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Over the past year, KVMR’s emergency response system has grown to meet new challenges. Last October PG&E began Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and many California residents lost power for a total of 23 days. We found our emergency protocols & equipment were not up to the extended outages. Then in March, 2020 KVMR shut our doors in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Realizing we need to be ready to provide public safety & emergency information in crises we can’t foresee, this year KVMR invested heavily in updating equipment and revamping protocols for emergency response. Some of the measures we've taken in preparation for the upcoming season:
  • New equipment for transmitting the signal from Banner Mountain: Last year, running our little generator for extended periods fried our transmitter. We upgraded to an industrial-grade 1800rpm generator, new transmitter, new automation system for playing radio programs recorded off-site; massive fire-safe clearing, new pad for generator.
  • New equipment for off-site radio production: 4 new Yamaha desktop mixing boards for remote broadcasting, 6 additional mics, 2 laptop computers.
  • New Protocols: Team of 12 emergency-response broadcasters– all trained in reliable sources of information for consistent coverage in emergencies.
  • New equipment for safe social distancing: New board in Studio A in anticipation of broadcasters' return!
  • New emergency certification training: KVMR General Manager Ali Lightfoot developed the curriculum, collaborating with Nevada County Office of Emergency Services (OES), which all broadcasters are currently engaged in.
In good times community radio is a hub for arts & culture and civic engagement, and is fun. It's good for property values and the cultural landscape of a place. But when there's a crisis, community radio goes from 'bonus' to vital information network. While we all love great music and friends on the air, the important role KVMR plays as Emergency Broadcast Service is essential for public safety. KVMR spent tens of thousands of dollars more than anticipated to make necessary upgrades this year. Thanks to our donors. You make community radio possible.
Eric Rice and interns Ezra & Josh from Bitney Springs High School install brand spankin' new industrial generator, February 2020.
In March, 10 ft of snow took KVMR off-air. With no remote switch, Buzz navigated downed power lines hidden by snow to make the switch!
In the process of updating equipment and protocols, we’ve developed a WISHLIST.

Electric Wiring and Software for Main to Standby Transmitter-- $10k
To switch from the main transmitter to the backup one via remote control instead of having someone go to the Banner Mountain site. No more navigating downed lines to get KVMR back on air ever again.

New Batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in our building-- $4k 
These supply us with electricity as the generators fire up. They didn't always work for us last season and you have to restart all the computers & reconfigure systems. This caused us to be off air for 20 minutes or more. When there's no power and the radio goes dark too, it's scary.

Fire Safe Measures at Banner Mountain Transmitter Site-- $4k If the transmitter burns down, we are in big trouble. We cleared a bunch of vegetation a few months ago but it's an ongoing process, and more needs to be done to protect the structures.

Broadcast from Home Kits-- $2k 3 additional staff members should have these kits. It allows us to broadcast from anywhere if we aren't able to get to the station for some reason. Right now only Chief Engineer Buzz has one. News Producer Steve Baker, Content Director Sean Dooley Miller, and General Manager Ali Lightfoot should all have one too.
Our fall membership drive begins in October. Call Membership Director Adriana Kelly to contribute in advance, (530) 264-4165.
Check out ALL the cute animals on our Flickr page! Cover art by Cyle Smith.
Just us chickens-- George Foreman, Madge & Vivian, and yes, George is a hen...
KVMR's 3rd Annual Pet Pin-Up Calendar accepting submissions through Aug 31st
So many of our listeners have fangs and fur (some of them even have pets!) we decided to showcase how freakin' cute they are by putting them in a calendar. Last year we squeezed in over 160 pets. The #1 reason pets don't make it into the calendar is photo quality, so send a good picture to by August 31st.

Whether they remember agreeing or not KVMR deejays Jerianne Van Dijk & Todd Wahoske signed on for another year of scissor artistry, and we welcome local artist Cyle Smith into the fray. For 2021 we're celebrating the USA's long history of civic engagement to make America greater than before... From the Boston Tea Party to Black Lives Matter, we've come a long way baby, and we're proud of our shared American legacy of activism. Someday there really will be liberty and justice for all!

We'll be choosing MOST KVMR-est ANIMAL 2021 based solely on (our) mood and (your) vibes, so include names and any details you like. Big thanks to BriarPatch Food Co-op & Incredible Pets for support. Submitting a photo gives KVMR the right to use it.
I'm a bit in love with this little gremlin, but we may never learn its true identity since the email included no details. Does this mean I get to name all anonymous pets? Meet Mogwai!
My favorite kind of tabby kitties, doing my favorite kitty cuddling, and mom kitty's name is Leroy! Love it when animals have non-conforming gender identities! These two are ticking all the boxes for MOST KVMR-est!
His goal was to change the world, RIP LORENZO MILAM

Hate comes to our town, former KVMR News Director Brian Bahouth has the STORY

SATIRE is hard in 2020, but we have to try

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Have you heard KVMR's off-the-dial webstream? There's another world of music with a new generation of broadcasters, everything from garage, house, and bedroom pop... Join us in the Big Room on KVMRx. And if you live in Grass Valley/Nevada City you can catch the music terrestrially on 105.7. Listen HERE.