Where I can find some holiday cheer? Asking for a friend…
Meet The Elves
Pet Sounds' Mark Leviton, and Vicky Stanton from A Word In Edgewise, bring you a holiday mashup from The Other Side with The Chrismukka Show. Tuesday, December 15, 8-10PM.
Resilience Radio's co-host, Matilda, diligently guards your booty. Join her and host Miss Jiff for the 12 CDs of Christmas, December 17, 10AM to 1PM on KVMR.
KVMR elves have been busy in their workshops, making the holiday shows you didn't know you needed. All you have to do is turn the radio on and invite a little levity, a little sparkle, a little wintery wonder into your life.

Christmas Cocktail Lounge with Todd & Jerianne (live from Todd's elbow bar) on The Other Side, 8-10pm Tuesday, Dec 8
The Chrismukkah Show starring Vicky Stanton & Mark Leviton on The Other Side, 8-10pm, Tuesday, Dec 15
The 12 CDs of Christmas with Miss Jiff & Matilda on Resilience Radio tune in Thursday, Dec 17, 10am-1pm, and win CDs!
Christmas Winter Wonderland with Mikey The Other Side, 8-10pm Tuesday, Dec 22
All Native Christmas Music on Resilience Radio Thursday, Dec 24, 10AM-1PM
O JOY! KVMR's 2021 Pet Calendar
2021 is tanned, rested and ready-- next year you're going to NEED a calendar! What do you get for the person who has everything? They definitely don't have THIS! While other organizations give you calendars filled with touching moments or sexy coworkers, KVMR's got your funniest, furriest, featheriest, fartiest listeners in a calendar you don't need thumbs to enjoy. If you sent in a pic of your pet this year- they might already be a star! Yes, KVMR pets are people too, and they do a lot less asking if their butt looks big in no pants. We guarantee 12 months of pets to make you smile and the days of the week in the right order, ACT NOW!

The 2021 KVMR Pet Pinup Calendar is your FREE GIFT with a donation of $50 or more. And Incredible Pets is donating 5lbs of food to Animal Save to feed hungry critters for every donation KVMR receives in December. This calendar was made with the support of BriarPatch Food Coop and Incredible Pets-- thank you!
Thank YOU!
Last Friday KVMR's listeners kicked off the holidays by putting their money where their heart is. Thanks to SPD Market for offering a bag of groceries to the Food Bank of Nevada County for the first 100 donors to KVMR, and Incredible Pets donated 5lbs of pet food to Animal Save for every donation. KVMR raised much needed funds for community radio and shared your spirit of giving with local organizations on the front lines of food insecurity. You made a difference! Many thanks to our community partners!

Food Bank of Nevada County's executive Director, Nicole McNeely writes: The Food Bank of Nevada County is currently feeding over 1000 families every week. The donation from KVMR supporters could not have come at a better time. As we prepare for the upcoming weeks ahead and plan for the Holidays, this community needs the support of the Food Bank in order to make ends meet. Thank you KVMR, SPD, and all of the community supporters who helped make this season a little brighter for our community. Visit their website to find out how you can help HERE.

We had three community members offer "matching" dollars throughout the day- thanks to Michael Pugh of Nevada City, Lesley Warren from Auburn, and long-time hosts of Old Radio Theater, Dave & Linda Breninger. A matching gift is when the money you give is contingent on other gifts coming in to "meet the match." When your money is "matched," both parties have doubled their donation to KVMR. If you'd like to inspire giving to community radio through matching gifts, contact membership director Adriana Kelly, membership@kvmr.org.
Food Bank of Nevada County currently feeds 1000 families a week. Thanks to listeners for pitching in!
Not-so-secret Santas Dave and Linda Breninger, hosts of Old Radio Theater, alternate Sundays 7-8PM on KVMR.
Juicy Hot Links

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HELEN JONES WOODS of International Sweethearts of Rhythm

The Day JOHN LENNON Died December 8, 1980
Tune in this Monday, December 7 at 9am, with Steve Baker for a special tribute to John Lennon. It's been 40 years since we lost a music legend and voice for peace and love in our world. Producer Paul Ingles offers his moving special on KVMR's Monday Morning Show.
So This Happened
We were really excited to begin the process of welcoming the broadcasters back into the station, then our county's COVID numbers exploded. While Nevada County is in the purple tier we postponed reintroduction of broadcasters to the studio. This is the first winter in the pandemic, and we know everybody's sick of it. We're sick of it too. Now is when we have to dig deep and make caring for each other our top priority. Since mid-November, California had an 89% increase in hospitalizations and we could triple those numbers inside a month. Stay vigilant, stay safe, stay compassionate, stay the course. COVID death is preventable death. December is a month of reflection and looking forward-- we have much to be grateful for and optimism about the upcoming year. Let's work together to get our numbers under control. We love you KVMR Family, reach out and touch us any time.
Todd Wahoske & Adriana Kelly collage with hot dogs c. 2019, photo by Jerianne Van Dijk
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