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December 2018 E-Newsletter
Directors Note

It has been an exciting and eventful fall at KTS! We have been moving forward full speed ahead with entertaining and educational activities, the smell of delicious cooking in the air from our fabulous kitchen (and the joy of eating the delicious, skillfully-prepared food), laughter and joy in the hallways, and new friendships formed and old friendships strengthened.

We are proud of our KTS parents, students, faculty, and staff, for being so proactive; we have a strong community of doers that make magic happen. In this newsletter, you can read about some of the fall magic that already occurred because of our dedicated and enthusiastic community. Here's to more exciting events and limited snow days!
Rhona Schwartz, Director,
High School Program

Nicole Abera, PhD,  
Director, Lower and Middle
School Programs
Thanksgiving Feast

Our Culinary Classes delighted 150 high school students and staff to a catered, delectable Thanksgiving Feast. Chef and Teacher extraordinaire Tracy Wilcox led the group. It was a classy lunch indeed, with the Career Explorations Class creating name cards and table numbers. The music classes picked out the music because ambiance! The meal included traditional Thanksgiving fare including tasty turkey, savory mashed potatoes, super stuffing, and more. In addition to the scrumptious meal, there was a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt to work off the indulgences. Software students made a PowerPoint Presentation with hints.It was truly a team effort to pull this lunch together, which was a delectable success!
Student Versus Staff
Basketball Game

The day before Thanksgiving, students and staff knew they needed to build up their appetite for Thanksgiving eating. Cue the student versus staff basketball game, which was intense. High School students and staff participated. Before playing, students participated in team-building activities to increase spirit and camaraderie. On game day, there were KTS cheerleaders who infused energy into the crowd, and the competition was fierce. The students ended up winning 48-46. Senior Chance coached his team to victory. High School teacher Chris Troy led the staff. There will be more basketball fun in in the near future. On Dec 21st, a new game will commence with a staff vs alumni game. Who will be the victor?
Second Year of Best Buddies with Quince Orchard

KTS is pleased to begin our second year of Best Buddies with Quince Orchard High School students. This lively group meets once per month after school, and individually at other times. Around 14 students participate. High School teachers Sarah Austein and Ria Mahendrepersad lead the group. At the last event participants made posters for what they were thankful for, which was engaging and showcased impressive artistic talent. At the next event, participants will be making colorful and yummy Gingerbread homes (the tackier the better). The group participates in fun community activities for bonding and friendship; don't hesitate to become involved! 
Horseback Riding

Several students from the Katherine Thomas School's high school program have been participating in a weekly after-school club in partnership with Great and Small Farm's therapeutic horseback riding program. The students are learning how to groom the horse, how to approach a horse, and how to identify the horses by their color. All students are encouraged to get on the horse and learn how to sit on a horse, walk on the horse and trot should they desire to. Safety is very important and all riders have volunteer staff beside the horse. Some of the students were very hesitant to get on the horse at first, but now eagerly anticipate their turn on the horse.

Starting in February, KTS will have an Artist-in-Residence through a grant from Maryland State Arts Council in conjunction with young audiences of Maryland.This year the theme is technology, which most of our students are already professionals in. FutureMakers are running "It’s Alive! Kinetic Creature Lab." Who says sculpture can’t dance or draw? In this technology residency, your young makers invent kinetic electromechanical creatures with distinct personalities! Students draw “coded” character sketches, decode the work of their peers, and develop their designs into 3-D creatures by “sketching with stuff.” Finally, they bring them to life with motors, LED lights and electrical circuits. Elementary students explore color, line, shape, form and kinetic elements, and assign personal meaning to their design choices. Participants in grades 6 and above create coded creatures with increasingly more complex circuits and unique kinetic elements that allow them to draw. All creatures go home after a culminating creature dance party! 
High School Entrepreneurship Class

The students that take the high school entrepreneurship class proudly opened the high school school store which sells food and spirit ware. The store is open during morning hours, homeroom, lunch and afternoon advisory period. The students had to present a business plan to the high school director and an entrepreneur Shark Tank style prior to opening the store. Both “sharks” were extremely impressed by both the student's business knowledge and professional delivery.  
What's New in the Kitchen

Purchased through a grant from the KTS Parent Association, students are creating spirited designs and printing the designs with e dible paper. See some of the gorgeous creations below. Cookies embellished with these designs are being sold in the KTS School Store now! 
2018-2019 KTS Calendar

The calendar for the school year can be found here
2018 TLC/KTS Fall Programs

We have several exciting variety of programs this fall!

Social & Emotional Skills Groups
5:30 to 6:30 pm
Ages: Elementary-Early Middle School
Location: Gaither Rd Office
Sign up:, 301.424.5200, ext. 226

ACT Preparation Class
Date: January 8 - March 5 (8 weeks)
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Time: 5:30p.m. - 7:15p.m.
Instructors: Team-Taught by Math and English tutoring specialists with expertise in test preparation
Location: Gaither Rd Office

And more programs offered!
Call Lisa Torvik for more info, 301.424.5200 x306
Have an educational winter!
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