It’s been an unprecedented challenge to keep our all-volunteer music station up and running when volunteers must stay out of the station to safeguard their health. Fortunately, we have a dedicated staff and a library of archived shows to work with. And fortunately we began planning for the pandemic early, so we had a strategy in place when the time came. Still, we had to work on the fly to put together a volunteer news team (thanks Joyce Miller, Keith Porter, and Claudio Mendonca) to cover issues as they relate locally to COVID-19, as well as edit and automate weeks of programming so we can still provide your favorite shows. To add to the muddle, in the first days of the stay-at-home order for California, Nevada County had snowstorms and power outages. An unexpected bright spot of this surreal disruption is that KVMR strengthened relationships with county emergency networks and hospitals. KVMR is the little community station that could, and it’s all thanks to our listener-supporters. THANK YOU KVMR family!
The once-busy community room goes dark. We miss our people. Stay safe 'til we meet again!
Felton Pruitt mans the board. Thanks to Mary McClain & Barb Ferrier for delivering handmade masks to help us protect each other.
We estimate our budget shortfall to be in the area of $200,000. Facts.
If you’re wondering how you can help, KVMR still needs your financial support. We are in the process of evaluating and postponing many of the event-related fundraisers KVMR participates in throughout the year, and are working to adapt to a drop in revenue as our business supporters get back on their feet as well. The forecast is that we will need to rely more heavily on listener support than in the past. This email is not to ask for money, but who are we to ever get in the way of generosity ? We are still planning our Spring Drive, we're just not totally sure when. No matter what, KVMR is here to stay, serving our community with the information you need and as your music sanctuary & friend. See our business supporters HERE .
Will it be 'MAY DAY' as in Dancing Around a Maypole, or 'MAYDAY' as in SOS? Our confinement or our release-- either way, let's dance around our living room together!
Last week I deleted and reinstalled the news app on my phone TWICE and stress ate a dozen taquitos at midnight... Read: I'm CRACKING UP. I need people, and that means YOU. Fortunately, KVMR's community doesn't rely on proximity, we can be together just by turning the radio on. So let's have some FUN together, and what's more fun than an all-request show about the PANDEMIC?

Send your song request for our Pandemic Playlist (and a catchy title for the show while you're at it), then tune in Friday, MAY 1st, 4-6 PM . Is it going to be Jimi Hendrix's Freedom or The Kinks' Dead End Street ? Reply to this email with your request-- or email We'll pick the top songs and dance around our living rooms alone together.
In Memory of Beloved Longtime KVMR Broadcaster Haines Ely

Veteran broadcaster P. Haines Ely passed away last month, after over 30 years of hosting two KVMR shows, Earth Mysteries and Blues Spectrum. With sharp wit and a dry sense of humor, Haines invited his listeners to "pull the wool over your own eyes." His day job was an MD, with a practice in Nevada County, and as a professor at UC Davis. He's survived by his wife, Jennifer, four children, one granddaughter, and dog Connor. We love you Haines & will truly miss you!

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I VIBRATE my BONES to get the birds in the mood. WHO AM I?
FRESH MEAT new shows on air and on the archives
TODAY (Wednesday) 1 PM-- Reinette Senum & Martin Webb discuss local opportunities for change surrounding food, water, energy, and healthcare LISTEN LIVE

Meet Claudio Mendonca [pictured]-- one of three volunteer broadcasters keeping up the flow of information and news. Thanks also to Keith Porter & Joyce Miller for working through the pandemic as our volunteer news team. Claudio's also been editing shows for rebroadcast while KVMR's doors are closed. Thanks so much to all three for their hard work and dedication!

Keith Porter is featured in an article on the website- check it out HERE .

And CONGRATULATIONS to Jerianne Van Dijk! She scored "other favorite" in two reader polls for Best of Nevada County, one for visual art and the other for best radio personality. You're #1 in our book, Jerianne! Read more HERE .
Hang in there family!