Pitch a tent in your backyard and get ready for Home Sierra - the BEST of 29 years of High Sierra Music Festival.
High Sierra's Grizzly Radio Crew c. 2018. That's Buzz, second from right, hugging his wife Cindy. Photo by Travis Souza.
The late Dan Hicks and Jesse Colin Young performed together at the very first High Sierra Music Festival, and their set kicks off KVMR's "Home Sierra" radio festival Friday, July 2, at 10AM. Home Sierra is 4 days featuring over 100 of the best artist sets from the past 29 years of High Sierra Music Festival. KVMR chief engineer Buzz Barnett has been part of High Sierra's Grizzly Radio from the start. When this year's festival was postponed he put together the next best thing, starting with his favorite stand-out performances from every year, and promptly ran out of room as the project grew to 86 consecutive hours of non-stop music. Check out Steve Baker's Full Article for more info and line-up highlights. Home Sierra begins Friday, July 2, at 10AM, and runs consecutively for 86 hours and 100 artists through Sunday, July 5th at midnight . KVMR's tribute includes John Prine, Toots & the Maytalls, Los Lobos, Ani DiFranco, ALO, Leftover Salmon, Steve Winwood, Dr John, Hugh Masakela, Little Feat- and TOO MANY MORE TO NAME . Enjoy a dream festival in the theater of your mind through the magic of radio. You don't have to miss a thing thanks to KVMR. STREAM
TURN YOUR RADIO ON- KVMR's here for you
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Live festivals not your jam? Try our off-the-dial webstream. There's a whole new world of music and next generation broadcasters, everything from funk, hip-hop, to bedroom pop, gnu wave, and industrial sludge prog . Those last genres are made up, but if it's a real thing it's probably on KVMRx. Listen HERE .
RIP Dame Vera Lynn-- remember when she played an ANTI-HEROIN GIG with Lemmy & Hawkwind?

HAZEL SCOTT plays two grand pianos at the same time

If CHICO & HARPO don't make you smile you might hate fun

STARLIGHT KOMPOST multicultural cosmologist gets real

TALES FROM THE TOUR BUS ParliFunkadelicMentThing encounters zombies

There's such thing as a MASTER TURNTABLIST and he's lit
Nevada City entrepreneur LORD VON SCHMITT on Shark Tank

Complete run of music mag TROUSER PRESS archived for free

1980s TEENAGERS' BEDROOM WALLS Look familiar? This was either you or your kid

The GENIUS OF DOC POMUS - full film

Laurie Anderson's NYC PUBLIC ACCESS PSAs - see why this nerd's in love with her

Governor Cuomo gets trolled for styrofoam COVID-19 MOUNTAIN SCULPTURE
KVMR Broadcasters deliver
Homemade Radio Shows:
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NEW photo of Robert Johnson
Photo credit: Hachette Book Group
Previously there were only two known photos of Blues legend Robert Johnson, neither of them smiling. His stepsister Annye Anderson says of the recently discovered photo- "It shows my Brother Robert the way I remember him-- open, kind, and generous." The photo, the third known photo of Robert Johnson in existence, graces the cover of her forthcoming book, Brother Robert .
KVMR Throwback Thursday - 1990s
This is tough to see and I can't name them all, but in this throwback Thursday pic from the 90s I see Mark Staneart, Carolyn Crane, Bruce Doan, Chris Towne, George Olson, Joseph Guida, Chamba Lane, Michael Keene, Erica Randall, Hap Hazard, Mike Thornton and Richard Tewes... find more people and WIN a prize (TBD).
Meri St May mentoring then-future deejays Caleb & Tyler... it looks like her lunch box is of them!
David Rhodes makes a new Folk Say for you folks from amongst the coats.
Russ Roy aka The Outlaw has learned new tricks and made 3 new shows from home! Blues Spectrum, Juke Joint, and Blues2U .
Paul Emery makes the news from his home studio. Nice set up!
(L-R) Dennis Brunnenmeyer, John Adams & Eric Rice broadcast their homegrown Bluegrass Blowout, Father's Day weekend from a secret location.
Mark Leviton makes Pet Sounds with his new home studio set up.
Philip Wright takes High Flight and wears his sunglasses at night.
Money Matters ' Marc Cuniberti sells the sh*t out of raffle tickets at a Celtic Festival past...
KVMR Throwback Thursday - like 4 months ago...
Who would've thunk dragging brush would be such a fond memory, but turns out those were the good ol' days. (L-R) KVMR Engineer Buzz Barnett , volunteer Perry Blake , DJs Skip Allen Smith , Paul Barbieri , Paule Castro, Chris Towne, Eric Flaherty, Allison Miller , KVMRxer Don Wilkinson .