Meet the Candidates 2011

Election Day: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Kingston Uptown Residents’ Alliance (KURA) has developed six questions that relate to the major issues facing Kingston. These questions were based on a survey of its membership and recent analysis. An individual letter was sent to all candidates and they were given an opportunity to express their views for publication in the electronic media. The issues were:

  1. Kingston is not competitive because of its high taxes
  2. The unaffordable and unsustainable pensions and benefits
  3. Kingston’s failure to attract required new businesses
  4. Kingston’s poor and deteriorating physical appearance
  5. Over- assessment of Kingston properties have cost taxpayers dearly
  6. Kingston’s unmet potential for being a tourist destination

The candidates submitted positions, which follow each question. The document is divided into two major sections the Mayoral Candidates and the Alderperson Candidates.

We hope that this information will assist you in evaluating the candidates and permit you to vote in an informed manner. We also want to thank the candidates for taking the time to address these difficult issues.

To access this KURA document CLICK HERE

KURA Executive Committee