices to ensure they understand the science of Kratom, including that it is not an opioid. We will continue to actively monitor and participate in ongoing dialogue with the FDA and DEA on any potential scheduling of Kratom.
KTA will release several new resources for members in the coming month, containing valuable information for anyone who works in the Kratom industry. Keep a lookout on KTA’s social media channels for availability.

  • Legislative Briefs: KTA’s legislative team has created summaries on the various opioid-related legislation currently in Congress — what they are, how they might affect access to Kratom, bill statuses, and how you can take action.
  • Kratom Claims Guide: What can and can’t you say about Kratom to ensure that you’re following federal regulations? A simple “Dos and Don’ts” guide will help you navigate the tricky landscape of these regulations, and suggestions for what to say instead of commonly used phrases will make compliance simple and easy.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): KTA and InstantGMP are teaming up on an education campaign explaining GMP best practices that reduce risk to consumers and benefits your business. Members will want to tune into a live, exclusive webinar on September 25 for an in-depth discussion about GMP compliance, so be sure look for details on social media so you don’t miss it!
Misinformation about Kratom remains rampant, but there are some journalists refusing to blindly repeat talking points from regulators and work hard to investigate reports of Kratom danger and “deaths” themselves. One of these reporters, Nick Wing of HuffPost, called out inconsistencies in “Kratom-related deaths” reported in Florida early in August on Twitter and his follow up article.

When we see news stories with incorrect information or only one side of the story, our team provides journalists with the facts and makes public comments on articles to educate reporters and readers with the truth about Kratom. 
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