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September 2018 E-Newsletter
Directors Note

Summer just flew by, and with great excitement we begin another school year! This year's theme is Hooked Into Learning and is based on the books Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess and Learn Like a Pirate by Paul Solarz. In addition to having lots of very engaging pirate-themed activities and materials throughout the building, we will also incorporate the themes from the books into classrooms. As teachers teach with passion, immerse themselves in their subject areas, build strong rapport with students, ask thoughtful questions, transform their classrooms and build enthusiasm in their classrooms, students will be empowered to learn with enthusiasm and excitement, know their own learning styles, know what subjects they like, understand how they will use what they're learning in the future as a adults, become more enthusiastic about topics or subjects that are not their favorites and be more successful students. Here's to another great year of learning, fun and creativity!

Rhona Schwartz, Director,
High School Program

Nicole Abera, PhD,  
Director, Lower and Middle
School Programs
High School Extended School Year

We had another successful extended school year, with the focus being on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) .

Students sharpened their math skills by using Quia, practice skill sheets, and went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom measuring various objects using a standardized ruler. They put their measurement skills into action as they made a labyrinth of their own creation using candy or arts/craft objects such as googly eyes, elbow macaroni, pom-poms, and craft sticks.  

Students enriched their English skills by reading literature. They completed a binocular project, painting and attaching string to binoculars they made. They also created stories to go along with the their spy gadgets. Students also created their own spies or secret agents and a larger background using various templates to create two spies. They engaged in discussions about visual aspects that are common to spies and secret agents.

Students gained practical life skills to plan a beach trip. In a whole-group discussion, the students brainstormed a multitude of items necessary to ensure a safe trip to the beach. Individually, students chose 10 items from the class list. Then, the students searched the Walmart website to find the cheapest price for each item. They chose a beach and used Google Maps to find out how long the trip would take, using KTS as their starting location. The students used Expedia to find a hotel, decided how many nights they would stay, and calculated their hotel cost for their entire trip. Finally, the students summed their costs for beach items, transportation, and hotel stay to get a total cost for their trip to the beach!

Additionally, students practiced communication and teamwork skills through an activity where they introduced themselves. They each wrote four statements about themselves - three that were true and one that was false. They walked around the room and socialized with one another using their statements. After ten minutes, the students came together as a whole group and one by one, each student read their four statements to the class. The class collaborated to identify the false statement. Through this activity, students practiced introduction skills, basic communication skills, and how to be skeptical of information presented to them.

Students had STEAM Explorations by creating 'spy gadgets' that the protagonist, Alex Rider, may need during the novel the students are reading in English class. The students started off the week by learning about the Engineering Process, the steps of research, design, trial and error, and refinement that engineers use to create new technologies. The students watched a video with examples of how famous inventors failed before they succeeded to reinforce the need for GRIT when attempting to make something new. 
The students were split into groups where they brainstormed situations where Alex would need a gadget or special tool to be a successful spy. The groups decided that problems they would address would be needing a flashlight, getting around laser security, listening through walls, getting past guards, and being safe from attacks. 

The students researched and brainstormed various ideas and came up with several good solutions.
Lower Middle School Summer Enrichment
The theme of Summer Enrichment was traveling the world, and boy did the students travel! The students explored the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia through interactive and educational activities and field trips. Some examples of the activities accomplished included making pizza (Italy), baking a German chocolate cake (Germany), creating world flags with various arts and crafts mediums, participating in different popular sports in the various countries, and exploring the music of the world. It was a busy and fun summer!
2018-2019 KTS Calendar

The calendar for the next school year can be found here
2018 TLC/KTS Fall Programs

We have several exciting variety of programs this fall!

Forming Now! Social & Emotional Skills Groups
Wednesdays in October
5:30 to 6:30 pm
Ages: Elementary-Early Middle School
Location: Gaither Rd Office
Sign up:, 301.424.5200, ext. 226

ArtStream Classes
Mondays October 1 – November 26th (no class 11/12)
3:45 – 5:15 p.m.
Grades 6-12
"All about Theatre"
Come have fun in this class & see how learning about Theater & Musical Theater will help improve your self-expression — both verbal & physical. We play theater games, get physical, & use our imagination! Free the actor in you! 

ACT Preparation Class
Date: January 8 - March 5 (8 weeks)
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Time: 5:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.
Instructors: Team-Taught by Math and English tutoring specialists with expertise in test preparation
Location: Gaither Rd Office

And more programs offered!
Call Lisa Torvik for more info, 301.424.5200 x306
Have a wonderful school year!
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