Nevada County's in the orange tier and KVMR goes live from the Mothership Nov 14
Today seems like a good day to share great news! With Nevada County out of the red and into the orange tier regarding COVID-19, KVMR broadcasters are coming back. There are a bunch of protocols—time between shows, gradual onboarding, emergency broadcasting certification—but after nearly 8 months it’s finally happening. While the world melts down over the ugliest election of the 21st century, KVMR’s got your good news: We’re getting back to normal, no matter who wins tomorrow. Mark your calendars, the first show back is Rick & Audra Snelson’s Hard Country, Saturday, November 14, at noon. The next live in-studio show will be Celtic Cadence with Annie O’Dea Hestbeck, Wednesday, November 20, at 8PM. We’ll be adding about 2 evening and overnight shows a week, first with broadcasters who have not been able to create new content out of the studio, and then a more randomized approach. We came up with this brilliant plan with the help of 104 KVMR broadcasters, who weighed in on the who, what, when and how of reopening. Thanks to all. Any questions about what’s happening at KVMR? Feel free to reach out to General Manager Ali Lightfoot, or Membership Director Adriana Kelly, If we can’t answer your questions we can direct to who can.
Babe Break- we brake for babes
Longtime KVMR broadcaster, April Miranda, makes radio while doing a fashion show from her closet. You're welcome, KVMR Family!
Is that Glenn Close? No, it's Zen Tech & Flea Market's Glenn Far, all dressed up at his other volunteer gig working for the Hospice Thrift. We're jealous Glenn, and want you back!
It’s been a bananas thrillride of crazy emergencies and long hours since we closed the doors in March to protect our community’s health. With 5 fulltime employees, 8 part-time employees, and 3 deputized emergency news volunteers, you can imagine this little staff filling in for 300 regular volunteers has been a challenge. We've logged an additional 1500 staff hours in the last 8 months. Respect and gratitude to the nearly 100 broadcasters who learned new tricks to create radio from their homes and porches—rockstars all. Now, with everything else opening up and Nevada County downgraded to the orange tier, we feel KVMR can carefully invite broadcasters back to make radio from the mothership. It won’t happen all at once, and we’ve created protocols, updated equipment & procedures to keep everyone safe, but we’re delighted it’s starting to happen, as we need a &$%@#*& vacation! Thanks to the listeners for sticking it out, and thanks to the broadcasters who never cease to amaze with their energy and community spirit. Man, we missed you guys so much I’m getting all teary-eyed! Special shout-out to KVMR staff Buzz Barnett, Sean Dooley-Miller, Steve Baker, and Felton Pruitt for editing, scheduling, and putting in long hours behind the mic when there’s an emergency. Also to KVMR deputized news volunteers Joyce Miller, Claudio Mendonca, and Keith Porter for going above and beyond to serve the community. We’re happy to announce we’ve added Claudio as a part-time producer.
This goes without saying, right?
Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 3rd) is Election Day, we hope you’ll exercise your civic duty and rock the vote! This has been a tense election- here’s a gentle reminder that no matter who wins, KVMR will still be here November 4th.
Dude, where's my swag?
Update on masks: So, funny story, PPE is a marketing phrase, not a safety designation. When we received the masks they were more of a costume than a useful face covering, despite the company's declaration that a doctor was consulted on design. I contacted the doctor and she denied all involvement! Hilarious, right? In the mean time, we're reordering somewhere else. Stay tuned- and SORRY!
These have been delivered and are shipping this week! Yippee! Thanks to Chris Towne and friends for spearheading this cool project.
KVMR Broadcasters deliver new, homemade radio shows. Since we will soon have all fresh material, this segment isn't long for this world. Get it while you can: FRESH MEAT
Thanks to all the folks who joined us for Michael Moore & Amy Goodman's respective Live In Your Living Room Thanks To KVMR Zoom Tours. We'll be adding more speakers after the election- stay tuned! FYI- sustainers give a monthly gift and are KVMR VIPs. They are entered into all contests & drawings, can receieve a gift every year, and their stable support has allowed KVMR to shorten the duration of drives while sustaining community radio through weird times. Get it? You can be a sustainer by signing up to donate a monthly amount HERE.
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Would you be interested in a KVMR Book Club? Enquiring minds want to know... The club might meet over Zoom until we can meet in person, it may have an on-air component, and it could involve the author. Would you be into meeting other KVMR people around books? Let me know -- Adriana Kelly,

AND- we would like to do a profile on someone planning to leave KVMR in their will. Is that you? Help bring awareness to this cool way to leave a lasting legacy of public media. Community radio deserves a seat at the table for generations to come. Contact Adriana Kelly,
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Thanks to all our sustaining members and all the folks who participated in raising money for KVMR's Fall Membership Drive. We love you KVMR Family!
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